Thursday, June 20, 2013

Uñas & Cía: Nail Art Magazine

So I found this magazine while I was at the Walgreens this evening. I was amazed that they had a Nail Art magazine. However it was in Spanish.

I was amazed at the fact that they had such a thing. My mom said she seen one before in English. I have never seen such a thing. However I did take a gander at it and decided to buy it and take pictures so incase someone wanted to prove me wrong. Even though the designs are kind of corny (or they just plain old suck). I couldn't believe that there isn't a more professional type of magazine. They have them for hair, clothes and fashion even home and garden. But no nail art. Even the nail art books are geared to the younger girls like teens and tweens and on down. But nothing for the older girls who might want to save a few dollars or do a design the nail salon won't do. Trust me I had a few get an attitude about doing designs they didn't do. But its like damn, I get tired of rainbow disasters on each nails. That ducks with my OCD big time.

Well I opened up the book and landed on this design that I thought was nice. I thought it was nice but it was the only good looking design I've seen in awhile in such a book like this.

The rest of the designs left a lot to be desired.  They all seemed to be done by someone who was terrible with their non-dominate hand. I couldn't understand what made the person who put this book together and even considered the designs worthy enough for this book. I was appalled at some of the grotesque and hideous designs I saw. It's a thin magazine and had maybe 15 or 20 designs.

But I wondered why isn't there a nice nail art magazine that gives good detailed instructions?? I'm all for the different tutorials online but some people can't give good instructions. For me I'm a visual person. I can't read instructions on how to make acrylic flowers. I learned how to make them by watching a video actually. Even some of the more elaborate nail art books come from Japan believe it or not and they are advance to extremely difficult.

With all these other magazines, I really think we should have more nail art magazines. Maybe we should have a campaign or petition on having more variety of nail art magazines. With nice nail art too!!


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