Thursday, September 12, 2013

Blue Bunnies Go Vroom, Vroom

So whilst I was kicking it with the Auntie today and watching Judge Mathis with her. Judge Mathis was handling this one case where the woman was suing her "one night stand boyfriend" roommates over lost of personal property and whatever else that was silly. So it was mentioned that she was homeless and living out of her car. So then later they start talking about a few missing items and then she said some one took her sex toy. So the roommates said they didn't take it and how she took it with her back to her car. Well the bailiff makes this joke about the sex toy being plugged into the car cigarette lighter. As they giggled on the TV like little kids I couldn't help but wonder if there was such an invention and thus you know me I had to go and google that subject because I wanted to know!!

Low and behold guess what I find! 

This awesome article on TrendHunter about the Rabbit Travel Vibe. YES it plugs into the car outlet (they were called cigarrette lighter outlets when I was a kid lol). HA! Go figure right?! Unfortunately the link the author had for you to purchase it was a dead end. Thus I went on an adventure to search for it and found it on Amazon for $18 plus the $5 shipping fee (also found it here and found a review on it here). I'm like hot damn! But now I have to wonder, does someone actually own one of these and uses it while driving?? I would think that would be a bit dangerous--in all seriousness. Or maybe that's the way you charge it, you think?? Well here's the kicker, it's not a dildo or a traditional vibrator where you insert it in the vagina. It's more of a bullet. Imagine the Rabbit Vibrator, minus the penis part. I guess it could be fun and quite interesting especially if you're in a lone parking lot by yourself or with your hunny and wanted to get some quick action lol.

I personally love the color and love that it's a Bunny lol. I think it's a fabulous idea, even better than wooden dildos!

Tell me would any of you buy this and keep it in the glove compartment??


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