Monday, September 30, 2013

I Don't Like Wasting My Time


70's Karate Chop

One of my Facebook friends shared this video and I did to but I had to come and share it with you guys and dolls. By far the funniest yet most awesomenest thing I've seen in a long time. 
I don't care what anyone says, the 70's rocked!! By the way men were sexy as all get out with them bell bottms on OH MY GOODNESS what happened?? lol

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hard Love


C'mon & Kiss My Ass (^з^)-♥



Graphic Source
When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, I know I'm not the only person in the world who get's the gist of it but has no clue what the hell it's really about all-in-one. Now I can honestly say I've gotten a lot more involved with it since I began blogging more and wanting to attract a bigger audience and broaden my out reach. However in the beginning it didn't mean anything to me and I posted what I want and continued my lousy job as a so-called blogger.

It wasn't until I decided to get back into blogging and I noticed that one post I did in my attempts before to make some money via online, that it became a success. The funny thing about the Rockabye post is that not only did I not know what I was writing about, but I half assed the post. I didn't research or go find out, I just wrote something. It's kind of sad in a way but what I couldn't understand then is why is this post more popular than all my other posts?? Especially all of those I put a lot of time, hard work and damn good effort in? I didn't know and couldn't figure it out, why? I knew nothing about it.  So I decided to research the topic and see exactly what it was I acted like I knew tons about. I did.

But I also felt bad because I had created a lousy post on something I didn't take time to research and kind of left it out there hanging in the air with a broken URL link and no other information to go along with it. I took the time out to try to correct it as much as possible. Within this process, started something even better, I not only fixed it to the best of my abilities but I also was able to give the people who liked the post a reason to come back via the Rockabye Deals. Also around the same time, blogger had updated there system and added a "search description" which at first made some sense but then on the same token it didn't. However I soon caught on that this was to attract readers to your site via SEO. I suck at that lol. I instead give a short summary that's long enough to still be found when someone searches for something. Now there are many ways and reasons people use SEO to their advantage and some are very successful at pulling in an audience that way. Then there are some people who use it with the full intention of doing so for their advantage but instead turn it into a disadvantage unintentionally. In this case, many bloggers who want to be heard or seen has mad many mistakes when it comes to using SEO.

I personally say it's a curse and a blessing at the same time. When you get really involved and take time out to use keywords, some of the words aren't very post friendly and if you focus on many topics like I do, or a specific topic like make up or latch-hooking or why pornography is a lucrative career, the keyword "car" isn't going to help your page and it'll be a fruitless effort to make it work. I'm just saying. It reminds me of a royal, snobbish-snooty hashtag. This site gives a good description on those who use SEO. Which is the truth, and I agree with it. However I can say it has been very helpful in my getting more people to visit my blog from all parts of the world. Thus meeting new people, and hopefully in the process having subscribers and a more popular blog....someday. However everything requires baby steps, and sometimes that's better because you can turn something you thought would be better into something even greater.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

99% Of Not There


Many Different Women; Many Different Faces

While browsing my blog list this morning like a certified geeky digital newspaper loving dork that I am lol. I happen to come across something very interesting. I must say I was happy to see it and wish more people (men and women) understood what REAL NATURAL BEAUTY looked like. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, even more so if they have a beautiful personality. But to see these faces of everyday average looking women it made my heart melt with joy and happiness because actually a lot of these women are quite beautiful. I wish they would've incorporated more mixed races but that's another story, right??

I personally find the women from Brazil and Japan extremely attractive but that's me lol. I think if women understood that you can be just as beautiful without make up and gorgeous even with a wonderful personality and a great character—you'll only need the make up when there's a time to dress up or look even more fabulous, you know? Men, not all women need make up. Those that wear it constantly are trying to hide something uglier than their looks. The sad part about it is, it's not a "confidence boost" like everyone thinks. No in fact it's like you become a totally different person. Like a Halloween mask or Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde. They get comfortable with that personality and eventually let's it consume them to the point they no longer know how to be themselves or feel comfortable as themselves. I refuse to wear make up and be a person I'm not. Plus with all of the nasty chemicals in it, it breaks my skin out—ew. Imagine this, Halle Berry is a pretty woman, however she take that revlon and easy, breezy cover mess off she is by far the most hideous thing you would ever see in life. Plus there was a time she had bad hair too. However with, good make up and a great hairstylist she can look like a antique painting. But also on the same token men, she has money that most average women don't. So don't set your expectations so high. Look at the personality first and wonder, "Can I deal with this individual for years to come???" There's no harm in it, you're not worrying about commitments of any sorts, you know? But be realistic, you've got to have something worth while to offer too! For me you having a job and helping with chores of the house is a plus. And you've got to know how to have a good time and laugh a lot too and don't shoo me away because there's a football game on, I wanna watch too! But that's me, doesn't take much to make me a happy Bunny lol. But most girls aren't as difficult as the sluts and skanks out there make you believe. 

