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Taurus Fact #1994


A Best Friends War

I wrote this after I had this crazy dream about a month or so ago, I know I'm not the only person who's been sideline when their friend gets a new lover or moves on to the point of marriage and children. Then they just automatically makes a decision and say how you don't want to participate or feel you're no longer good enough to participate. Then they don't understand why you're pissed with them or can't just come to terms to only being good for baby sitting or a present and nothing else. Friendship can be messed up sometimes and I guess that's why I said screw it, I'm tired of being forced to the sideline because I'm single and child free (which neither was my initial choice but it's still a choice) and I'm like screw it. Tired of trying to make a friend and soon as some new slut muffin comes along all of sudden they ready to forget singlehood and damn everyone around them. That's ok, I'll take hot coffee and a window booth with the Devil lol.

I also think this would be a nice song for two singers to sing!
What do you all think??  
Anyway the faded red is the "single" friend. The faded purple is the friend that turns all righteous and gets hitched and has a baby and basically forgot about her friend and didn't invite her to the wedding and doesn't understand what her issue is and expects the single friend to accept all this without a thought or ponder. The faded blue is how they both feel but can't see to communicate those feelings without it being a fight.


I'm so happy to hear
About your new love affair
You're beaming with joy
And your smile is crystal clear

Excuse me if I
Can't seem to share your happiness
No offense, but I
Don't have the mind or heart to deal with this

I love you to death
But I am really worried about you
Your hair's a mess
And I'm sorry but I can't say I'm happy for

You never come around
You're so bitter and unclear
It's not hard to belong
I miss the days that I spent with you

Everyday I sit and ask myself
Where did all go wrong?
I miss my friend and all
The memories we made

But consequence changed to sacrfice
And that touch we lost so long ago
But this new life you hold
Is a picture I can't seem to pose in
You cut me out my love

My marriage was a success
My life is envied by the rest
My baby boy is born
And I can't wait for him to be adorned

I called you today
To tell you, my good news
You took it the wrong way
What's the point?
I already know I didn't invite you...

I'm so happy to hear
About your marriage
Congrats on the baby boy
I bet your smile is crystal clear

Excuse me if I
Seemed a bit tore up
No offense, but I
Thought we were friends

It feels like I
Don't even know who you are
I'm sorry, but I
Can't find the happiness in being cut out of your world
Girl this is so messed up

But I'm so happy to hear
About your new life my dear
Don't call me again
Please know that I'm crystal clear
Listen clearly coz I
Can't seem to share your happiness
No offense, but I
Don't have the mind or heart to deal with half assed friendship...

Pedestrians Be Like...


This is exactly how I feel while I'm driving. They be in such a hurry and doing the potty dance on the curb you let them cross then they wanna do the grandma shuffle across and it's like well shit bitch I got places to go to too!! HUSTLE!!

Mike and Jason

Now usually when something big pops up in the world, I mostly forego talking about it because there are plenty of people out there who are going to talk about it. Not this time. I'm still livid at hearing and reading what I did early, even though my mama says I shouldn't be offended or mad about it because people are ignorant. I just can't leave it and act like I can get over it.

Those of you that know Jason Collins who's an NBA player decided to come out to everyone and announce that he's homosexual/gay. He was even on the front cover of Sports Illustrated. I thought  well awesome job dude, you are another strong and brave individual who can say how you feel and be damned proud of it regardless of your reputation or anything else. I know what it's like to want to be accepted after finding out how much different you are than other people. It's hard to even be accepted and this be the year 2013.

But I got pissed when they said that one of his fellow athletes decided to basically bash him and above all places was twitter. Now don't get me wrong I'm all for people expressing how they feel. It's better to know where a person is coming from, but you don't say the first thing that comes to mind and expect it will be well recepted MIKE WALLACE!

I could not believe that Wallace had the nerve to sit there and say that all these beautiful women in the world and guys want to mess with guys followed by a half assed apology and saying how he doesn't understand why someone wants to be gay. To see the full bullshit by Wallace click here.

The fuck do you mean?? 

