Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Visualists Unite!!

I've always said that visual learning is by far the best key to educating yourself. I find that it's crazy that not enough people support this. Honestly that's how babies learn. You can't communicate with them and since they come with their own language you can forget about trying to talk to them or even hope they understand what you've said. That's the beautiful thing, repeating yourself doesn't make them understand that the outlet plug is bad to touch. You have to show them that it's bad and why. Then eventually it'll turned into a conditioned response.

I can honestly say that I don't do well with directions, listening or even reading sometimes. In most cases I think people make it more difficult. Don't say wearing a school uniform is necessary because I may wear a suit one day. Or write down directions on how to fill out taxes but I need to have all these fancy named forms and even inquiring about them you get a robotic response of what you just read. That's annoying. I rather you show me what I'm suppose to do at least twice and by the third time I've got it down pat! Not saying all visualists are like that. It should be considered when it comes to learning something knew, or trying to get a point across. 

Above all else that's how marketing is done, visually. How many commercials are put on TV and fancy billboards don the streets? Tons!! Because they work hard to make those things visually appeasing and eye catching so they can grab your attention without having to transmit a message that'll surely be lost. Even the sale ads are colorful and they uses key-phrases and -words to attract to you and hopefully hold your attention long enough to sale you something or even have you come into the store or even go online. They all offer things and use certain colors and shape to being attraction to themselves. No matter what the product is the advertisement is what sells it and grabs our attention. We wouldn't be buying that big screen had we not see it advertised in the Sunday newspaper or gone into the store to see it displaying this wonderful picture, right?? Honestly how many of us go into a store and want to know what the specs are and make a decision based on that alone?? Very few, I only do when it comes to computers. But I also like the way a 17 inch laptop looks over the 15 or 13 inched ones. However when I see a cute purse, I go by looks, price then if it'll serve my purpose (the more pockets and compartments the happier I am especially if its on sale).

Even in greeting other people, we approach each other visually. Even if it seems like a firm handshake and a smile. It's still a visual technique that comes before the conversation. Any emotion shown or displayed is a visual technique. However people just knock it down and act like its a given. That's so wrong.

Do you think that visual techniques should become more prominent in today's world?


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