Click the image above for a larger resolution and if that doesn't work click here.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Joann's Fabric & Craft Coupons

Here you go fellow crafters!! Coupons to use in store or online!! 


The Mirrored Clock

So my parents had this huge diamond shaped mirror clock in the living room. It's a beautiful clock and also very rare. However it's gotten rusted and a few of the metal piece numbers have popped off. 

I considered restoring it because it's such a nice clock, art—hell even a conversation piece beyond its time. However finding metal pieces similar to the ones on there has been more than just difficult. I've looked everywhere and can't find it. If I do come across something it's either sold out or out of stock be then I'm wondering what the fuck kind of craft stores are these??? 

I've decided for now I'll use smaller mirror piece, some gold glitter and make it work until I find what I'm looking for. Even finding replacement clock parts was a bitch. Hopefully I can get it restored and looking nice before it goes back up on the wall. 

It strikes me as odd that there is no other clock like that. And very little mirror clocks available. I dunno. Its been a strange last few weeks anyway lol. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

To Blog Or Not To Blog??

A lot of people once they get into blogging they have to wonder well am I the only one or are there tons of people out there blogging? Believe or not there are tons of people who don't know that blogging is a big thing! It may seem unusual to some, but like I mentioned in my post WTF Is A Blog, it's been around for along time.

In the image below it tells you how many active blogs were in existence in 2011, well guess what?! Those numbers have gone up since then and there are more and more bloggers each day. Not everyone uses blogging as a diary or cathartic escape, not all of women who blog are mommies documenting little accomplishments made by mini-me's, and not all of us have the highest paying blog nor selling the bestest product that everyone needs in our lives. Some of us do it to connect with people, get to know more people, create a living even if the income is small, and some even blog for their job.

Graphic Source
Like I mention in my welcome page, I started blogging to share my poetry which then turned into a cathartic way to express feelings I couldn't always convey to friends or family which then evolved into telling stories or things that happened so other people out there knew that they're not the only screw up in the world. However I will say that I did try earning an income from my blogging but unfortunately I wasn't so successful with the ads and "pay-per-clicks." Then one day a few weeks ago in the midst of looking for a small time gig to do since I do now need an income to take care of my house, car and myself. I happened to come across the site BlogSkinny. I will say right now I am very pleased with what I do, it's nothing much but it's enough for what I need, mostly for now that's gas money for the car but it's still worth it. I couldn't be happier coming across that link that night.

I know you're wondering well why did you click on a link to something you knew nothing about?? Yeah, yeah I know there's always a risk for a virus, but also I'm in the situation that I do need a job but I can't go look for one because I have so much going on with my house and getting business straightened out that I don't have ENOUGH time to work whether it's full time or part time and to tell Boss Man or Boss Lady I can't come to work because the electric or the gas company is coming to turn my utilities on or that Mr. Repair man is coming to fix my broken bathroom, leaky kitchen or Mr. Landscaper is here to trim down the jungle in my backyard is a DEFINITE no no! It's worst enough to just start a job and even more detrimental to take off more than the assigned time (if you aren't on probation) for something I knew ahead of time that needed my undivided attention.

But this job is nice, they tell me when they have a post for me to write, I do it, turn it in and then I do get paid. That's the best part, unlike many of other places I've tried, I either got paid in points or it turned out to be some bogus webinar on how to make money if I had a bank account full of millions. If you're looking for a way to make money without having to make a permanent commitment or due to limited time in your scheduling then definitely click the image above or the sourced link to learn more. In the mean time if you're unsure about the whole thing about blogging or would like to start and don't know what to talk about, has a wonderful article on The Top 10 Reasons why you should start blogging. I say if you want a fresh and active mind and keep your writing and typing in check it's a great hobby to get into. Even if you post small posts or just pictures or keep it private, it's a nice learning tool and then you get to see what everyone else is doing in the blogosphere. And remember to always stand out as much as possible!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Voz, The Candy Dish & The House

In the midst of still getting my life together. For the first time in my life I have to buy stuff for a house. I never considered how much of a chore this would be. 