Here's why I got so pissed. Not only did he slander another human being for being who they are, but you had the nerve to say that there's all these available women. Whoa, whoa, whoa! I'm not going to disagree with that fully. However to say there are available women, yet I'm sure if he gets out there him being a black man he wouldn't go and find him a black woman. No he would go grab the nearest, easiest white girl. I'm not knocking interracial relationships, I'm a product of one. I just don't condone it when any man or woman doesn't give EVERYONE a fair chance. Don't say all black women are the same, I partially fall under that category and for you to assume I'm a hoodrat and don't know what fine china and stemware is offends me. I'll even go far enough to say yeah I say all men are alike and when I say that I mean all men. I don't segregate or just flock to the colored race, I've dealt with Caucasian men, Chinese, Japanese even European men and I end up with the same result: them telling me that I'm not marriage material but I'm good enough for a quick fuck and a blow job. DUDE PLEASE!

I don't know much about Jason Collins and can only say very little about him. But did it ever cross anybody's mind that he has a reason to be gay?? Did you even consider that maybe he got the terrible females that turned him off?? What if he's a really nice guy and by his smile I'd say he is, and he got rejected by a bunch of girls all the time because they wanted to be with a douchewaffle like Mike Wallace?? Maybe he was gay to begin with and just couldn't come to terms with it until now?? There are so many possible reason as to why he decided to be gay and for whatever that reason is, that's his business and the only one who should be concerned or upset should be him and him alone and whoever he worships if he's religious.

Then I thought about, if I were to approach Mike Wallace and try to get him to go out with me or give me the time of day, he would shoot me down faster and I wouldn't even get a chance to hop on the Friendship Zone 1 subway! Here's the fucked up part, the men who aren't celebs or well-to-do or have a high reputation act like good women are hard to find. No they aren't. Those are the girls you immediately friend zone or tell her how she's going to make up for the sorry ass woman you got at home can't/won't do. You break her heart and leave her jaded and then later call her a bitch for not having sex with you or say how she needs to act the part and call her a dyke. It's ridiculous. I get pissed every time someone even says I need to lower my standards, or I need to get married or how I need to accept the fact that no man will respect me. No, No, I don't think so. I don't care if I'm living in the retro decades and this is could 3013, ain't no man fin to tell me all I'm good for is sex and then agree with society and call me a failure at being a woman when he got a shiftless and trifling woman at home who can't cook or hold it down like the women in them "retro days" did. I'm even appalled at the fact that Mike Wallace and I are the same age!!

All I'm saying is I just don't understand why people want to be straight, when you can't even find a decent man (or woman) to build a relationship with (and I don't mean a sex only relationship), that doesn't include the bullshit that you get. They sit there and say that everyone has a soul mate, I won't deny that. However what if the soul mate is married, or turns out to be a total dick or in my case all you attract are the worst kinds of people. It only has little to do with how you were raised and what kind of family you came from. In all honesty I can't imagine Mike Wallace being man enough to say to a woman he was interested in that he would marry her. Hell I'll even go so far to say I doubt he would hook up with a girl who's got a little bit more "curves" or fat as they refer to it, and be a man and date her.

To that I hope he sees and reads this. I don't appreciate a man saying there's all these beautiful women, when I'm not even getting a chance from the men. I've been rejected from the very beginning, since I was a tween then time where you're suppose to be fawned over by the boys and get your dating experience and learn the prematurity of love. No the things I'm told that don't matter, because someone will be happy to have me I'm told by men those are problems. Between my yo-you weight, my sideburns that were a bit too long or even to say how flat chested I was or how I refuse to suck. I'm not allowed to be with anyone because I have nothing to offer?? Last time I check that old snaggle-tooth broad you got in your bed sheets ain't so hot, neither are you.

SO to anyone who wants to know why people become gay or would forego all the many opposite sex creatures in the world. Remember that one person you rejected that truly had real feelings for you, that one person that was always there for you, that girl or boy you so bluntly told "you're like my best friend".....yeah remember them?? There's a huge possibility that you're the reason they're gay.

As for Jason Collins, dude do your thing! I'm sure you'll make some guy out there very happy and I approve it! Don't like the little boys of the game punk you man! At least they know and if they can't be comfortable just think some of them bastards go home to shove a dildo up they ass, like how gay is that??? 

Mike Wallace, you need to grow the fuck up, you're a bit too old to be acting like a little ass kid. But then again on the same token maybe you're just a spewing mutant offspring of your sorry ass father....or mother (if not both). Even with all the money you make, you're funky ass attitude makes you hideously ugly. I'm being bluntly honest, I don't understand why they let douchewaffles like you roam free without supervision!! Besides has anyone ever told you how ugly you are without the nasty attitude???? You's a hard looking motherfucker

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Taurus Fact #2018


Olive Garden Lunch For Two!!

