Saturday, September 21, 2013

Many Different Women; Many Different Faces

While browsing my blog list this morning like a certified geeky digital newspaper loving dork that I am lol. I happen to come across something very interesting. I must say I was happy to see it and wish more people (men and women) understood what REAL NATURAL BEAUTY looked like. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, even more so if they have a beautiful personality. But to see these faces of everyday average looking women it made my heart melt with joy and happiness because actually a lot of these women are quite beautiful. I wish they would've incorporated more mixed races but that's another story, right??

I personally find the women from Brazil and Japan extremely attractive but that's me lol. I think if women understood that you can be just as beautiful without make up and gorgeous even with a wonderful personality and a great character—you'll only need the make up when there's a time to dress up or look even more fabulous, you know? Men, not all women need make up. Those that wear it constantly are trying to hide something uglier than their looks. The sad part about it is, it's not a "confidence boost" like everyone thinks. No in fact it's like you become a totally different person. Like a Halloween mask or Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde. They get comfortable with that personality and eventually let's it consume them to the point they no longer know how to be themselves or feel comfortable as themselves. I refuse to wear make up and be a person I'm not. Plus with all of the nasty chemicals in it, it breaks my skin out—ew. Imagine this, Halle Berry is a pretty woman, however she take that revlon and easy, breezy cover mess off she is by far the most hideous thing you would ever see in life. Plus there was a time she had bad hair too. However with, good make up and a great hairstylist she can look like a antique painting. But also on the same token men, she has money that most average women don't. So don't set your expectations so high. Look at the personality first and wonder, "Can I deal with this individual for years to come???" There's no harm in it, you're not worrying about commitments of any sorts, you know? But be realistic, you've got to have something worth while to offer too! For me you having a job and helping with chores of the house is a plus. And you've got to know how to have a good time and laugh a lot too and don't shoo me away because there's a football game on, I wanna watch too! But that's me, doesn't take much to make me a happy Bunny lol. But most girls aren't as difficult as the sluts and skanks out there make you believe. 

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