I don't mean it's a HUGE GINORMOUS CHORE—but it's more complicated and involves a lot more thinking than people make you think. Most say, "oh I but the necessities." But what is that?? And most importantly what do you buy when you do know what you need?? 

While contemplating all this and learning what's what in the world or adulthood. Believe it or the first thing[s] I brought were new appliances. Yup brought a new refrigerator, stove, washer and dryer. However I must admit to me those were more of a "things I need." I won't be able to survive without a place to keep my food or cook it if I have to. And so I'm told washing clothes at the Laundromat in the winter time and having to work at the same time is pretty challenging. I'm happy I got a good deal (all four under $2000!). 

It wasn't until I went to the Big Lots after I picked up my car from being inspected and repaired. I went to look at rugs for the living room since all the carpeting is gone from my house. I didn't get one because I also need to measure the room before I buy. Another thing that I wasn't considering. Well while I was there I decided to browse at furniture and then go look at linen, kitchen accessories, even placemats! I decided to look at the décor and hopefully get an idea of how I would like to arrange and decorate the rooms when everything gets done. And definitely after I repaint too. 

While I'm browsing, I came across this oddly shaped doubled vase. It's white and has writing on it in black and many different grays. It was abnormal, unique and just plain beautiful. I fell in love with it. I also knew it was the time to be buying things like that. However it was the only one, so I trusted my gut and brought. It was by far the best feeling I've had in a long time. I brought something I wanted to make my home look better, to make my home look the way I wanted. Even though the vase I brought is going in my bedroom I still was happy. 

Then I saw this awesome glass bowl that someone decorated as a candle holder with potpourri and glass beads. I said to my inlet I'm going to get a bowl like that and fill it up with jelly beans for my aunt (his wife). But every place I went I could find a big one and it was glass. I wanted a plastic bowl. It wasn't so much the design but the bowl itself if it was plastic the happier I would be. Today I went to the craft store to get parts and replacement pieces for this huge diamond shaped mirror clock my parents had. I was happy to know it work but not that the golden strip "numbers" were rusted and two had fallen off. Even the hands were rusted too. While I was roaming about the craft store I came across an aisle that had all different types of candle holders. I find the bowl I had seen! I was excited but disappointed it was so BIG! Then guess what?! Found a smaller replica and I couldn't be happier! I snatched up and put it with the placemats and cups I brought the day before. The placemats are for what will soon be the kitchen table set and then 8 colorful cups. Because I'll know I'll have lots of company. 

I must say the more I think about buying stuff to accommodate my new living situation, I'm actually getting excited and having more fun than I had hoped! Even though I didn't buy the house or go through the self proclaiming proud moment like everyone else, I'm still happy. 

I can't wait to see how this all will turn out over the next few weeks. I think by the end of next month it'll be absolutely FABULOUS and I'll be able to show off at my Halloween party I'm having too lol. Of course it's 5 days before and going to be at lunch time so the old people can get home before it gets dark lol. 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Art Portfolio Flashback

Now I recall being in college and when I was in the middle of switching my majors. I realized then I would not only need to transfer campuses but I also needed an art portfolio. Which isn't a bad idea when you've been working on it for years and building it up into a spectacular masterpiece. However I needed the portfolio if I wanted to go to the main campus (of Penn State) otherwise I wasn't allowed into the program. What made it worst because I was going into Integrative Arts with an emphasis in Visual Communications, I was required to have all art in my portfolio. So that mean, traditional drawing and paintings, multimedia based art, even video, film and three-dimentional art as well. Well I needed to take many more classes to get that far, heck I even need to have some computer aided drafting and architectural designs, even interior designs and all I had was my cute little doodles and paint by whatevers from my art classes.
However when I saw this picture, I was actually shocked but yet I was kind of happy. I wish there was such a thing when I was in college to help take off the frustration and pressures of putting a portfolio together. Because if it's not done in a professional matter; you will not be taken seriously and presentation is everything when it comes to the world of art and visuals. I think this is a wonderful idea even if a fee is charged, it's still worth it in the end if you've got the passion and the talent to become more than just a paint-by-numbers doodle artist. Then again if you're like me, just deciding that this is what you want to do, getting a portfolio together and not knowing what to put in it can be challenging. Every place is different but I say if you at least have a few works already that can be plus, and it can show the beholder how much you've grown and how much your art has evolved over the years. Here's a wonderful website here giving a basic example of what an art portfolio should house. Another good art portfolio is DeviantArt. Even though it's online based, it still gives you the chance to see what others have in their "portfolios" and give you an idea of what you should be doing. As well as you get to learn of all the different categories within the arts, if you find one you like then work on that and make that your strongest point while also engaging in other things you've never done before (find me on DeviantArt here).

