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I showed my mom a picture of a relative who gain a bit-o-weight....well lets say a lot of weight.

So my mama says:


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The Questionnaire

I thought it had been awhile since we've done something like this. So I found this awesomeness on Facebook and decided to answer all the questions. It's like an update or that's how I see it a least lol. Nothing extravagant but I did have a lot of fun filling this out :). Even though it was meant for Tumblr and the ask box I thought this was more exciting. Maybe we might do this, you guys can pick a number and then I'll answer it....we'll keep it in mind lol. 

1. LéSans LéRue Ramseur-Ramsey
2. Taurus
3. Unhappiness, Love, Brokenness
4. Laughter, Food, & Kawaii Things
5. Glasses, Neck Ties, Panties, Porn
6. Unwillingness, Requests for Blow jobs, Unnecessary tall during sex and lack of mutual chemistry 
7. Don't have a best friend anymore. 
8. I'm bisexual with the promise of becoming a Pansexual only on a Bi now gay later sort of thing. 
9. Never had an actual first first yeah
10. 5' 3"
11. I miss my dad a lot 
12. 1:18am 
13. Blue!
14. Nope not any more
15. Anything Shakespeare. But I like "Expectation is the root to all heartache"
16. Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i
17. Pizza & Hot Wings
18. Very much so and as often as possible
19. The fan humming lol
20. Their walk, and eyes
21. Depends on the shoe, but mostly a 9 works just nicely
22. It's sorta brown and then it's not bit either way I like it lol
23. Well right now it's natural which is like a dark brown mixed with light brown, blonde and red. But it was died so it's more of a copper auburn brown on top. 
24. Anything that's comfortable. But mostly a wife beater and some form of pants lol
25. Can say that I recall doing a prank call
26. They are grey 
27.  Well itzmzbunny came shortly after itzmzrue which was inspired by used to be Twitter friend's Twitter name. Unfortunately for her mine became more famous lol. Thus it's used for everything because it's just that awesome!!
28. Don't have a favorite because I love a bunch of movies lol
29. Well my favorite song at the moment are 3: Gentleman by Psy; Ass On The Internet by Dormtainment; and Karate Chop by Future. 
30. I like all kinds of artists
31. I feel displaced in an median sort of way. Maybe unbalanced is a better word. 
32. I love my mama but that's about it. 
33. Single yesterday, Single Today, Single until I die. 
34. Not the best but it's good. 
35. When there isn't a holiday lol. 
36. One tattoo, left wrist, Swan. 10 piercings, 4 in each ear, nose and tongue rings
37. I want maybe 7 more tattoos. I like to have the front and back of my wrists done, webbing between the thumb and index finger done, a lower back tatt and then the other two to cover up scars basically. I'd love to have 20 more piercings. Majority in my ear, I want two navel rings, nipple rings and the others are a secret ;) lol. 
38. I decided to change this one to the reason why I joined any social networking site was because to keep in touch with (then) friends I couldn't see on a regular basis. Then also to stay in touch with friends I made that live all around the world. Also to connect with as many people as possible and get to know people and share as many things in common as possible. Even to learn something new everyday. It can be a pain in the ass with the drama retarts but its worth it in the end. 
39. I didn't read a book, well I haven't in awhile. But it was a manga. Akuma to Love Song. 
40. Never got any good morning or good night texts. Hell no one texts me in the first place. I don't even know why I have a cell phone when no one calls me either :p. I'm really pathetible XD
41. Well that would be a no in either case (see #40)
42. Never held someone's hand other than my parents when I was little. 
43. It doesn't. I don't get ready in the morning. I wake up at Noon-thirty everyday lol. 
44. No, but they're looking pretty good though lol
45. At home in my room :)
46. One I wouldn't be drunk. But if by some crazy chance I am, I'm that drunk girl that's in that porno lol
47. I like it at a loud reasonable level lol

The Actual Reason For Resumes


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The Honeymoon

Found this by chance and it cracked me up lol.

