Thursday, September 12, 2013

WTF Is A Blog?!

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Many people today are blogging and consider themselves Blog experts or Blogger Extraordinaires. However, there is a large group of people who aren't sure what exactly a blog is or it's actual purpose. That's perfectly ok, when I first started blogging I had no clue what it was and to top it off I didn't know what I was doing either!

Now most people who give it a simpler definition calls it an online version of a diary or journal that's shared amongst the vast internet community. However I don't think it's a good definition. I rather say it's similiar to a keeping a journal but your not only sharing information or ideas or something you know that can help those around you, but you're getting to know those you reach as well as getting to know yourself. You just happen to keep a log or in this case a "journal" of your happenings and going-ons lol.

Google (see image below) gives a great definition of it in the most simplified way possible. Then I also know many people still aren't sure what the purpose of a blog is. So you document a few tidbits throughout the day or week and post a cute picture your friend shared on Facebook that you like but after awhile I can honestly say once you've covered that, you'll be stumped. I originally started my blog so that I could post my poetry unfortunately that idea fizzled out faster than a firework.

Now most people blog about a specific topic they may like or dislike or feel very strongly about. Others blog about brand new trends and happens. While another group picks or uses what they're good at (their niche) and make it a sell point to bring in customers (if they charge) or many followers. Like I said above, many people blog and many of the topics are discussed. So they're all about the same. Coming into the blog scene to talk about your favorite topic can be a bit challenge because there is someone else talking about it and you're now one blog out of 50,000+ other blogs!! Kind of intimidating. Then of course trying to get a little recognition from the other blogs is like high school. The upper classmen do not hang out with noobie freshmen. How Stuff Works has an interesting article on how blogs work and give a more in depth explanation. While gives a short yet detailed definition with a few examples.

For me it was more of a emotional outlet. Nothing too crazy but I talked about what I couldn't talk about with friends or family. I felt better once I released it and moved on. Then I decided why pick one topic when I can do tons of topic?! I post about anything interesting and even things I find throughout the day. Pictures I've loved, inspirational things that uplift me and real stuff that others find inappropriate or too taboo for conversation. I like it better that way. I can keep up with my topics and not fizzle out like I'm writing a term paper. 

Since most bloggers in my age group are married or mommies or college graduate traveling gypsies. I bring something unique to the mix. I may not have a ton of followers nor have the recognition like those big name blogs out there (Perez Hilton is a good example) but I'm happy if I reached someone, or made their day or made them feel better about themselves or even let them know that they're definitely not alone in the goofball department and if they ever do feel alone they can come visit me. I'll always have something interesting for them. 


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