I can honestly say I've always love drawing and coloring and enjoyed the outcome of everything I colored or drew. However over the recent years I took an interest in to manga and anime artwork. I find it beautiful, colorful and unique in its own way. Was I mangaka no, am I now after going to Manga Univeristy? No. But I found something I enjoy and I think I do a pretty good job at it. But I love it so much that I want to become better at and that moment I think is when an artist knows what they're truly good at. If not, then I know I'm great at drawing stick figures and facial expressions lol.

But here are a few of my drawings, I have a few that sucks and that's ok but it's good to say oh hey I'm getting better at this too! The two pictures below I freelanced in Draw Something 2. The eye (which is one thing I love to draw) was done on my iPhone while the Princess Kida was done on my HTC phone.

I actually used a tutorial to draw the picture below. 
It had been awhile since I drew something and decided to do a tutorial.
 I must Mark Crilley is a fantastic artist as well as teacher so to speak. 

Interested In Making Money?

Hi kids,

Now if you're like me and basically poor, finding a job has been harder than everyone says it is and these so called get-rich-quick schemes and hustles don't seem to be doing it for you. Then any way to make a few quick bucks is a plus, just as long as you have the right mind set. Accept that you'll get a few pennies first before getting pissed off because you haven't made your first million. Like cool it hot pants, your last name isn't Trump nor are you next Microsoft steps, baby steps.

Anyway I came across this awesome little something known as CashFly. I've seen good and bad reviews but for the most part it's really easy and makes a lot of sense actually. I can't believe there wasn't something created like this a lot sooner and made just as easy. I've come across quite a few over the last few years looking for every possible way to make a few dollars.

If you're interested definitely click the link above and if you need a real true-to-life example check out Linkstopia that's where I found the Teen Spirit movie at. I must admit I was amazed. Plus you can't knock it, especially if you aren't into webcaming and porn (or haven't gotten up the nerve to head into that direction just yet) this is a better option to consider.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Tale Of Two Pussies


Some Teen Spirit

So whilst browsing a website I found on my phone a few days ago, I found out they had links to different movies. Awesome right??  So since I'm stuck in the house today I decided to watch a movie during the hurricane rain storm we were having lol. I picked one that was all too familiar with flashbacks and reminiscent memories of that dreaded place known as High School. But what I liked most about it was it was done in a nice yet very realistic way. There was a happy ending don't get me wrong but not the way most teen movies are played out to be. I will say I doubt that any of what went on in this movie will actually happen where cool kids want to hang out with the non-cool kids. But it still sent out a great message. It reminded me of Mean Girls, Jawbreaker and She's All That wrapped into one; with a dash of reality thrown in.

Watch IT!! I think you'll enjoy it a lot (source).

Remote Not Included


WTF Is A Blog?!

Image Source
Many people today are blogging and consider themselves Blog experts or Blogger Extraordinaires. However, there is a large group of people who aren't sure what exactly a blog is or it's actual purpose. That's perfectly ok, when I first started blogging I had no clue what it was and to top it off I didn't know what I was doing either!

Now most people who give it a simpler definition calls it an online version of a diary or journal that's shared amongst the vast internet community. However I don't think it's a good definition. I rather say it's similiar to a keeping a journal but your not only sharing information or ideas or something you know that can help those around you, but you're getting to know those you reach as well as getting to know yourself. You just happen to keep a log or in this case a "journal" of your happenings and going-ons lol.

Google (see image below) gives a great definition of it in the most simplified way possible. Then I also know many people still aren't sure what the purpose of a blog is. So you document a few tidbits throughout the day or week and post a cute picture your friend shared on Facebook that you like but after awhile I can honestly say once you've covered that, you'll be stumped. I originally started my blog so that I could post my poetry unfortunately that idea fizzled out faster than a firework.