Hey kids!!

Got a coupon for you!

If you're interested in having a lunch date or going out with the best bud for a day this coupon below will take $3 off.

Eh it's not much but it is worth it :)

This offer ends May 9, 2013 so take your mama out while there's still time!!

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Taurus Fact #2308


Remember Bunny...

So last night, my mom decided she wanted to watch this Hallmark movie that came on ABC called Remember Sunday. I had seen it but quickly got disinterested in it, and never gave it a second thought. So as we were watching the movie, she was excited, then very voiceful. I understood why but coming from the other person's point of view it can be pretty hectic. I thought she would be able to understand that, and in some cases she does but in others she doesn't.

Because I never really talk about it much, I can say that it's a bit embarrassing and then sometimes it's frustrating to say how I feel but no one understands because it's such a rare case that it's almost unheard of and can be understood only so much. Hell how many people you know have old people for parents who both had brain surgery?? Lol.

This story was about this guy who had a brain aneurysm and completely lost his short term memory and can't remember anything really. After watching it, it made me kind of sad and depressed.

For you see kids, both my parents had brain surgery. My dad had a brain aneurysm when I was 7 months old. My mom had leaking blood clots and had her brain surgery when I was 17. Since I was young, I really didn't experience much with my dad's recovery process, but when my mom had hers I was exposed to it 24/7. Even decided it would be best to dropout of high school and forego college and get a job to help my dad with the bills. But also on the same token I was worried because both my parents had short term memory loss.

I remember after my mom had her surgery, all I could think of was that she wouldn't remember who I was, and my dad was so distraught that god forbid if she died unexpectedly he would grieve himself into an early grave and I would be an orphan. My mother's family told me right then and there that they wouldn't take me and I would have to fin on my own, as for my dad's family they never cared and I don't know who they are. So to be 17, when most are excited about prom and going to college becoming young adults; I had to grow up badly and take on my mother's chores of the cooking, cleaning and taking care of the house because my dad had to go to work and let's just say his cooking was so inexperienced that even a step-by-step class couldn't help and the laundry came out dirtier than it when in. Unfortunately I wasn't ready for such an abrupt transition and it ruined a lot for me. My mom spent months in and out of the hospital for having seizures and being sick. Luckily she hadn't had a seizure since 2006.

What's even worse is when my father died, not only was my mom heading into her third year of recovery, but it was like the slow progress she made just disappeared. She was sad, hurt and missed my dad. But she also didn't trust anybody, not even me. Even though they hurt a lot and she pushed me away, I wanted to leave. I won't say I didn't consider it, but then I guess the guilt got the best of me and I couldn't leave her alone like that.

Even now almost 10 years later, she's made a good progress. She forgets a lot of things, and her medication keeps her sedated for the most part. It has been heard and frustrating, and I do get disgusted and wish it wasn't me. Only because I think of all my cousins she took care of and raised even, these same douchewaffles won't even call her on the phone to see if she's ok. They didn't even care to see if she was still living when I lived two hours away. I've also learned that some people don't understand and are so quick to find a more suitable solution, like so many have told me to put her away in a nursing home or a rehabilitation center. I can't do that either, that's not fair for her to be around strangers or to be mistreated. She's like a little child and only feels comfortable with people she knows and remembers. She tries her best everyday and hell even going through it all, there are times I don't have space in my brain to remember other things and worry about the silly things. Because I have to remember things for her, between when the bills are due to if she took her medicine or insulin for the day. Each day is really a new day.

I can say through it all, we've gotten a lot closer as far as our relationship as mother and daughter goes and I'm happy and thankful for that. It's not perfect and some days we butt heads like the Tauruses we are. Regardless of what anybody says and my family included, I won't leave her for nothing. Even if that means I have to stay with her until she dies, put my life on the back burner and never experience all the fun things that 20-somethings get to do—that's all ok. I look it at this way, without her I'd be homeless and have no one in my life. Even though one day that may be a possibility, I'm still going to cherish the moments I get to have with my mother. No I might not be able to make her a grandma, or have her be super duper proud of me. But she's got me and she knows that. I try to make her smile and laugh about something every day (even though the huge generation gap is sometimes an obstacle lol) and make her as happy as I can.

That's all that really matters, even when she doesn't remember my name .

