Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Raiden, Orenji & Hawthorn

So in the midst of a joke that went horribly wrong. I ended up adopting two fish and a kitten. The fish came first one was part of the joke, but then the other I happened to like a lot. Since you all haven't met them, allow me to introduce them :).


He was the betta that just won me over. At first he was very friendly but he was gorgeous. I mean look at him!! Unfortunately I didn't know what I was getting myself in to. Not only is he a very pretty fish, but he is unbelievably high strung. Honestly...this fish has issues. He will snap out in a minute. Oh my goodness when I was trying to get him into his new tank he tried to commit suicide!! I was shocked he knew how to avoid the net, but to jump into the sink with little to no water, flopping around and it didn't have a stopper in it either. He gave me a mini heart attack that day. Thus I decided to give him and the other betta Japanese names. So I picked Raiden, it means Thunder and Lightening which describes his personality to a T. Unfortunately his nick name is Cunt-Bubbles lol.


Now he's the less hyper of the two and actually the complete opposite. He's mellow and very laid back. So much to the point it makes you wonder if he's still living or not. However in all my life I've never seen an orange betta that looked like a gold fish. I found him to be very mesmerizing. I also couldn't find a red one like I wanted so the orange one had to do and I'm happy I made that choice to pick and keep him. I just wish he'd be just a tad bit more lively. Well his name implies his color. Yep you guess it!! Orenji is Orange in Japanese. Pretty neat huh?? Lol. I think it suits him well.


So I had been out looking at pets over the years, I'm personally more of cat lover than a dog lover. I like dogs but not to the point where they need to be walked and trained and unconditionally loved every day. It's too much, I love cats because they come get hugs and kisses and go on about their business. I can deal with that lol. A few weeks ago while I was at the Petco they had adoptable kittens and cats through the animal rescue league and human society. However kittens cost more. The $50 wasn't bad but the application fee was $100. But for me to adopt I needed to provide a house deed with my name on it and above all else I needed to be approve. So you're not guaranteed a pet but you've lost $100. Which I think is a bit much. Since a lot of people recommended that to me as an option, they too were shocked to learned that pets were no longer free and there was a new protocol to adopt.

I decided to try the pet stores. Majority of them have puppies and the cheapest one was $600, which is even more ridiculous. So I tried this one pet store close to my home. They had kittens which I got excited about but they were adoptable. The kittens and puppies all came from homes and were donated to go to new permanent homes. When I inquired about the adopting process I was even more elated to find out that all I needed was a driver's license and to pay for my kitten. Well the one I picked was friendlier than the others and when I got to spend time with him, I enjoyed his company a lot. I decided on a whim, to buy him. He only cost $70. No application fee or anything and only other charge was for his microchip to be activated which was $30. For the price of the application fee I got a healthy kitten no ifs, ands, buts or maybes. Unfortunately the only downfall is that they name them for you. I must admit, Hawthorn has grown on me. I got him to keep me company and have something to do. I also got him because I didn't want to wait or be forced to have an old cat who's set in their ways and because I thought I'd be at my house a lot sooner. Honestly I couldn't be happier to have Hawthorn, even if he is a mischievous little kitten.


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