I think I would've gave him $45 change XD

The Stuff I Find On Facebook

I thought this was hilarious that this kid just killed the whole conversation on how this optical illusion is so mesmerizing. Unfortunately a Wild Beyoncé appeared

A Whore House


Sundays Are Bra Day


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Lighten Up, Kid


I Sawz A Bunny! Pt. 2

Previously on I Sawz A Bunny! 
We encountered something cute....
We will now view such said cuteness!

Do you know how many centuries it took me just to get this posted on here?! 
Ugh technology is such a cunt sometimes!! 
Anyway here's the adorable video of the cute little bunny just munching his greens and hopping along so adorably!! Lol.

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Be A Man


Celebrate Black Day April, Man-less May, No Jonesin' June

Just Kickin July
Aloner August
Single By Choice September
One Block Of Ice Cream, Please October

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Uñas & Cía: Nail Art Magazine

So I found this magazine while I was at the Walgreens this evening. I was amazed that they had a Nail Art magazine. However it was in Spanish.

I was amazed at the fact that they had such a thing. My mom said she seen one before in English. I have never seen such a thing. However I did take a gander at it and decided to buy it and take pictures so incase someone wanted to prove me wrong. Even though the designs are kind of corny (or they just plain old suck). I couldn't believe that there isn't a more professional type of magazine. They have them for hair, clothes and fashion even home and garden. But no nail art. Even the nail art books are geared to the younger girls like teens and tweens and on down. But nothing for the older girls who might want to save a few dollars or do a design the nail salon won't do. Trust me I had a few get an attitude about doing designs they didn't do. But its like damn, I get tired of rainbow disasters on each nails. That ducks with my OCD big time.

Well I opened up the book and landed on this design that I thought was nice. I thought it was nice but it was the only good looking design I've seen in awhile in such a book like this.

The rest of the designs left a lot to be desired.  They all seemed to be done by someone who was terrible with their non-dominate hand. I couldn't understand what made the person who put this book together and even considered the designs worthy enough for this book. I was appalled at some of the grotesque and hideous designs I saw. It's a thin magazine and had maybe 15 or 20 designs.

But I wondered why isn't there a nice nail art magazine that gives good detailed instructions?? I'm all for the different tutorials online but some people can't give good instructions. For me I'm a visual person. I can't read instructions on how to make acrylic flowers. I learned how to make them by watching a video actually. Even some of the more elaborate nail art books come from Japan believe it or not and they are advance to extremely difficult.

With all these other magazines, I really think we should have more nail art magazines. Maybe we should have a campaign or petition on having more variety of nail art magazines. With nice nail art too!!

I Sawz A Bunny!

So I saw a Bunny Today!!

Guess what kids??

The cute little thing was in our front yard. I was so surprised to see him/her in the driveway munching on the clovers and other grass and weeds. At first I startled the cute thing and it got defensive but then was like Heck with you I eat my snacks now.

I tried to get close to it but it hopped off away to the house next door. Why it went under the debris and garbage it beats the hell out of me but I was overjoyed!!!

So much to the point I took pictures and a video!! Aaiieee!! :D

I ♥ Boobs


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Why I Love Being Bisexual


These are just a few of the reasons why I love being bisexual. I didn't become bisexual because it was a choice but because it felt right. I felt more like myself and if I could go back and do it all over again, I would've become bisexual a long time ago and a long time before I did. I'm not confused, nor am I flakey, but to be honest I'm more of Pansexual. However I love them both (my bisexuality and pansexuality) equally. 

So Uncouth


While I was making a pit stop st the grocery store. I came across this woman in the picture with her little boy. Not only was he wreaking havoc then, I was slightly amused ay how she handled the situation as a whole.

First he was snatching the produce bags across the whole store. Then they went to the bakery section where he was grabbing at every boxed bake good there was in his fingers reach. All u could think of if you spanked him or showed some sort of discipline instead of the whole stop, stop, oi no no bullshit he wouldn't be acting like a little asshole. The best part they didn't speak English! So whatever she was shouting in her native tongue didn't phase nor hinder him. Then I'm assuming he ran up and down every aisle next. Since he was away from me I was contented. He needed a good old fashioned ass whooping.

