Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bad Sex

So I came across this link to an article on Facebook a few days ago that talked about how you can tell ahead of time if sex will be bad, terrible or just down right ugly.

 This article was of course geared to the women about men. I couldn't help but agree with 12 item list. To see the list click the image above. Then I have to really wonder, does this list apply to women too?? I know a few guys who aren't getting any an their women match a few (if not all) of the items listed. 

Then I had to take it a step further. What inclines someone to be so bad at sex when it comes to personality complications?? Like lacking a sense of humour to being all about me and no one else. If that plays a major role, does this also count when it comes to love?? It's like wondering why a selfish person would want to be in a sharing group. Why would a selfish man or woman want to be in a relationship knowing the whole time that isn't what they want and it isn't about love or even companionship. 

So I'm wondering is love based more on personal gain, compromises and conveniences than pure emotion??


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