Now most people blog about a specific topic they may like or dislike or feel very strongly about. Others blog about brand new trends and happens. While another group picks or uses what they're good at (their niche) and make it a sell point to bring in customers (if they charge) or many followers. Like I said above, many people blog and many of the topics are discussed. So they're all about the same. Coming into the blog scene to talk about your favorite topic can be a bit challenge because there is someone else talking about it and you're now one blog out of 50,000+ other blogs!! Kind of intimidating. Then of course trying to get a little recognition from the other blogs is like high school. The upper classmen do not hang out with noobie freshmen. How Stuff Works has an interesting article on how blogs work and give a more in depth explanation. While gives a short yet detailed definition with a few examples.

For me it was more of a emotional outlet. Nothing too crazy but I talked about what I couldn't talk about with friends or family. I felt better once I released it and moved on. Then I decided why pick one topic when I can do tons of topic?! I post about anything interesting and even things I find throughout the day. Pictures I've loved, inspirational things that uplift me and real stuff that others find inappropriate or too taboo for conversation. I like it better that way. I can keep up with my topics and not fizzle out like I'm writing a term paper. 

Since most bloggers in my age group are married or mommies or college graduate traveling gypsies. I bring something unique to the mix. I may not have a ton of followers nor have the recognition like those big name blogs out there (Perez Hilton is a good example) but I'm happy if I reached someone, or made their day or made them feel better about themselves or even let them know that they're definitely not alone in the goofball department and if they ever do feel alone they can come visit me. I'll always have something interesting for them. 

Blue Bunnies Go Vroom, Vroom

So whilst I was kicking it with the Auntie today and watching Judge Mathis with her. Judge Mathis was handling this one case where the woman was suing her "one night stand boyfriend" roommates over lost of personal property and whatever else that was silly. So it was mentioned that she was homeless and living out of her car. So then later they start talking about a few missing items and then she said some one took her sex toy. So the roommates said they didn't take it and how she took it with her back to her car. Well the bailiff makes this joke about the sex toy being plugged into the car cigarette lighter. As they giggled on the TV like little kids I couldn't help but wonder if there was such an invention and thus you know me I had to go and google that subject because I wanted to know!!

Low and behold guess what I find! 

This awesome article on TrendHunter about the Rabbit Travel Vibe. YES it plugs into the car outlet (they were called cigarrette lighter outlets when I was a kid lol). HA! Go figure right?! Unfortunately the link the author had for you to purchase it was a dead end. Thus I went on an adventure to search for it and found it on Amazon for $18 plus the $5 shipping fee (also found it here and found a review on it here). I'm like hot damn! But now I have to wonder, does someone actually own one of these and uses it while driving?? I would think that would be a bit dangerous--in all seriousness. Or maybe that's the way you charge it, you think?? Well here's the kicker, it's not a dildo or a traditional vibrator where you insert it in the vagina. It's more of a bullet. Imagine the Rabbit Vibrator, minus the penis part. I guess it could be fun and quite interesting especially if you're in a lone parking lot by yourself or with your hunny and wanted to get some quick action lol.

I personally love the color and love that it's a Bunny lol. I think it's a fabulous idea, even better than wooden dildos!

Tell me would any of you buy this and keep it in the glove compartment??

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Spencer's 20% off Coupon

Hey Rock Stars and Rockettes!!

Since I had to go to the one place I love (and not just for the kinky stuff) but because they have the piercings I need. 

Anyway so I signed up for their piercings card. Apparently you buy 6 and get one free. Which isn't a bad deal especially if you get there for the buy one get one half off deal. 

So guess what I got?? 

Yup you guessed it a Coupon!!

Use this to get 20% off any item. This offer expires October 31, 2013. So just in time to get some Halloween Accessories right! If the image above doesn't work click here to print it out. 

In The Blink Of An Eye


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Opinionated, Much??


Flamingo, Flamingo, GOOSE!


Hurry! Hurry! Read All About It!!

Subscriptions can be quite informative when you don't have the time to browse your favorite site or blog or you might be away from the internet but you're email subscriptions keep you up-to-date.

What I love the most about subscriptions is learning about news that I may have missed, learning something new or keeping up with some of my favorite sites. The other best thing about a subscription is that in my case since I'm a blogger, I get to connect to people on a more personal level. I don't consider any of my followers or readers just random people or one of thousands.