When I finally made it over to the diary section, he had snatched up the display balloons that advertise a sale or new product. Andhe was running around the aisle like some money child raised by idiots. She stood there at the end of the aisle shouting in native tongue. Patting her foot, hand on the hit. I thought oh yeah that's real frightening. Well she seem to give up and continued to shop, while he was being more than a nuisance to everyone else.

Everything he acted up I would just stare at him and then to her. I could tell she was uncomfortable. I wanted it that way. I got pissed because she's considered more responsible than me because she has a kid, but she can't even control the monstrosity!! I'm sorry what?? Then at some point while he continued to run around. She put down her basket and went running after him. Not only was she losing big time, she looked equally silly for chasing him around the store. Bumping into people not even saying excuse me or I'm sorry not even a pardon us.

When I took this picture he was screaming like a tweenage seeing Beiber up close and personal. She's still hollering and yelling and he's screaming. I sat here and watch as it took her s good while to get him in the car. He moaned and cried. She eventually got him in and commenced to putting her small load of groceries in and then pulled off like none of what happened todays ever existed.

I couldn't help but sit here and wonder what makes people think that if you reduce the discipline, you create a better child. I personally believe you should discipline and spank your children. It makes them as adults understand what happens when they get reprimanded whether it's for work or school or in life. But by removing that, not only do they think the world is their oysters, they also feel no one can tell them no it make them do anything they didn't want to. That's not good. So what if they get fired from s job, you Johnny Little two shots over here is going to cuss the boss our and demand change. That's not in his best interest. That makes a lousy, lazy adult who has not one once experiencing the true potential of becoming an adult.

I understand we all have our own ways ay handling things. Buy when your kid is causing everybody else s bad day, it becomes a reflection on you. But that kid was the worst!! Ugh. I don't get how people live with such horrible children like that.

A Hypocritical Society

Me and my best bud was talking about how people talk about how other people are themselves. Some can or might accept if their child, sister, uncle or whoever is gay, emo or a crazy butt. However they're so quick to judge others.

It made me wonder why we live in such a society where when we are born, we are told we can be whatever we want to be. But everyone has their greedy hands in play molding us and telling us that being ourselves is the last thing we want to do. It's like being told you'll get $100 but in the end you get 3 Canadian coins and a coupon voucher for an item that was recalled 20 years before your birth.

What I don't understand why tell us we can be whatever we want. But as soon as we do that, you're regulating how we should be. Why?? Is being perfect in this weird utopia that important?? People who are gay can't get married, bisexual people aren't taken seriously, drop outs are failures, racist people are allowed to say how they feel behind closer doors, sex before marriage is ok, and those who are married are more beneficial than singletons--this list can go on and on. It's baffling!

That's like society telling me I need to be married and working and popping out kids. Well yeah I wanted those things too,but I didn't know society would allow men to become so lazy and uninterested in marriage. Like how am I good enough fkr sex but not good enough for marriage?? It's crazy. It's madness I tell you!

Even in regards to sexuality. Not everyone wants to be ill got default of straight. Some of us are born gay, bisexual or even transsexual. The rest had a reason and others it was a choice. It's my personal belief that your sexuality is what defines you the most. To know what attracts you and makes you aroused is by far the best feeling in the world. It's a shame most people won't be more open to it. Then again maybe they're sexuality is something they don't feel comfortable with.

I have to wonder are these same people also uncomfortable with being themselves and that's why they're so voiceful and determined to make everyone around them a certain way so they too can be accepted and there'd be no ranks, or differentials to compromise their own being??

