Monday, March 11, 2013

Sexy Nail Art—Literally

As you all know, I always come across the weirdest, most interesting things (usually in the middle of the night) and I thought this one was absolutely hilarious at first. Then I said this is PURE GENIUS!!

So what exactly did I find that's got me squeeing like a crazy fangirl??

Dirty Nail Art.
I'm not talking mud or dust or a smudge here.

But literally, this nail art is so dirty that there's not much of it and I think it'd be a Porn Star's dream to rock such awesome nails :D lol.

There is fishnet inspired nail art, whether you're emulating a stocking/tight or even a cute corset. There are very little ones that show off the panties and bras (good ones at least). Which is a bummer. Well nothing tops the cute bra nail art I found. OH WAIT!! There is! Vagina Nail Art, the ones I did google weren't as exciting as this one. Well take a look kids:

Lacy Pink Polka Dot Bra Nail Art with Tutorial

Is it wrong that I want to try this?? Maybe we'll do it blue or something sexy sheer like Milani Wedding Dress haha.

Anyway on to the next awesomeness....

Now here we have a Harajuku Hottie showing off her Gay Pride with her wonderful ensemble:

Oh but what's that on her index finger?? If you lean in a bit closer you might see it........Still nothing??

No worries! Here's a close-up:

Can't say no to this nail art can you?? For those of you still confused. That's a bonafide Vagina with an Aurora Borealis (gem) Clit!

I don't care what anybody says, but that is by far the most awesomeness thing I have ever seen in all my days and years of nail fandom lol.

I wonder what it would look like with a pink gem or even one of those good sized caviar beads! I'm a freak I know XD. This girl was spotted by Perez Hilton while he was visiting Tokyo, Japan.

Maybe this might become a future fashion trend someday!!


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