I took into account when I was building my own blog and having a RSS feed subscription was nice but I felt it wasn't personal enough to make my readers or future subscribers feel like I cared enough or how much I truly appreciated them for taking time out of their day to look at my site and find something that not only interested them but even gave them something that they may have been looking for, needing or that little push we all need at some point in our lives. This year in the midst of all my changes I decided that I wanted to make that more of a personal commitment and I created a newsletter. It's nothing fancy but I also know how much it's a pain to go see what's new or sit there and wait for something new or reread something you've already seen hundreds of times, right?! Thus the newsletter not only shows you the newest post but it also gives you a list of previous posts so in case whatever I talked about for the day doesn't interest you, there's a possible replacement. Then if you have a friend you'd like to share the email with you can. I made it so I can personally address everyone who signs up by their name and show them what's new. Not too many subscriptions do that, either! (if you'd like to know more about my newsletter: click here)

Unfortunately there's many of us who are baffled as to what a RSS Feed Subscription is, it's basically the same as a newsletter. Mostly the emails are sent only when there's a post, oppose to the possibility of newsletter sending something everyday or a few times per day. There are many ways to manipulate and use an RSS feed, many keep it as a back up or reference, while others use it as a slight alternative to a website without having the customer/reader go to the actual website to get what they want or looking for or even buy. Many stores have subscriptions so they can send their customers coupons, deals or offer some type of reward. While blogs and other sites offer information that their readers and subscribers may find interesting. Other do it to stay connected to their readers and even build a bigger audience.

I'll even admit and say they are quite hard to deal with when you first get introduce to them. But there are plenty of websites out there like this one that helps you along the way in the most easiest way as possible. I happen to use Feedburner in the beginning but I didn't like the whole bland look it gave whether it was emails or the actual feed itself. This year I switch to MailChimp to make it more easier to design and edit and make it more user friendly for everyone and not just myself. Both work the same way and give whoever subscribes to my blog an update (when I have a post for the day) on the new posts. It's a lot of work, but I think if you're readers and customers are satisfied then you've done a good job. Or at least I think so lol.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Body Flush & Detox Water


Found this awesome recipe idea on Facebook and had to share it. 

Body Flush and Detox Water 

1 cucumber
1 lemon
1 or 2 oranges
2 limes
1 bunch of mint

Slice them all and divide the ingredients between four 24 oz water bottles and fill them up with filtered water. Drink daily Not only does this taste delicious and help flush fat, but it also counts toward your daily water intake!

Lemons: Help in the absorption of sugars and calcium and cuts down your cravings for sweets.

Cucumbers act as a diuretic and flush fat cells. It is alkalizing to the body (if you have an alkaline body, no diseases can live there), and increase your energy levels.

Limes promote a healthy digestive tract.

Mint is a natural appetite suppressant that also aids in digestion.

Don't Forget To Share

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Yay for a Nintendo 3DS showing you vidoes right??

Anyway, I couldn't help but love the video and about all else I love the singing and the song, it has such a sexy intimate feel to it. Not in a dirty way either, like it's so sensual you forget everything that's going on around you. So of course you all know me I had come and share it with the rest of you. I remember the group definitely, can't remember what song they sang that I was fascinated with years ago but I really do like this song a lot!! If you're a lover of good music then you'll definitely like this song.


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Visualists Unite!!

I've always said that visual learning is by far the best key to educating yourself. I find that it's crazy that not enough people support this. Honestly that's how babies learn. You can't communicate with them and since they come with their own language you can forget about trying to talk to them or even hope they understand what you've said. That's the beautiful thing, repeating yourself doesn't make them understand that the outlet plug is bad to touch. You have to show them that it's bad and why. Then eventually it'll turned into a conditioned response.

I can honestly say that I don't do well with directions, listening or even reading sometimes. In most cases I think people make it more difficult. Don't say wearing a school uniform is necessary because I may wear a suit one day. Or write down directions on how to fill out taxes but I need to have all these fancy named forms and even inquiring about them you get a robotic response of what you just read. That's annoying. I rather you show me what I'm suppose to do at least twice and by the third time I've got it down pat! Not saying all visualists are like that. It should be considered when it comes to learning something knew, or trying to get a point across. 

