Monday, April 8, 2013

Well Dadgum!!


Well for those of you who are clumsy like me, and find yourselves in crazy predicaments. I can help this time around.

So about a month or so ago, I ended up getting gum stuck on my pants. In the rear. How?? Don't ask me because I've got no clue. My mama says it was because I didn't properly wrap it up and throw it in the trash can and it found its way (and the wrapper I stuck it in) to my ass.

I don't know maybe my ass is just amazingly magnetic lol.

Well I spent the days following that trying to figure out how to get the gum off. I got a good wad of it off but it left shadowy like residue behind. Now the solutions I found all involved drenching it in something or using another object to get it off with. Between putting olive oil on it to ironing it off to freezing it off to using a tooth brush. Those were a bit much. Did I mention each solution concluded that the affected garment should be washed in the washer machine by themselves?? I don't know about other people but my mama is not going for one pair of pants in the laundry deal. Plus that gum could come off and ruin a washer or dryer. Or worst get on other clothes, talk about a serious disaster. So I had to out that aside for another time.

Today I needed the pants and planned on washing clothes. Just didn't want it going on the other clothes. I decided to grab a regular old wet wipe and try to see if I could smear off as much as I could before soaking the section in hot water.

Well since it had been left on for a month it was semi dried out. As I soaked it with the wipe, it got rejuvenated but began to break down since the wet liquid wasn't normal and probably carried some small traces of alcohol.

Unfortunately it didn't come off. It just held on to wipe like the little blob from hell. I tried to pull it off but it got stuck to my fingers and stuck on the pants in another location. Then I snatched out my cuticle cutters and pulled off what I could. Until after a few hard rubs I finally got the residue off. I still plan on putting it in some hot water to get off what the wipe couldn't.

So now you know an easy method to get it off. Plus it only took a few minutes at the most no more than 5 minutes.


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