Monday, April 22, 2013

Barely A Minimum

Well I must say before anything else that you all are by far the most dedicated Followers, that anybody in this world can have. Here I am thinking well I don't blame them for not looking at the blog or visiting this month since I've lagged more than multiplayer game. Yet I'm set aback at the 6,000+ views. You all just don't know how much that really means to me or how much I really appreciate that!! Nicki Minaj may have her Barbies and Lady Gaga has her Little Monsters, even Ellen has the homosexual community—BUT NONE OF THEM have the most awesomenest Bunnies out there like I do, and that's a fact!!

Now I can continue.

I have SOOOO many things to tell you about. But as for this post I'm going to try to keep it as short as possible lol. Like the title, it's far from being a bare minimum.

Well, The Cram Courses are still in effect, unfortunately I ran into this wicked road block. My mom agreed to allow me and her to be willing kidnapped last month for Easter. This is when you go with someone you feel sort of safe with but then later find yourself wanting to escape from them in every possible way, even if that means you have to lose a limb or 8 and run like hell on your butt cheeks to make it to a safe haven—YOU WILL DO SO! But you'll hear more about that horror story later. What I thought was going to be a nice vacation and plenty of time to get my blogging done, yeah it was far from that. Not only did I NOT have an internet connection, I couldn't blog peacefully without being asked every five minutes what am I doing alone. Yeah so I had to put my Cram Courses on hold as for everything else, plus I lost my notes so that made it even worse. Thus I spent my whole "conviction" playing with my Sims instead lol.

When I finally got home, found my notes, I thought I could get back to the grind and get my blogging on. Unfortunately, it's income tax time and I spent the next days helping my mom handle that. Like oh my gawd that is such a CHORE!! Why can't they save the information ask us 3 questions and make changes if needed and we all can be happy?? No they ask us for Birth Certificates, Social Security Cards, paycheck this and information that—DON'T FORGET GEORGE WASHINGTON'S TEETH, we don't have a need for it but we just might.....I hate Taxes. Hated them ever since the first time I file and only got $14 back for working 2 summers and the whole school year at the same place...I was highly disappointed. Either way I spent my frustrations with my Sims and enjoyed every single moment of it.

Plus with out whacky weather, my internet kept going out and would ruined all the internet experiences I had. Don't get me started on the fact my computer decided to randomly shut down on its own and tell me it was routinely scheduled by me (and it wasn't). Just the other day it wouldn't turn on and I panicked and eventually after hours of trying and being 2 centimeters close to crying, it finally came on. I even been having a hair catastrophe these last couple months, still haven't found out why blow jobs are awesome and I just can't let it go, I'm sorry.

So besides the normal stuff not much has changed. I've encountered plenty of fuckery and nonsense. Between the Walgreens getting robbed, my killer toothache and the neighbor being preggers next door. I'm sure the soap operase would be jealous of all the stories I got lol. This it's 80 degrees yesterday, spring weather today and we"re getting 10 inches of snow tomorrow weather cycle has got to stop. Making my allergies all fucked up and confused. Madea gets a new cold every time I take her outside, and I dread tomorrow since it's her doctor's appointment.

Since I have pulled myself away from my Sims, I thought I would take this time to type up some stuff or even blog a few posts, so hopefully I can get back on track.

And can you guys and dolls believe my birthday is next month, like I'm really scared about seeing and even being 26 for some reason, I don't know maybe it's awkward excitement since I'm retarded in some cases lol. Then we have my family members who don't know how old I am and tell me I've got the wrong number. Ain't that crazy??

Anyway please don't be angry with me when I bombard you all with trillions of posts, don't worry I'll back date them and then do a post so you can see all the stuff that was back dated or missed. Still have to do one for condom week so you guys and dolls can remember where you found it lol. Also when I get the time to finish the 13 day novel Text Message, I plan on for this year's Halloween doing the same thing with a different story, might turn it into something annual.

So these next few posts you'll see will be about one thing of importance that I want to talk about as well as my hair problem, and then a few tidbits you can read and giggle about later lol.

I really did miss you all very much, and hopefully I won't be taken hostage again ..... NEVER.


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