Barely A Minimum

Well I must say before anything else that you all are by far the most dedicated Followers, that anybody in this world can have. Here I am thinking well I don't blame them for not looking at the blog or visiting this month since I've lagged more than multiplayer game. Yet I'm set aback at the 6,000+ views. You all just don't know how much that really means to me or how much I really appreciate that!! Nicki Minaj may have her Barbies and Lady Gaga has her Little Monsters, even Ellen has the homosexual community—BUT NONE OF THEM have the most awesomenest Bunnies out there like I do, and that's a fact!!

Now I can continue.

I have SOOOO many things to tell you about. But as for this post I'm going to try to keep it as short as possible lol. Like the title, it's far from being a bare minimum.

Well, The Cram Courses are still in effect, unfortunately I ran into this wicked road block. My mom agreed to allow me and her to be willing kidnapped last month for Easter. This is when you go with someone you feel sort of safe with but then later find yourself wanting to escape from them in every possible way, even if that means you have to lose a limb or 8 and run like hell on your butt cheeks to make it to a safe haven—YOU WILL DO SO! But you'll hear more about that horror story later. What I thought was going to be a nice vacation and plenty of time to get my blogging done, yeah it was far from that. Not only did I NOT have an internet connection, I couldn't blog peacefully without being asked every five minutes what am I doing alone. Yeah so I had to put my Cram Courses on hold as for everything else, plus I lost my notes so that made it even worse. Thus I spent my whole "conviction" playing with my Sims instead lol.

When I finally got home, found my notes, I thought I could get back to the grind and get my blogging on. Unfortunately, it's income tax time and I spent the next days helping my mom handle that. Like oh my gawd that is such a CHORE!! Why can't they save the information ask us 3 questions and make changes if needed and we all can be happy?? No they ask us for Birth Certificates, Social Security Cards, paycheck this and information that—DON'T FORGET GEORGE WASHINGTON'S TEETH, we don't have a need for it but we just might.....I hate Taxes. Hated them ever since the first time I file and only got $14 back for working 2 summers and the whole school year at the same place...I was highly disappointed. Either way I spent my frustrations with my Sims and enjoyed every single moment of it.

Plus with out whacky weather, my internet kept going out and would ruined all the internet experiences I had. Don't get me started on the fact my computer decided to randomly shut down on its own and tell me it was routinely scheduled by me (and it wasn't). Just the other day it wouldn't turn on and I panicked and eventually after hours of trying and being 2 centimeters close to crying, it finally came on. I even been having a hair catastrophe these last couple months, still haven't found out why blow jobs are awesome and I just can't let it go, I'm sorry.

So besides the normal stuff not much has changed. I've encountered plenty of fuckery and nonsense. Between the Walgreens getting robbed, my killer toothache and the neighbor being preggers next door. I'm sure the soap operase would be jealous of all the stories I got lol. This it's 80 degrees yesterday, spring weather today and we"re getting 10 inches of snow tomorrow weather cycle has got to stop. Making my allergies all fucked up and confused. Madea gets a new cold every time I take her outside, and I dread tomorrow since it's her doctor's appointment.

Since I have pulled myself away from my Sims, I thought I would take this time to type up some stuff or even blog a few posts, so hopefully I can get back on track.

And can you guys and dolls believe my birthday is next month, like I'm really scared about seeing and even being 26 for some reason, I don't know maybe it's awkward excitement since I'm retarded in some cases lol. Then we have my family members who don't know how old I am and tell me I've got the wrong number. Ain't that crazy??

Anyway please don't be angry with me when I bombard you all with trillions of posts, don't worry I'll back date them and then do a post so you can see all the stuff that was back dated or missed. Still have to do one for condom week so you guys and dolls can remember where you found it lol. Also when I get the time to finish the 13 day novel Text Message, I plan on for this year's Halloween doing the same thing with a different story, might turn it into something annual.

So these next few posts you'll see will be about one thing of importance that I want to talk about as well as my hair problem, and then a few tidbits you can read and giggle about later lol.

I really did miss you all very much, and hopefully I won't be taken hostage again ..... NEVER.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Taurus Fact #1

Just so you know these are in no particular order ^_^ the ones that are "numberless" I'll just give them a number ok =D.

Most of these were got from Tumblr and other places on the Internet so if you got a tumblr or twitter you can go like. If I post a link, you can check it out and fav/like it that way okey doke!

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Taurus Facts!

