Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I'm Wishing On A Star...

Hi kids!!

I've really really missed you guys a lot!! A lot has happened these last few weeks and even more so this last month or so. Whew! Am I exhausted!!

Anyway the run down?? Well I've been a very busy bunny. 

Unfortunately kids, Madea passed away on July 31st. Most people are shocked and I guess it can be understood. But actually I had a bad feeling on July 30th and assumed it would approaching. Not the very next day but some time soon. It happened sooner than anybody could get ready for. 

Mama got sick at the beginning of last month and had a lot going on and could barely help herself. Heck I couldn't help her any more. So I did the next best thing and called the emergency. Unfortunately she only spent 6 hours at the hospital before she died. 

Thankfully she was buried this past Saturday, right next to my dad. Regardless of what's said or done or how I'm reacting to all this. I can say that she's not suffering anymore, she's with the love of her life (my dad) and I'm content with that. She loved me too just not as much as she loved him. In a way it sounds negative but it's truly a beautiful thing. 

I won't say I am not going to have a day where I stumble and cry about it but I did a lot of crying before she died and I got it all out so I can tend to getting everything in my name and more suitable to me. Which I might add is a total pain in the ass. God I haven't started the big stuff yet but I'm frigging exhausted already. But I know I've got to keep on pushing and definitely I'm fin to make it. It won't be easy or exciting but I plan to make this work. 

So what's it like being an orphan?? Can't really say. It's like I know I had parents but then it feels like a void space that ha no rhyme or reason. It's just there. Almost like trying to describe an eye floatie. Will I miss my parents?? Aww most definitely!! They babied me just like I wanted to be babied lol. Thankfully also my family has been cooperative (for the most part lol we had a few discrepancies) . I'm glad about that. 

But I do plan on getting stuff up and running on here. I'll be busy over the next few weeks but I'll try to pop in as often as I can. I would also like to have a little page or few dedicated to my parents. You all heard talk about Madea a lot but not too much of my dad but he was just hilarious too hahaha. 

Don't worry I'm doing good. I feel relived in a way and in another sense I feel like I can start over and be an even better woman now. Or so I think, I dunno we all have wild thoughts every now and then right?? Lol. But the one thing that's really kept me happy during this time was a song. It's called "Wishin' On A Star" by Rose Royce. It's a nice song actually and I like it a lot. It was the first thing I heard as I let reality sink in that night after hearing my mother had died. It spoke exactly how I felt and still feel. 

Here have a listen (while I finish talking):

Rose Royce - Wishing On A Star

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In the mean time loves, I'm going to post a few pictures and stuff for next month for sure, this month it's a possibility. I also wanted to do a tribute to the crazy stuff my mama said for July so we'll put that on hold for now. Um, I'm not sure about having a 13 Day Novel again, I still have to finish the other so we'll see. Hopefully by that time I should be back into the house and very much settled. 

But I have posts to write, they'll most likely be short ones. It's the thought that counts haha. 

So I shall see you soon and you all know my routine by now, I'm never going anywhere ^_^, I love you all way too much!! Besides partings is such sweet sorrow....




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