Monday, June 24, 2013

The Questionnaire

I thought it had been awhile since we've done something like this. So I found this awesomeness on Facebook and decided to answer all the questions. It's like an update or that's how I see it a least lol. Nothing extravagant but I did have a lot of fun filling this out :). Even though it was meant for Tumblr and the ask box I thought this was more exciting. Maybe we might do this, you guys can pick a number and then I'll answer it....we'll keep it in mind lol. 

1. LéSans LéRue Ramseur-Ramsey
2. Taurus
3. Unhappiness, Love, Brokenness
4. Laughter, Food, & Kawaii Things
5. Glasses, Neck Ties, Panties, Porn
6. Unwillingness, Requests for Blow jobs, Unnecessary tall during sex and lack of mutual chemistry 
7. Don't have a best friend anymore. 
8. I'm bisexual with the promise of becoming a Pansexual only on a Bi now gay later sort of thing. 
9. Never had an actual first first yeah
10. 5' 3"
11. I miss my dad a lot 
12. 1:18am 
13. Blue!
14. Nope not any more
15. Anything Shakespeare. But I like "Expectation is the root to all heartache"
16. Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i
17. Pizza & Hot Wings
18. Very much so and as often as possible
19. The fan humming lol
20. Their walk, and eyes
21. Depends on the shoe, but mostly a 9 works just nicely
22. It's sorta brown and then it's not bit either way I like it lol
23. Well right now it's natural which is like a dark brown mixed with light brown, blonde and red. But it was died so it's more of a copper auburn brown on top. 
24. Anything that's comfortable. But mostly a wife beater and some form of pants lol
25. Can say that I recall doing a prank call
26. They are grey 
27.  Well itzmzbunny came shortly after itzmzrue which was inspired by used to be Twitter friend's Twitter name. Unfortunately for her mine became more famous lol. Thus it's used for everything because it's just that awesome!!
28. Don't have a favorite because I love a bunch of movies lol
29. Well my favorite song at the moment are 3: Gentleman by Psy; Ass On The Internet by Dormtainment; and Karate Chop by Future. 
30. I like all kinds of artists
31. I feel displaced in an median sort of way. Maybe unbalanced is a better word. 
32. I love my mama but that's about it. 
33. Single yesterday, Single Today, Single until I die. 
34. Not the best but it's good. 
35. When there isn't a holiday lol. 
36. One tattoo, left wrist, Swan. 10 piercings, 4 in each ear, nose and tongue rings
37. I want maybe 7 more tattoos. I like to have the front and back of my wrists done, webbing between the thumb and index finger done, a lower back tatt and then the other two to cover up scars basically. I'd love to have 20 more piercings. Majority in my ear, I want two navel rings, nipple rings and the others are a secret ;) lol. 
38. I decided to change this one to the reason why I joined any social networking site was because to keep in touch with (then) friends I couldn't see on a regular basis. Then also to stay in touch with friends I made that live all around the world. Also to connect with as many people as possible and get to know people and share as many things in common as possible. Even to learn something new everyday. It can be a pain in the ass with the drama retarts but its worth it in the end. 
39. I didn't read a book, well I haven't in awhile. But it was a manga. Akuma to Love Song. 
40. Never got any good morning or good night texts. Hell no one texts me in the first place. I don't even know why I have a cell phone when no one calls me either :p. I'm really pathetible XD
41. Well that would be a no in either case (see #40)
42. Never held someone's hand other than my parents when I was little. 
43. It doesn't. I don't get ready in the morning. I wake up at Noon-thirty everyday lol. 
44. No, but they're looking pretty good though lol
45. At home in my room :)
46. One I wouldn't be drunk. But if by some crazy chance I am, I'm that drunk girl that's in that porno lol
47. I like it at a loud reasonable level lol


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