Above all else that's how marketing is done, visually. How many commercials are put on TV and fancy billboards don the streets? Tons!! Because they work hard to make those things visually appeasing and eye catching so they can grab your attention without having to transmit a message that'll surely be lost. Even the sale ads are colorful and they uses key-phrases and -words to attract to you and hopefully hold your attention long enough to sale you something or even have you come into the store or even go online. They all offer things and use certain colors and shape to being attraction to themselves. No matter what the product is the advertisement is what sells it and grabs our attention. We wouldn't be buying that big screen had we not see it advertised in the Sunday newspaper or gone into the store to see it displaying this wonderful picture, right?? Honestly how many of us go into a store and want to know what the specs are and make a decision based on that alone?? Very few, I only do when it comes to computers. But I also like the way a 17 inch laptop looks over the 15 or 13 inched ones. However when I see a cute purse, I go by looks, price then if it'll serve my purpose (the more pockets and compartments the happier I am especially if its on sale).

Even in greeting other people, we approach each other visually. Even if it seems like a firm handshake and a smile. It's still a visual technique that comes before the conversation. Any emotion shown or displayed is a visual technique. However people just knock it down and act like its a given. That's so wrong.

Do you think that visual techniques should become more prominent in today's world?

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dog Twerking

I swear I can't get enough of this video!! 
It's things like these that makes me love Facebook lol

Ever Had This Moment??


Monday, September 2, 2013

A Sucky Labor Day

So since today was Labor Day Happy Holiday to all my fine people out there who celebrates!

I didn't barbecue and neither did the old folks, instead we did what most Americans do who are too lazy to get cooking--go to a restaurant. Which isn't a bad idea and plus least the food was very good.

Anyway, I'm not typing about the delicious, sexiness of the buffet I ate. So one of my mom's high school friends called me up Sunday night and wanted to check on me. I think everyone thinks I'm going to kill myself or something outlandish and crazy to that nature. Which I'm not, even though I have considered it, not going to say I haven't. But hell, regardless of my age and what miracles (might) come my life is totally fucked up right now so yeah why look forward to a future I never wanted in the first place?? And all that mumbo jumbo about you can't predict your future is crap. Ever want to go back into the past and do something differently just to change the present?? Yeah your present self then wasn't thinking you'd be regretting the shit you did then in the future (which would be the now) HELLO! Dropped the Bunny Logic on ya! Lol. Anyway so she asked me if I had been invited out for the Holiday and I told her no and for some odd reason she found that to be appalling like almost horrifying and all horror movie like.

I'm sitting there like, why is that a problem?? So she gets all dramatic on me and says how terrible and unfortunate that is. I'm like I doubt I would be invited in the first place, and she says well you shouldn't be at that big house all alone and I told her I wasn't at the house which got her off the subject of my supposed loneliness. After I got off the phone with her, I couldn't help but think back a few weeks when one of my older cousins mentioned the same thing and how I need to start planning on who to spend the holidays with. Why would I want to do that?? My parents are both dead so why do I want to celebrate with people I don't feel ultimately comfortable with??? She said the reason was that I don't need to be sitting at home alone on holidays and how I need to interact with people and socialize because if I don't I'll sit at home and sulk and be unhappy and how unhealthy that is for "anybody" and how I need to consider all these things. I'm like I'm not celebrating shit, excuse my French. I feel I don't have to if I don't want to. Whether I sit at home alone today, tomorrow, next month or next year it doesn't matter. I personally think I shouldn't be expecting people to think of me when a holiday rolls around and I would honestly be offended because you didn't consider that when my mom first got sick or when my dad died and I don't want you doing it now that mother has died.

This whole oh Bunny's gonna kill herself we must call her constantly and invite her over so she's not lonely is really beginning to piss me off. Like I'm an only child, I had to grow up lonely for the most part. Plus I personally don't want to get dependent or attach myself to people knowing they're not always going to be there. The little conversations about spending time together is great and dandy but it's not healthy to get someone's hopes up and then not even be decent enough to offer them an apology or a proper excuse as to why you didn't or refused to show up. That's like telling a little kid you're going to take them some place fun and then never show and give then broken promise, concreted lies and terrible excuses as to why you can't without thinking about how they're feeling unloved, unhappy and not good enough in the process. That's wrong, plus I had enough of that as a kid and growing up. I'm not about to let what other people call "loneliness" get the best of me. Honestly I feel better and I'm happier by myself, but with a crowd, even the two I live with currently I feel out of place and I'm not sure how to really interact with people anymore.

Plus I'm tired of always being the one who's left. Not like a subtraction kind of thing, but the one who ends up getting left. Make a new friend, they leave. Fall in love with a guy, he leaves. Love my Parents to death and they both left me. Tired of opening up the emotional happiness store and getting no customers. I know it's wrong to think and feel that way, but I've yet to have someone actually want to stick it out with me no matter. Why build relationships when someone (or me in this case) is always going to be the one standing there watching the other person happily frolic away like they've been relieved of my burdensome existence??

