Friday, May 24, 2013

I Got 99 Problems And Being 26 Is One Of Them

I thought turning 26 would be an enlightening experience. Especially within the first few days of this particular age. However, not only did I get like 40 Happy Birthdays, but my week as turned into a complete disaster!!

My flip flop broke when I tripped off our stoop that's by the front door, I got caught in the rain not once but twice!! Don't get me started on whatever made me super duper sick for two was either the coconut water or the breakfast sandwich that wasn't prepared properly. Then, my computer decided to be an ass and refuse to save my game progress in my sims and I was pissed no doubt, then wouldn't it close the game and then claim it's time for an update, what the hell?!?! 

Here's the kicker, not only was I and my poor aching feet drenched in cloud pee, but my cell phone, the back up one, got wet and refused to turn on yesterday! I finally got it to work finally and now I'm happy. To be honest....I dread Saturday. Did I mention I may be starting a diet for Sunday??? 



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