Monday, September 16, 2013

The Voz, The Candy Dish & The House

In the midst of still getting my life together. For the first time in my life I have to buy stuff for a house. I never considered how much of a chore this would be. 

I don't mean it's a HUGE GINORMOUS CHORE—but it's more complicated and involves a lot more thinking than people make you think. Most say, "oh I but the necessities." But what is that?? And most importantly what do you buy when you do know what you need?? 

While contemplating all this and learning what's what in the world or adulthood. Believe it or the first thing[s] I brought were new appliances. Yup brought a new refrigerator, stove, washer and dryer. However I must admit to me those were more of a "things I need." I won't be able to survive without a place to keep my food or cook it if I have to. And so I'm told washing clothes at the Laundromat in the winter time and having to work at the same time is pretty challenging. I'm happy I got a good deal (all four under $2000!). 

It wasn't until I went to the Big Lots after I picked up my car from being inspected and repaired. I went to look at rugs for the living room since all the carpeting is gone from my house. I didn't get one because I also need to measure the room before I buy. Another thing that I wasn't considering. Well while I was there I decided to browse at furniture and then go look at linen, kitchen accessories, even placemats! I decided to look at the décor and hopefully get an idea of how I would like to arrange and decorate the rooms when everything gets done. And definitely after I repaint too. 

While I'm browsing, I came across this oddly shaped doubled vase. It's white and has writing on it in black and many different grays. It was abnormal, unique and just plain beautiful. I fell in love with it. I also knew it was the time to be buying things like that. However it was the only one, so I trusted my gut and brought. It was by far the best feeling I've had in a long time. I brought something I wanted to make my home look better, to make my home look the way I wanted. Even though the vase I brought is going in my bedroom I still was happy. 

Then I saw this awesome glass bowl that someone decorated as a candle holder with potpourri and glass beads. I said to my inlet I'm going to get a bowl like that and fill it up with jelly beans for my aunt (his wife). But every place I went I could find a big one and it was glass. I wanted a plastic bowl. It wasn't so much the design but the bowl itself if it was plastic the happier I would be. Today I went to the craft store to get parts and replacement pieces for this huge diamond shaped mirror clock my parents had. I was happy to know it work but not that the golden strip "numbers" were rusted and two had fallen off. Even the hands were rusted too. While I was roaming about the craft store I came across an aisle that had all different types of candle holders. I find the bowl I had seen! I was excited but disappointed it was so BIG! Then guess what?! Found a smaller replica and I couldn't be happier! I snatched up and put it with the placemats and cups I brought the day before. The placemats are for what will soon be the kitchen table set and then 8 colorful cups. Because I'll know I'll have lots of company. 

I must say the more I think about buying stuff to accommodate my new living situation, I'm actually getting excited and having more fun than I had hoped! Even though I didn't buy the house or go through the self proclaiming proud moment like everyone else, I'm still happy. 

I can't wait to see how this all will turn out over the next few weeks. I think by the end of next month it'll be absolutely FABULOUS and I'll be able to show off at my Halloween party I'm having too lol. Of course it's 5 days before and going to be at lunch time so the old people can get home before it gets dark lol. 


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