So I decided to do something different for this year, and rep the Taurus and all Taurus out there in the world. More often than not, Taurus is always misunderstood and perceived as extremely lazy and harbours a bad ass temper. But that's not always the case with Taurus. Like the bull, we do have a temper and enjoy being slothful at times, but we also have other great other qualities that makes us just as good as the other Zodiacs.

Thus I decided to pick out a few things, that will not only [hopefully] clear the misunderstanding of us Taurus, but help a little bit in understanding us a little better. By they way we're not Stubborn, we just like things to go our way and if you choose not to participate......you gotta go lol.

I hope you all enjoy these Taurus Facts I've picked up along the way and go explore more into ALL the Zodiacs ^_^!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Olive Garden BOGO!!

Olive Garden is having another special and this is great for the single fellas and ladies out there. Especially those of you wanting to celebrate Single's Day also known as Black Day this upcoming April 15th!!!

It's worth the hassle and makes plans for your meal right??

This awesome offer ends on May 12, 2013!! So hurry and get your Grub on!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

After Sex


Plant your kisses all over my body
Worn out from unknown, undeniably great sex
Call me your queen;
Shut Up Slave
Now go fetch my headdress!

As The Carrot Turns: Calories

I can't help when I get something sweet to eat, I want to eat up the whole batch, box, or shitload of it!!!

But unfortunately I shouldn't...

"Eating Greens is a Special Treat; They make Long Ears and Great Big Feet!" 


Monday, April 8, 2013

Well Dadgum!!


Well for those of you who are clumsy like me, and find yourselves in crazy predicaments. I can help this time around.

So about a month or so ago, I ended up getting gum stuck on my pants. In the rear. How?? Don't ask me because I've got no clue. My mama says it was because I didn't properly wrap it up and throw it in the trash can and it found its way (and the wrapper I stuck it in) to my ass.

I don't know maybe my ass is just amazingly magnetic lol.

Well I spent the days following that trying to figure out how to get the gum off. I got a good wad of it off but it left shadowy like residue behind. Now the solutions I found all involved drenching it in something or using another object to get it off with. Between putting olive oil on it to ironing it off to freezing it off to using a tooth brush. Those were a bit much. Did I mention each solution concluded that the affected garment should be washed in the washer machine by themselves?? I don't know about other people but my mama is not going for one pair of pants in the laundry deal. Plus that gum could come off and ruin a washer or dryer. Or worst get on other clothes, talk about a serious disaster. So I had to out that aside for another time.

Today I needed the pants and planned on washing clothes. Just didn't want it going on the other clothes. I decided to grab a regular old wet wipe and try to see if I could smear off as much as I could before soaking the section in hot water.

Well since it had been left on for a month it was semi dried out. As I soaked it with the wipe, it got rejuvenated but began to break down since the wet liquid wasn't normal and probably carried some small traces of alcohol.

Unfortunately it didn't come off. It just held on to wipe like the little blob from hell. I tried to pull it off but it got stuck to my fingers and stuck on the pants in another location. Then I snatched out my cuticle cutters and pulled off what I could. Until after a few hard rubs I finally got the residue off. I still plan on putting it in some hot water to get off what the wipe couldn't.

So now you know an easy method to get it off. Plus it only took a few minutes at the most no more than 5 minutes.


This was one of the reasons why I stopped going to the movies. Got tired of going alone and two I got tired of being whispered about or giggled at because I came alone. Like what the fuck why don't they build a singles only establishments so we can prevent from getting the stomach flu from seeing that mushy bullshit and being talked about like we just blew up the country's capital?? 


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Nailgasm Lesson #7

So while I was wandering about the internet, I came across something awesome!

It's not spectacular but it's totally worth it!

I know we all love those nail polish strips and stickers and wraps, but sometimes the colors are less than pleasing or just doesn't appeal to us, in any way or form. Heck you might want to see a better pattern or something exciting, right?!

Well, how about you make your own nail polish strips?? It'll make a nice summer activity and plus you can check out how you'd like to be a nail art connoisseur.

Anyway I came across this awesome tutorial about how to do it with your nail polish and a plastic sandwich baggy as just a good amount of patience. You can do something just as fabulous! I plan on adding this to the Bunny Bucket List hehehe. I especially liked the one girl's idea (at the bottom in the comments) about using parchment paper. I wonder if a wax paper would work, too.