I feel sorry for anyone who feels we all should be alike. Like telling a kid you can be President of whatever Country. But we all know as adults it takes special people to be a president. We all can't be in charge, then we'd have no people to govern and everything would be in disarray. We all can't be CEOS or Doctors or Teachers or Patents even. Some of us won't get that chance. But to judge and criticize and force others into this cult doesn't mean things will work out or turn out for the better. I think if the fixation stops on what others are doing and we learn to embrace others' uniqueness as well as embrace our own insecurities we can become a more tolerable and compassionate place.

You're telling kids now that if you're gay, you've sinned. If you want to marry someone of the same sex its not allowed and its frowned upon. However if you do marry someone of the same sex, we'll punish you for it by giving heterosexual couples preferential treatment. Same goes for single women, we can't get a job because we're not married and are childless and framed irresponsible. Er can't get help because we having procreated, we lose our friends, our families pressure us and men aren't ready to settle down, yet it's our fault. We are wrong. 
I don't blame those who are raised without fathers/mothers for being angry and put in an uncomfortable position. However don't get mad at someone who has a mother/father because yours wasn't grown up enough to accept the mistake of responsibility and take care of it like responsible people are suppose to do.

Just like I don't think a man who wasn't raised or taught by his father or a father figure will turn our gay. If anything he will never know how to strive for the greatness that is locked away within himself. He will never be able to accept rejection, be brave and courageous, build a name for himself or even become the man he was made and destined to be. He will assume all men are like him or just wing it thinking that's the correct thing to do or observe other men and follow their ill-will patterns on how to survive in life.

But that's what society is lacking, we're so hell bent on changing and molding and creating a perfect human beings that it's far more beneficial to help the ones we got and mold the future generation into that "perfect being" we are striving for.

A sculptor does not continue to chip away at a sculpture he find repulsive that needs modifications done. No in fact of chipping away all the mistakes and creating an ugly piece of art, he tries again with a new piece and again if he has to, until he conveys his artistic feelings into his sculpture so everyone will adorn it with gratitude. That's what society needs to do. However until such a time comes, we will never get anywhere fast chipping off the imperfections of people and expecting them to turn into something beautiful. That's damaging and it won't get us very far.

I just hope that eventually one day a wake up call will come before we extinct ourselves so we can fix what we're doing wrong and create a better world. Not a perfect world, but definitely a better one.

Hair Yoga pt. 2

Well I must admit that stretching a perm did work well for me and my hair came out nice. I'm a little disgusted I had to use a small portion of a second box of perm because the companies refuse to fill the jars all the way up. Plus I noticed this time around while I was perming it stripped a lot of my hair color away. You can see it up close but from a far it looks dark.

I'm pleased with the results and my hair straightened nicely this morning regardless of the whole talk about getting that frizzy unrelaxed relaxed look.

Then trying to style it, well I put it in its usual part, curled the ends a bit and tried to put it in a banana clip. Not only did it tangle up but it fought back like a black belt. I went in search of styles and either they were too complicated, not a good choice for my hair or meant for either shorter or longer hair. Thus I got fed up and put a headband on to call it a morning.

I couldn't sit here and wonder why there's so little to nothing on help with hairstyles for relaxed hair. Or hey even a hair type like mine. Since my hair is mixed, I don't have the best grade or texture but I don't need a full strength perm or anything because my hair is delicate. Even my hair line is different. So as I gazed across different hairstyles, I couldn't help but feel offended that every colored woman is screaming natural hair. I love it!! Don't get me wrong but I also know for me I can rock the natural style with my hair being way above my shoulders. We're talking short. Because then all I got to do is wash it and spritz and I got this awesome bed head of fluff curls. Worst part my roots will continuously be curly like that. But once I let it grow the longer it is the more it'll wave. Not only do I have two goings on, but my hair is fighting back and refusing to participate.

