Thursday, September 12, 2013

Some Teen Spirit

So whilst browsing a website I found on my phone a few days ago, I found out they had links to different movies. Awesome right??  So since I'm stuck in the house today I decided to watch a movie during the hurricane rain storm we were having lol. I picked one that was all too familiar with flashbacks and reminiscent memories of that dreaded place known as High School. But what I liked most about it was it was done in a nice yet very realistic way. There was a happy ending don't get me wrong but not the way most teen movies are played out to be. I will say I doubt that any of what went on in this movie will actually happen where cool kids want to hang out with the non-cool kids. But it still sent out a great message. It reminded me of Mean Girls, Jawbreaker and She's All That wrapped into one; with a dash of reality thrown in.

Watch IT!! I think you'll enjoy it a lot (source).


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