Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Work Out Week | Day 3

We all would love to have beautiful legs for summer. Shaving them and throwing on lotion just doesn't work sometimes in fact that extra hair covers up all that unattractiveness--eehhh. Yeah.

So I found a nice work out that doesn't require you going to get some Inspector Gadget enhancements done on your legs. We're humans for Pete's sake! Plus we don't have Winry here to fix our automail now do we???

Thus I thought these would be easy and doesn't have to be time or put into over drive. Remember the more you pace yourself and take your time the happier you will be. You won't be tired or pissed that this is becoming a chore.

Another way to get those nice looking legs are running steps, we did that when I was a cheerleader. Running 6 flights of 50 steps each non stop for 3 rounds, maybe 4 rounds. YEAH!! Cheerleading didn't last too long for me haha.


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