So maybe while I'm taking a break to collect myself for June I might decide to do a few posts on hair. I've been through everything!! Like the previous post my hair had gotten so damaged it stopped growing and I had this crazy looking do that could only be tamed by a short hair cut. I for one also know what its like to have untamed hair. It only parts itself and that's it, same spot every time. It's been doing it for YEARS!! But want to hold a curl, nope. Want some bangs, nope. Want a cute up do, how about a up don't in a downward motion?? Or a cow lick here, possibly maybe some static electricity over there. Don't get me started on my hair being tied in knots and secured with beeswax. Kinky twists are nice but not for that purpose. I ended up having to chop my hair off in a fit of a rage and frustration because it wouldn't come untangled and it hurt like hell. Which resulted in my two year long natural curl phase.

That's the only problem with going from extreme to extreme with your hair. The transitions and time to adjust are the pits. Growing hair from a boy cut sucks, going from a Bob to shoulder length sucks and now that mine is past my shoulders, yeah it sucks lol. The funny part about it is I've always had long hair prior to cutting it off, yet now I have not a clue what to do with it. I feel lost or maybe like in math class and trying to remember what happened last year. Just a foggy flashback of what may have beens.
I think for now I'll stick with my messy buns, impeccable pony tails and wild flowing dos until my hair grows a bit longer where I can do more with it. It's all worth in the end.

Unfortunately, I can't wait to wash it so I can trim my ends. They've gone all goofy and won't even straighten out any more. At least it's only a half an inch or an inch at the most. I think I make up the Hair Yoga technique and just remember to trim the ends when I do too.

·ï¡÷¡ï·!¦[-Wicked Midnight Series 3-]¦!·ï¡÷¡ï·


"Wicked Rain vol. 2"

When the rain calls my name
I am quickly departed from my fame
Easily entered into a new game
Unhappy over the sudden change
Umberella-less, oh how lame...

"Wicked Tea Party"

Will you have one lump or two?
Oh no you mustn't, that sandwich isn't meant for you!
Did you curtsy when you said, 'How Do You Do?'
We're all a little MAD here, if you didn't know...
Come closer, we must remove those limbs from your Torso.

"Wicked Hands"

That caress the neck so gently
Long, slender fingers painted so daintily
A Ruby adorns the right, as a Diamond flaunts the left.
Oh we've found ourselves in quite the predicament
Tsk, Tsk such a fine mess
Your neck was so inviting, I couldn't resist
Please accept my pardon,
I didn't know that was your last breath...

"Wicked Midnight vol. 3"

This wicked moonlight embraces me
It's all become an equal part of me
This wickedness has enslaved me
Wicked Midnight....release me

"Wicked Seven"

I'd hate to take a wild guess
But this is something I need to get off my chest
My Soul is aching, slowly breaking nonetheless
When will I finally get a rest??
I only have 3 lives left...

As The Carrot Turns: The Swimmy Pool


Too Much To Ask For??


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What A Fool Believes


So while I was finishing checking out at the store. Here comes this young hot strapping man or maybe worker to package up my groceries in a bag. He even had a mesmerizing smile

He was cute and adorable in a way but I could tell he was young. Not saying a few or several years is bad. But yeah not my thing. I don't like feeling like a baby cougar on the contrary of popular belief lol.

Then I thought imagine all the thing I could make him do if he was my slave....

Awesome Dad


Equality On Holidays

Usually on holidays I go an buy my mom a card. Just so she knows that I'm thinking about our and to make her happy. Even though she cares more about all the ways she can recycle the envelope. Don't even get me started on that. Yet while I was at the store a week or so ago I couldn't help but be baffled that not one store I visited had a Father's Day Card for Mom. I thought, well why the hell not?? There's so many single an widowed moms and plus the gay community as well?? 

I asked my mom about why they don't have such a car available. She said they were available but only at a card shop. I'm all for showing someone I care, but an hour round trip for a card from Hallmark is a bit much if you ask me. 

I ended up buying a blank card and wrote what I needed and wanted to write in there. I felt that was a bit bias that they would over look such a delicate detail. I'm not saying you got to spend hours thinking about it. But when it crosses your mind do you really take time to focus on it or do you just let it flutter away like a butterfly?

