Wednesday, June 19, 2013

So Uncouth


While I was making a pit stop st the grocery store. I came across this woman in the picture with her little boy. Not only was he wreaking havoc then, I was slightly amused ay how she handled the situation as a whole.

First he was snatching the produce bags across the whole store. Then they went to the bakery section where he was grabbing at every boxed bake good there was in his fingers reach. All u could think of if you spanked him or showed some sort of discipline instead of the whole stop, stop, oi no no bullshit he wouldn't be acting like a little asshole. The best part they didn't speak English! So whatever she was shouting in her native tongue didn't phase nor hinder him. Then I'm assuming he ran up and down every aisle next. Since he was away from me I was contented. He needed a good old fashioned ass whooping.

When I finally made it over to the diary section, he had snatched up the display balloons that advertise a sale or new product. Andhe was running around the aisle like some money child raised by idiots. She stood there at the end of the aisle shouting in native tongue. Patting her foot, hand on the hit. I thought oh yeah that's real frightening. Well she seem to give up and continued to shop, while he was being more than a nuisance to everyone else.

Everything he acted up I would just stare at him and then to her. I could tell she was uncomfortable. I wanted it that way. I got pissed because she's considered more responsible than me because she has a kid, but she can't even control the monstrosity!! I'm sorry what?? Then at some point while he continued to run around. She put down her basket and went running after him. Not only was she losing big time, she looked equally silly for chasing him around the store. Bumping into people not even saying excuse me or I'm sorry not even a pardon us.

When I took this picture he was screaming like a tweenage seeing Beiber up close and personal. She's still hollering and yelling and he's screaming. I sat here and watch as it took her s good while to get him in the car. He moaned and cried. She eventually got him in and commenced to putting her small load of groceries in and then pulled off like none of what happened todays ever existed.

I couldn't help but sit here and wonder what makes people think that if you reduce the discipline, you create a better child. I personally believe you should discipline and spank your children. It makes them as adults understand what happens when they get reprimanded whether it's for work or school or in life. But by removing that, not only do they think the world is their oysters, they also feel no one can tell them no it make them do anything they didn't want to. That's not good. So what if they get fired from s job, you Johnny Little two shots over here is going to cuss the boss our and demand change. That's not in his best interest. That makes a lousy, lazy adult who has not one once experiencing the true potential of becoming an adult.

I understand we all have our own ways ay handling things. Buy when your kid is causing everybody else s bad day, it becomes a reflection on you. But that kid was the worst!! Ugh. I don't get how people live with such horrible children like that.


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