Yeah no thanks.

I'll be contented with not having to have to shop for presents, or wish someone a happy holiday anymore and snuggling at home with my future crazy cat lady collection.

Happy Life


Nintendo Gal

So a lot of you don't know I'm sort of a gamer girl. I'm more of a Computer Gamer girl than anything. But I do love a good video game every now and then :).

Anyway so in the midst of the house getting cleaned, my old Nintendo DS lite was found! Surprisingly the bloody thing still works. Unfortunately the touch screen seems to not respond well. And the battery says fully charged but it wouldn't turn on until I plugged it in. 

So I decided I'd go out in a limb and buy a new one. Because I love the little thing and it was quite entertaining. I wanted the 3DS since it came out a few years ago but the price was outrageous. Thus when looking again, finding it in any blue color was like looking for a needle in a hay stack of needles. 

No store had it in blue and online it was either out of stock, unavailable or never made available. Until I came across the 3DS XL. At first I thought the extra $30 was a bit much but I always wanted the color and since the crew working in my house threw my games away, I had to really consider this investment right?? 

Well I went to Target last week and decided to buy it. To be honest, it was by far the best investment ever. I'm bored out my mind at this old folks home. So it's been a great entertainment for me, especially since I don't have to go through all kinds of obstacles to watch Netflix or browse the Internet or even be amused with a game or two. I even the pedometer lol. Sad I know. 

But it has come in handy while I'm out and about. I don't have to worry about killing my phone battery and the battery life on it is pretty good! 

So why exactly am I sharing all this?? Well you need friends just like I do lol. 

No seriously if you'd like to play a game or two with me here's my nintendo friend code: 4871-4288-4509 so now we can keep in touch!! Plus you all can tell me a few awesome games I may like to have too! 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Happy September Kids!

Hi kids!!

It's been awhile since we had a nice little chat eh?? Firstly, Happy Birthday to all the September Babies out there!! How are you all doing?? I've missed you guys and dolls so! 

Anyway hope everyone enjoys this wonderful month and the upcoming holiday, whenever that is. It's sad, but when you're home everyday for five years straight you'll tend to forget there are holidays and other such said off days that others get excited about and you're just like, "SAY WHAT NOW?

Anyway, I've been so busy with getting things put in a normalcy where I can function and live that it's been driving me crazy. Not only have I not finished flat ironing one side of my head, but I got letters to send, mail to get or check on, people to console and I still haven't had a chance to meet with my lawyer. Being an orphan sucks, but it's even worst when things aren't in order and you have to blindly go about business to make it some what right. 

But I've learned something since my mother's passing that its ok to make mistakes, it's ok to go into something not knowing and it's ok to take a risk, show how you feel and be the best you can be. It's just to me gaining all of the knowledge after the fact it's like what's the point?? One would assume you pass it on or down or share it even. However people have gotten so besides themselves that even trying to offer help they immediately get offended. Like excuse the shit out of me! So then I wonder what's the knowledge for?? What's this purpose in learning something that may never be used again. I guess for some, they say use it to teach your children. But there are people like me who doesn't want kids for whatever reason and so you've gone about life picking up knowledge puzzle pieces, finished the fucking puzzle and now you've got no one to show it off to.....Hmm, that's real fantastic. 

Anyway, I'm hoping to be back into my own home some time this month maybe. Thats if nothing else gets destroyed and it passes inspection and there's no other legally binding oxymoron lurking about. Aside from getting things turned over to my name which is a bitch and going here, there, everywhere for paperwork that and fill this out this. Ugh, my poor feet hurt and are blistered to no end. Even when I get a chance to simmer down and take a break, I'm so friggin exhausted I'd rather go to sleep. 

*Le Sigh*

I'm hopeful it'll all turn out [good] in the end. In the mean time, I'll also be buying furniture and getting the house to be how I want it to be. I'm thinking of making the living room a nice tan or brown with white or cream lamps. And a nice throw rug for the hardwood floor. My room will still be blue of course lol. Not sure what i want to paint the other rooms yet. Though i have paint I can't imagine rooms dedicated to Barney the dinosaur (a purple room and a green room). But I guess I've got all winter to think on it. 

Wish me luck! 
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