Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Flea Market

Hi kids!

I know it's been awhile since I talked to you guys and dolls. But I thought since I'm here with nothing to do I can type up something, even if it's a quickie. 

So in the midst of cleaning out my parents home so I can move in, I have tons of stuff that my mom brought that I can't use and have no need for. My uncle suggested that I sale them to make a little bit of money. Which is a wonderful idea. However I must say I wasn't expecting the flea market to be so difficult and just down right strange. Even though this a my first time I must say that I really don't like this too much. 

I'm not knocking it. I just never had an interest in it. Being here and trying sale something to people who expect to get it for nothing is beyond a challenge to me. In my case I never was much of a sales person and advertising and sales and all that business and financial side of things definitely ain't my forte. Therefore I do great unpacking boxes, placing things or even putting things like shoes on display. That I do good at. Trying to attract people and show them that my salt and pepper shakers are better than the woman in row C column 8's is like the most frustrating task to me and I personally don't have the patience to deal with it. That's just me. Like everyone shops differently and values things differently. That I understand. But I can't think for someone just like they can't do the same about me. 

Baffling experience really. I think the only plus is that they have funnel cake and that I have a close parking spot. I dunno we'll see how it goes within the next few hours. Plus I miss my little Hawthorn too. I rather be fussing and fighting with him instead of sitting in the cold with a newborn cold trying to kill me off lol. 


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