Wednesday, September 18, 2013

To Blog Or Not To Blog??

A lot of people once they get into blogging they have to wonder well am I the only one or are there tons of people out there blogging? Believe or not there are tons of people who don't know that blogging is a big thing! It may seem unusual to some, but like I mentioned in my post WTF Is A Blog, it's been around for along time.

In the image below it tells you how many active blogs were in existence in 2011, well guess what?! Those numbers have gone up since then and there are more and more bloggers each day. Not everyone uses blogging as a diary or cathartic escape, not all of women who blog are mommies documenting little accomplishments made by mini-me's, and not all of us have the highest paying blog nor selling the bestest product that everyone needs in our lives. Some of us do it to connect with people, get to know more people, create a living even if the income is small, and some even blog for their job.

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Like I mention in my welcome page, I started blogging to share my poetry which then turned into a cathartic way to express feelings I couldn't always convey to friends or family which then evolved into telling stories or things that happened so other people out there knew that they're not the only screw up in the world. However I will say that I did try earning an income from my blogging but unfortunately I wasn't so successful with the ads and "pay-per-clicks." Then one day a few weeks ago in the midst of looking for a small time gig to do since I do now need an income to take care of my house, car and myself. I happened to come across the site BlogSkinny. I will say right now I am very pleased with what I do, it's nothing much but it's enough for what I need, mostly for now that's gas money for the car but it's still worth it. I couldn't be happier coming across that link that night.

I know you're wondering well why did you click on a link to something you knew nothing about?? Yeah, yeah I know there's always a risk for a virus, but also I'm in the situation that I do need a job but I can't go look for one because I have so much going on with my house and getting business straightened out that I don't have ENOUGH time to work whether it's full time or part time and to tell Boss Man or Boss Lady I can't come to work because the electric or the gas company is coming to turn my utilities on or that Mr. Repair man is coming to fix my broken bathroom, leaky kitchen or Mr. Landscaper is here to trim down the jungle in my backyard is a DEFINITE no no! It's worst enough to just start a job and even more detrimental to take off more than the assigned time (if you aren't on probation) for something I knew ahead of time that needed my undivided attention.

But this job is nice, they tell me when they have a post for me to write, I do it, turn it in and then I do get paid. That's the best part, unlike many of other places I've tried, I either got paid in points or it turned out to be some bogus webinar on how to make money if I had a bank account full of millions. If you're looking for a way to make money without having to make a permanent commitment or due to limited time in your scheduling then definitely click the image above or the sourced link to learn more. In the mean time if you're unsure about the whole thing about blogging or would like to start and don't know what to talk about, has a wonderful article on The Top 10 Reasons why you should start blogging. I say if you want a fresh and active mind and keep your writing and typing in check it's a great hobby to get into. Even if you post small posts or just pictures or keep it private, it's a nice learning tool and then you get to see what everyone else is doing in the blogosphere. And remember to always stand out as much as possible!


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