Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bunny's Corner: The Midnight Tirade

So my aunt and uncle are going away to visit old friends of his and their spouse. Something they do about every year or so. I was aware of it and understood they would be living to catch their flight in the middle of the night basically. Unfortunately my kitten, Hawthorn, was unusually hyper and excited about this.  

Anyway so I'm sleep and Hawthorn is running a muck like he received Mad Hatter training from Johnny Depp. He was making a whole hell of a lot of noise and running around. The jingle bells on his neck doesn't make it any better. In the midst of whatever the game it was he was playing he decides to pounce on my feet and body because I'm under the covers because I'm cold. Then I had to discipline him with a squirt from the naughty bottle and a spank on the hip. 

So I then put him in bed with me and told him to lay it down. I turned off the light so he could understand its bed time like always. No, no. What does he do?? Tries to chew my necklace off which I decided to squirt him about since nose bopping and spanks weren't working. Let's say my bed ended up damp. But that wasn't the worst part it was the fact that he decided to shake the water off that killed the mood faster than a broken solitary condom with a hottie. He did this twice. In addition to running around crazily and acting like, well a complete douchewaffle. 

So then when I thought I could lay it down and go back to dreaming about sugar plums and all that other good shit. My aunt says we need you to move the car so we can go plus hurry up we're late. Now mind you I'm not going and basically she's the one who's late. Go figure huh. So I go and move the car in my sleepy death like state. When I come back in thinking I could sleep. Oh no no no. I couldn't because Hawthorn knocked his food bowl over and I had to clean up which depreciated my want to sleep ever more. Thus I went to the bathroom and grab something cold to drink. 

By time I made it to bed. Hawthorn climbed up in my lap and went to sleep. He's actually on his third nap as I type this. The worst part is I have things to do but I'm far too tired and I'm a bit too agitated to do so. Plus apparently my lap makes a wonderful napping location too. Oh woe is Bunny!! 


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