Wednesday, July 10, 2013

An Intrigued Deviant

I was going to write about something inspirational but that'll have to wait until I get this off my mind or chest or whatever.

So a few months back I mentioned this guy that was trying to hook up with me. Everytime I talked to him he had a new bit of purposely "forgotten" information that for me those are things you shouldn't leave out and definitely don't evade them at any cost. WHY? Because when the shit hits the fan I don't want to be the one having to kick everybody's ass including the fan.

Anyway, I can't find the previous post but when I do I'll link it. I posted on Facebook about how my boobs were fighting me literally over ice cream which did happen, they're greedy like that. He comments talking about he'd love to see that. I'm like Hold the hell up.......ain't you married?? So then he goes into this this temper tantrum about how he broke up with her and never wanna see her again and how he's never getting back to her. I'm like calm your man boobs dude, not like I got a fucking memo but don't you think I would've consider your sudden interaction with me odd as hell?? Hmm, I guess not.

So he goes forth to tell me how he loyal and great and how he wouldn't be "hollering" at me if he was still "married" now for those of you that don't know he got married on Easter this Year. Yes March 31, 2013. Prior to that like a week or two before he's literally begging me to marry him, then at the same time I found out about his other kid he got...Now not only is he fucking the whole town and knocking everyone up but he's marrying whoever and dropping their asses left to right.

But what's got me piss isn't that I couldn't be a candidate for neither, oh no it's nothing like that. But the fact that's treating me like seconds, like a back up plan or just in case option. Like honestly fuck that. If I can't be first and be the ONLY even in the end I'm not interested. I get so sick and tired of guys wanting to talk bullshit to me, grab a quick dab of sex from my honey pot and then go wife the neighborhood whore and when it doesn't work out here the motherfucker come crying to me and shit. Dude get the fuck out of here with that cockamamie bullshit.

I'm going to have to find a way to block and delete his ass. Regardless of his feelings and if he takes it personally, that I do not care.

I am no one's second or last minute option.


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