Friday, September 13, 2013

Interested In Making Money?

Hi kids,

Now if you're like me and basically poor, finding a job has been harder than everyone says it is and these so called get-rich-quick schemes and hustles don't seem to be doing it for you. Then any way to make a few quick bucks is a plus, just as long as you have the right mind set. Accept that you'll get a few pennies first before getting pissed off because you haven't made your first million. Like cool it hot pants, your last name isn't Trump nor are you next Microsoft steps, baby steps.

Anyway I came across this awesome little something known as CashFly. I've seen good and bad reviews but for the most part it's really easy and makes a lot of sense actually. I can't believe there wasn't something created like this a lot sooner and made just as easy. I've come across quite a few over the last few years looking for every possible way to make a few dollars.

If you're interested definitely click the link above and if you need a real true-to-life example check out Linkstopia that's where I found the Teen Spirit movie at. I must admit I was amazed. Plus you can't knock it, especially if you aren't into webcaming and porn (or haven't gotten up the nerve to head into that direction just yet) this is a better option to consider.


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