A few days after that, I happen to be on Facebook and noticed that one of the pages I follow had posted this less than appropriate post about how they feel Moms should get cards or acknowledgement on Father's Day because they have Mother's Day. I'm all for that, but think of the kids who don't have a parent for either holiday? Are you going to tell them they can't participate? Or that well that's life kid, get over it?

I honestly thought this was a nice card to see and wish there were more of them. Many children of today's world don't have a real good man as a father. He's lazy, a deadbeat and selfish. Some will never meet him whether its because he wants nothing to with them or he died unexpectedly. Other kids like myself had a father but he died eventually. In my case since I'm not a parent I won't be able to share the same joy I once did. I'll probably never get that opportunity. Then I think, what about the kids with two moms or two dads?? You can only celebrate one holiday because of gender traditionalism?? That's beyond bias and its wrong.

Then I thought about the little girl who lives next door. Her mother had her out of wedlock of course. And the man she claimed to be her dad is a half ass. He comes and goes and recently he hasn't come or visited her in maybe over a year now. One day in May she came home crying, the school bus she rides the attendant told her mom she had a bad day. Well also her mom is pregnant with baby number two by a married guy, which seems to me she's repeating her role again. The little girl's father also had another woman and a child.

Well this poor kid was upset because she said all they did in school that day was talk about plans for Father's Day. She couldn't participate well, because her dad is basically a no show. So she asked her mom to call him up because she wanted to see him. Her mom snapped and cussed her out and asked her why she wanted to do that and the little girl replied was that she missed him. 

I don't think she should've snapped at her. But I also know how she feels. Growing up all they talked about was grandparents this or brothers and sisters that. All I had was my two grandmas, one died when I was 5 and the other died when I was 12. But they were older in the first place. Heck they were 20 years older than my parents so imagine my parents in their 40s. While the other kids their grandparents were in their 40s or 30s even. The thing about siblings was always the topic. I was left out or told I couldn't participate because I didn't have siblings. It wasn't my fault. Or like when they would talk about moving from different houses. I've lived in the same house just about my whole life!! You see what I mean??

I think it's wrong when society picks out things that may feel like the norm because you got 5 people to agree with you. But that doesn't mean that it's the same for everyone. I been to Hawaii, some people haven't, others will never get the chance to go. Some people been to Japan, I would like to go but there's no guarantees. Some have bikes, while others have big wheels. Some have had cake for their birthday while others never know what that's like. Yet we focus so much on a small majority and turn it into a big majority. That in the end the people who aren't the same or don't have or haven't experienced feel inadequate and above all else they're feelings are hurt deeply. They eventually begin to loathe that day or particular something. 

Like Valentine's Day. I dislike that holiday because I never got something from someone for it. I'm not taking about what my parents brought me. But if I buy you a valentine I expect to get one or a dandy or something in return. But that was never the case, yet I had to go to shook and listen to the jargon and boasting and all day chit-chatter of how they got so many gifts for Valentine's Day. 

I personally think that holidays need to be more variety and equality based. No more gender based only holidays like Mother's and Father's Day, no more Valentines day for straight couples only, no more baby sale themed emails sent out only to single people, and definitely no more Family only themed holidays. A lot of people don't have Moms, Dads or Families and some of us are undoubtedly Single. But that doesn't mean you tell us we can't participate and be staunch enough to see that we don't. We have feelings too dammit, and we're tired of seeing the bullshit of how we can't participate. 

I hope one day we can have holidays that is meant for EVERYBODY and not just for special people. This preferential treatment has got to stop. 

Happy Father's Day

Orkut Scraps - Fathers Day

I just wanted to wish all the wonderful men out there a Happy Father's Day. Cherish this day like no other and I hope that you all show the good men in your life all the love, appreciation and gratitude they are due. 

As for the dead beats and losers alike. Yawl need to stop. One day that kid may give you your last drink of water. They may even be your savior. But I find it sad that you can't accept a (mistake or) responsibility and do the right thing. You got your kid out here jealous of other kids because you have a personality issues. That's not right or fair. You need to wake up and smell the coffee before you'll be six feet under wishing for all the things you regretted you could've done. 

