Monday, June 3, 2013

Rub It In My Flesh Baby


Well I made a break through this morning and I'm honestly surprised and yet I'm pissed.

A few or even several months ago, I lost my earrings. Unfortunately I didn't have any permanent replacements. Actually I'll go so far to say that the last time I had earrings in was maybe November, December at the latest. I left them out. I would use an earring that didn't have w mate to poke the holes and keep them from closing all the way.

Well this one particular time when I went through the ritual of keeping my ear holes open, they all opened excepted for my left second and third holes. So I didn't get worried about it because this has happened before and I was always able to open them up. I said whatever and said to myself I'd worry about it later. Later came and I still couldn't get them in. I tried again and still nothing. So now I'm panicking at the thought my ear holes has closed up. But I'm left baffled because it's just these two douchewaffles that are being insubordinate.

For weeks I've been working to get them open. I've tried numerous things and nothing work. I was taken aback at how hard this was and even when I googled for how-tos and what-to-dos I still came up empty handed.

While I was out a couple weeks ago, I was in the dollar store and notice they had this set of sewing needles in various sizes. I thought that it could possibly work since they would be sharper and more easier to handle. After I did my hair I wanted to put in some earrings because it has been a hood while since I had some in. Well I lolligagged and decided to give it a ho this morning. One thing that was unusual was that every time I tried to force something in the hole, I always hit this painful nerve. What tripped me out was that peculiar feeling was never there and wasn't when I got it pierced the first time four years ago. Yet I was persistent and I headed on.

The second bled a little bit buy after some force, I finally got it through. The third hole took a few jabs and pokes until I got them both through. Thankfully I used Vaseline to protect the ear and then sprayed on some Neosporin on all my ear lobe piercings. Then twisted the mismatch earrings in the hole so it wouldn't close around them. After all that I needed to go lay down and have another nap!!

They're swollen a bit and its slightly painful, more annoying than it is pain. What I would like to do is change the earrings because these are those supposed hypoallergenic but they're not. More like infectious little bastards from hell. And thank goodness I cut my nails down, that helped a lot too lol. The funny thing to all this is, I want a fourth hole, even knowing I can have the same problems like I did with all the others. I still want one. Hmm, there's something nice about a painful pleasure.


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