If you're interested in this awesome easy tutorial, Click Here!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Restless Night


Nailgasm Lesson #6

I found this awesomeness on Facebook. I found this to be completely shocking. Well not so much but to the point it made sense. If you're really into nail art like I am, some of the brush sets do come with the fan brush. If you're clueless it'll have you scratching your head. If you're into art, you'll be asking why the fuck is this here??? Thus I put it away like I did the rest of the nail art stuff lol.

However when I saw this and saw all the other designs that you could do with it. I actually became interested! Now ask me where my fan brush is at?? It's in some god forsaking place but I have a good idea. It's either in Narnia or Unicornland LOL!

Unfortunately since the picture tutorial doesn't give much for those who are first-timers or not sure what to do. I saw that someone had found the YouTube tutorial which gives a better understanding on how to do it and it's really awesome. I would've used a purple (lilac or something) instead of the darker blue because it took away from the pink and blue. But that's my personal opinion. You can do whatever colors you want to do :).

The Video Tutorial is just a few scrolls below!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Nailgasm Lesson #5


When I saw this, I found this to be the most adorable, creative way to get those perfect and perfectly placed polka dots!!

Who would've thunk that a band aid would've come in handy for more than just fixing a paper cut (or a nail file cut lol). But it makes me wonder since a lot of band aids have smaller holes, would you still get the same effect or not?? Either way I guess it's worth a try if you find out which band aid brand works best for you.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Nailgasm Lesson #4

Well I'm sorry girls this isn't nail art. However this is important information!!

I know you all went through that moment in Nail Tragedy and you snag your nail or one of those wild tears, breaks or snaps appear! Don't you hate that?! Mine always would tear, however when I started eating Sunflower Seeds, it help them become a bit stronger and better and haven't much of a tear or snag that wasn't by accident.

Any this Nail Band Aid tutorial is absolutely fabulous and I think every gal and doll here needs to share this to infinity and beyond!! 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Nailgasm Lesson #3


I saw this and fell in love, I had see it before but it wasn't done to look like and looked more of a mess than anything.

I definitely think I'll have to try this soon and show it to gals & dolls. I'm so excited I can't wait to try it!

Have any of you ladies tried it?? If so tell the rest of us about it!

If you want a more detailed tutorial, The Nailasaurus has a wonderful tutorial on this nail art.

Source: duitang.com viaSara on Pinterest

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Nailgasm Lesson #2


I thought this was cute, at first I assumed it was melting paint or drippy goo lol. I think if you're going to do an opage or gradient with this 3 different colors you should do so accordingly so the beholder will know these are clouds and not some runny liquid.

I did find another picture that use 3 different colors that helped a lot with the overall picture of it or at least I think so. I'll post two examples below the tutorial so you can see what I mean.

This design is also available on Pinterest.
I linked the image to the site I found it,
as far as who owns it...there seems to be a discrepancy.

Monday, April 1, 2013

This April Fools Day

I know you all didn't think I forgot that today was April Fools!!

Now last year's trick was pretty epic but I've got one to top that one COMPLETELY!!

Call me evil, call me what you may, but dammit if I wouldn't do this to someone I disliked or even loathed! I would feed them ex lax chocolate chip cookies and put suran (or plastic) wrap on the toilet and then have this wonderfuliciousness to sum it all up and bring it into a nice happy bundle of pure evilness and hilarity :D

Or if you don't want to take it that far and just want to play a joke on someone that you guys can giggle about in your elder years then this is for you. Click the image above for the instructions and if it doesn't work click here.

Happy Easter!!


I just wanted to wish everybody a very Happy Easter to everyone whether you celebrate it or not. You can still have a lovely, wonderful day with your friends and family.

Here's wishing to many more Happy Holidays this year ^_^

And just to show off the celebration I'm giving you two Bunny Easter Pins to plaster all over your site or Facebook or whatever :D 

Diamond In The Rough


Nailgasm Lesson #1

Now for most of the nail art tutorials you'll see I found on Pinterest or the Internet by chance and others are ones I've done.
So if you're on Pinterest and want to pin this and share it with your friends, just head on over to my Pinterest or click the image. Also I'll let you know which ones are which so don't worry ok! I'll put a Pinterest button before the Nail Art Tutorial.

Also, so you gals and dolls can find it via the internet or if someone shared it, you know to associate it with the picture to the left. Clever I know lol.

Now even though this design isn't in English, at least it has simple instructions.

Source: pshiiit.com viaSara on Pinterest
Chrome Pointer