Friday, July 26, 2013

Saphir The Stray Cat

So last night while I was sitting outside with Madea and her sickness. I kept hearing this noise, it was faint at first. It was almost like someone in your dream calling your name, you know. I sat there and continued fumbling on my phone. And as time went on the sound got louder and I realized it was a kitten. It was crying, but because it was so dark I couldn't tell where it was at or if it was close or being attacked or if anything stuck and needing help of some sort.

Eventually it came out of the darkness and sat in front of the car and cried. I called to it but at the same time a hot rodder came pass and scared the poor thing under the car. I wanted to help it, I kind of felt sorry for it. I went to call it but there it sat behind the wheel of my car watching my ever move. It wasn't until I got close to the tire that it darted back into the darkness and went under another car. I clicked my tongue to it and tried to get it it's attention and make it feel comfortable enough to come to me. It never did, not saying it couldn't been like Egypt, but I could tell it was scared. So as I walked closer to the neighbor's big SUV, it darted off again and I clicked my tongue and even rattled my nails which made it stop and look back at me and wonder I guess, but it serpentined the street and finally ran to another neighbor's house, but I didn't follow because the raccoons congregate there often and I couldn't risk getting bit or attacked trying to save an off-standish kitty. Or so I thought.

I felt bad still, my mom said in her delirium I should feed it something and find a blanket for it to curl up to because it was going to be cold. I waited for it for as long as I could and went to the bathroom and came back out and sat there to almost day break before deciding on going in to have a nap. I had food but I didn't also want to feed the whole neighborhood animals either. But then I said whatever, I was trying to be nice and he was being a little goofball. 

But what I do?? I went and brought cat treats and milk in case he happens to come back. The more I thought about him, the more I felt kind of sorry and yet connected to him. I decided on the name Saphir after the Sailor Moon character because they have a lot in common, wanting to be loved and cared for but ended up getting hurt in the end that caused them to lose trust in others. Ooo Epiphany for Bunny. It sucks to be in a deep, dark and unknown place crying out for help and no one hears your cry yet you want help but you can't help but not trust anyone. You can't let yourself get hurt like that again it's just not possible or okay. Especially when you've got no one to comfort you and tell you everything will be ok and not to worry. I felt sorry for poor Saphir. So if Saphir happens to cross this path again I'll be ready for him with cat treats and milk.       


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