Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I can't believe it's the last day of the year. Most people are rejoicing and excited for the new year. Others are reflecting and looking forward to accomplishing more goals and completing resolutions.

But for me, I personally wish I could do the year over again. In all that's happen there is so many things that have happen that I want to do over or if that's not an option at least do things or handle situations a bit differently. I don't mean that I regret what's happen in this year. I just wish I could change things and maybe do things a little better. 

I'm not saying I expect a world of wonders or to change so much that it turns out differently. I just want it to turn out for the better not just for me but for those around me. However if things hadn't happened the way they did, then it wouldn't be the same. We all wouldn't be where we're at now. For some, it gave them the opportunity to be something they meet were or never considered. In some sense it makes it all worth it. 

But with the new year coming, I don't feel as excited or happy to rejoice it. I feel indifferent and in some parts of my heart I don't want to see it. Knowing it won't be bright or exciting. This time I'm not going to say it'll be different or how much I plan on changing. Especially since I spent the last 5 months changing into someone I never expected to be, but was aware I had to become some day. Unfortunately I just wasn't prepared for it. But on the same token are we ever prepared for what life does?? We can think and fool ourselves into believing we are, but I doubt that any of is ever are ready for the experiences Life throws at us. 

So for the new year I hope it's wonderful, beautiful and joyous for everyone. For me I just hope that I can continue to survive without falling any deeper than I already am. But I think it'll be alright. I got my two kittens and fish and I think we'll be alright. 

So from my little family to all of yours I wish you a Very Happy New Year and many blessings. 


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