Saturday, April 20, 2013

Taurus Facts!

So I decided to do something different for this year, and rep the Taurus and all Taurus out there in the world. More often than not, Taurus is always misunderstood and perceived as extremely lazy and harbours a bad ass temper. But that's not always the case with Taurus. Like the bull, we do have a temper and enjoy being slothful at times, but we also have other great other qualities that makes us just as good as the other Zodiacs.

Thus I decided to pick out a few things, that will not only [hopefully] clear the misunderstanding of us Taurus, but help a little bit in understanding us a little better. By they way we're not Stubborn, we just like things to go our way and if you choose not to gotta go lol.

I hope you all enjoy these Taurus Facts I've picked up along the way and go explore more into ALL the Zodiacs ^_^!!


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