Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Hypocritical Society

Me and my best bud was talking about how people talk about how other people are themselves. Some can or might accept if their child, sister, uncle or whoever is gay, emo or a crazy butt. However they're so quick to judge others.

It made me wonder why we live in such a society where when we are born, we are told we can be whatever we want to be. But everyone has their greedy hands in play molding us and telling us that being ourselves is the last thing we want to do. It's like being told you'll get $100 but in the end you get 3 Canadian coins and a coupon voucher for an item that was recalled 20 years before your birth.

What I don't understand why tell us we can be whatever we want. But as soon as we do that, you're regulating how we should be. Why?? Is being perfect in this weird utopia that important?? People who are gay can't get married, bisexual people aren't taken seriously, drop outs are failures, racist people are allowed to say how they feel behind closer doors, sex before marriage is ok, and those who are married are more beneficial than singletons--this list can go on and on. It's baffling!

That's like society telling me I need to be married and working and popping out kids. Well yeah I wanted those things too,but I didn't know society would allow men to become so lazy and uninterested in marriage. Like how am I good enough fkr sex but not good enough for marriage?? It's crazy. It's madness I tell you!

Even in regards to sexuality. Not everyone wants to be ill got default of straight. Some of us are born gay, bisexual or even transsexual. The rest had a reason and others it was a choice. It's my personal belief that your sexuality is what defines you the most. To know what attracts you and makes you aroused is by far the best feeling in the world. It's a shame most people won't be more open to it. Then again maybe they're sexuality is something they don't feel comfortable with.

I have to wonder are these same people also uncomfortable with being themselves and that's why they're so voiceful and determined to make everyone around them a certain way so they too can be accepted and there'd be no ranks, or differentials to compromise their own being??

I feel sorry for anyone who feels we all should be alike. Like telling a kid you can be President of whatever Country. But we all know as adults it takes special people to be a president. We all can't be in charge, then we'd have no people to govern and everything would be in disarray. We all can't be CEOS or Doctors or Teachers or Patents even. Some of us won't get that chance. But to judge and criticize and force others into this cult doesn't mean things will work out or turn out for the better. I think if the fixation stops on what others are doing and we learn to embrace others' uniqueness as well as embrace our own insecurities we can become a more tolerable and compassionate place.

You're telling kids now that if you're gay, you've sinned. If you want to marry someone of the same sex its not allowed and its frowned upon. However if you do marry someone of the same sex, we'll punish you for it by giving heterosexual couples preferential treatment. Same goes for single women, we can't get a job because we're not married and are childless and framed irresponsible. Er can't get help because we having procreated, we lose our friends, our families pressure us and men aren't ready to settle down, yet it's our fault. We are wrong. 
I don't blame those who are raised without fathers/mothers for being angry and put in an uncomfortable position. However don't get mad at someone who has a mother/father because yours wasn't grown up enough to accept the mistake of responsibility and take care of it like responsible people are suppose to do.

Just like I don't think a man who wasn't raised or taught by his father or a father figure will turn our gay. If anything he will never know how to strive for the greatness that is locked away within himself. He will never be able to accept rejection, be brave and courageous, build a name for himself or even become the man he was made and destined to be. He will assume all men are like him or just wing it thinking that's the correct thing to do or observe other men and follow their ill-will patterns on how to survive in life.

But that's what society is lacking, we're so hell bent on changing and molding and creating a perfect human beings that it's far more beneficial to help the ones we got and mold the future generation into that "perfect being" we are striving for.

A sculptor does not continue to chip away at a sculpture he find repulsive that needs modifications done. No in fact of chipping away all the mistakes and creating an ugly piece of art, he tries again with a new piece and again if he has to, until he conveys his artistic feelings into his sculpture so everyone will adorn it with gratitude. That's what society needs to do. However until such a time comes, we will never get anywhere fast chipping off the imperfections of people and expecting them to turn into something beautiful. That's damaging and it won't get us very far.

I just hope that eventually one day a wake up call will come before we extinct ourselves so we can fix what we're doing wrong and create a better world. Not a perfect world, but definitely a better one.


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