To all the women out there fulfilling their role as a "Daddy." DO THE DAMN THING!! You go! I commend you. There are far too many children who will never know what daddy is, who he is, what's it like to have a father's love. And with the way the world is changing, the lesbian couples are due a card and a tie too!! You are an extraordinary woman for having not one but two roles. You are what I call a Boss Lady. You deserve to be recognized on Father's 

No H8


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—(•·÷[Wicked Midnight Series 2]÷·•)—

"Wicked Stars"

I've Forgotten to Love
I've Forgotten to Trust
I can't seem to remember;
I need to recount the wicked stars...

"Wicked Scar"

In the darkness I fell
Down in the ground I dwell
I can't seem to cast a spell 
This scar is 7 years old
Why hasn't this wound gotten well??

"Wicked Heart"

Deep in my heart
I fear we can never part
You stabbed my heart so gently
Yet it bleeds so profusely 
I may never come to love another like you, so intensely

"Wicked Mind"

It's crazy
It's jumbled
It's confused
It's been misused and abused
That inaudible sound is wretched 
It's my mind....
I just have to remember where I left it—

"Wicked Stars vol. 2"

This isn't what I dreamt of
This isn't what I signed my soul for
Heartbroken over an intangible love
Thy eyes seems not to rain but pour
I'm at a loss
Purposely left
This isn't what I asked for 
This isn't what I wanted
I was jipped
Should I still bless my (un)lucky stars??

Bad Sex

So I came across this link to an article on Facebook a few days ago that talked about how you can tell ahead of time if sex will be bad, terrible or just down right ugly.

 This article was of course geared to the women about men. I couldn't help but agree with 12 item list. To see the list click the image above. Then I have to really wonder, does this list apply to women too?? I know a few guys who aren't getting any an their women match a few (if not all) of the items listed. 

Then I had to take it a step further. What inclines someone to be so bad at sex when it comes to personality complications?? Like lacking a sense of humour to being all about me and no one else. If that plays a major role, does this also count when it comes to love?? It's like wondering why a selfish person would want to be in a sharing group. Why would a selfish man or woman want to be in a relationship knowing the whole time that isn't what they want and it isn't about love or even companionship. 

So I'm wondering is love based more on personal gain, compromises and conveniences than pure emotion??

Something Springfield, Something Awesome!


You're A Cookie


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Are You An Instagram Junkie??


Great!!! Now we can always be together :D

A Panty Mishap

The other day when I went to the store. I had to take a brief potty break. 

Speaking of the potty. Why must the lights be automatic?? It's nice and fancy and all. But dammit after I get done cleaning up whoever pissed all over the seat before me and put down a safe barrier for my poor anus and vagina. By time I sit down to actually go. The lights go out! Fucks with me EVERY TIME!! 

Anyway. So while I peed in the dark and finished my duty (laugh now while you can). I get up, snatch the pants up you know the routine. Until I looked at excessively loud toilet flushing itself. I noticed something black on the ground. When I stared at this thing, staring back at me so seductively. It finally dawned on me as to what it was!

You see these sexy panties?? I've got a pair. They have a Bunny on the crotch, so yeah you know why they were brought. Anyway they come with the removable garter straps. Mine are a bit different from these and has see-through sheer strips in the front too that in vertically down. My garters have tied bows and ribbons galore. These pants are pretty kinky.... Don't judge me

Anyway so there lay my garter strap on the floor. I quickly snatched it up and went to reattach it the whole time thanking Allah that it didn't get flushed down the toilet. 

Well it happened again but luckily I was at home. Then I recalled why I hadn't wore them in a long time. The fact that I have to keep seductively touching the front and back of my thighs just to make sure they're still there or not is quite nerve wracking. I love them and think they're hella sexy but the process to keep my garters on is a bit much. I think we might lock them away for good now lol. 

Have any of you ladies had panty, garter or bra mishaps?? Did it go smoothly or turn out to be a natural disaster??
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