Sunday, March 24, 2013

Technicolor Faux Coat Dilemma

Ok so unfortunately since I couldn't do what I had originally planned on doing for Easter with the bunny spangles made into cute Easter Eggs. I considered doing a Bunny made out of Rhinestones but after my gems started popping off left to right for the St. Patty's Diva nail art, I changed my mind.

There I was confused and thinking what could I do. I saw this one nail art that made me get excited and think about doing some animal print. I had no colors or nothing else in mind and back at square one I went. Then I saw this wonderful Essie Spring 2013 Resort Collection display. Then I said hey I can do something with these right?! I had to snatch up Milani Yellow Whiz to complete it all and make it a total Easter treat.

Thus my original idea was along these lines:

For those of you like my mom, the green blob is there because my brush picked up some yellow and I didn't want to contaminate my polish.

I also did use white as a base when I did this and just dabbed it on with the make up sponge. Now the other is smeared because one of the many top coats had too much acetone in there (trying to thin out the little bit that was left), so it's more of an enemy now lol.

Anyway, I went on and did my white base so I could do my ombre rainbow of awesomeness.

I'm not going to lie but I am happy with the results and I enjoyed doing it this time around because it turned out better since I used a better makeup sponge (Walgreens Studio 35 Cosmetic Sponge). So I went into a ombre sponging frenzy and was absolutely happy!

Here are the results:

They look good right!?

Unfortunately, a few days before I was in the middle of putting this heavy box into the car and when I went to grab it and shift it a little bit, my index finger bent and when I looked it wasn't broken nor did it come off. So no worries right?? Wrong. Right before I painted on my rainbow ombre up there, I noticed I had this crack that went across my nail bed. I was concerned because this was the second crack I had in my acrylic and I wasn't very happy. I glued it a bit and went on with life. Well unfortunately while I was out at the store with my mama on the 17th actually, went to grab something not only did my make shift band aid break but the crack got worst and it hurt like hell to grab anything or even let something accidentally bump it. I knew that it wasn't going to get any better so I had to come to a decision.

I reluctantly, took off all my beautiful ombre and soaked my nails until the acrylic came off. The left had took longer than the right hand but I said well I'll take it all off and put on a new set. However since Madea doesn't care for the acrylic smell too much, and doesn't want the house smelling like it, I have to do my nail shopping out doors lol. I would go to the nail shop but I can't stand the way they do nails and they're also the reason I had the first crack as well as the cheap acrylic that dissolves faster than toilet paper can in water!! No thanks I'll do my own. For now, my hands are flaunting bare naked nails lol. It's been awhile and I hate looking at my funny shaped fingers but also I can be contented with it.

I'm fin to show you dolls what my nails look like bare naked lol. I really want to show you the bad split I got from my acrylic cracking and splitting, so you all know that when it splits or breaks, take it off immediately otherwise you'll have a serious problem and may even open yourself up to a future infection.

It actually felt better once I took the acrylic off. Prior to that it was annoying pain. Where the red arrow is that's where the acrylic broke and split straight across in a nice neat line. Like I was amazed at how nicely it broke, yet it held on and made the right side (closest to the thumb) sore.

Now you know that I have fat pink nails lol.

Well while they get a vacation, whenever I get them done, I'm considering on doing another ombre, and definitely a newspaper type print as well as something fancy for when May comes :D.


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