Friday, March 1, 2013

抹茶アイスクリーム| Matcha aisu kurīmu | Green Tea Ice Cream

Those of you that know me, know how I am when it comes to certain things. If you didn't know, you're welcome for that curve ball just now lol. 

For the past two years I've had a craving for green tea ice cream. I've been looking for a store or any place really, that possibly sold it. Whether it was by Häagen-Dazs or another brand totally, that didn't matter. I wanted it after seeing it in an Häagen-Dazs parody in the anime The Wallflower.

So, thus I looked and searched and called many, many places but to no avail I didn't find not even one scoop of it. I said I wouldn't give up because if they can sell all these kooky and strange ass flavors, SOMEBODY HAS TO HAVE GREEN TEA ICE CREAM!!

Well I happen a long an Ice Cream parlor in a neighboring town. I'm sort of reluctant to go to because I hate to be disappointed in going all the way there for a trip and they don't have it or find out that they never had it to begin with. That's the one thing I hate the ice cream parlors so much, either they change the flavors too often to keep up with or they'll say they have Strawberry and you find out they never carried that flavored at all!!

Well a few weeks ago while I went out to get gas and pick up a few groceries from the store. I happen to decide that evening that me and mama should totally share some ice cream and while I was looking for her favorite. I ended up not finding it. So I thought maybe I can find a good replacement. While I was eying the different types and varieties of ice cream. One just stood out so much it felt like I got bitch slapped!


There it was, those very words I looked for FOREVER! In this cute box just screaming at me! I couldn't help but snatch up the box and read about it because I had never seen nor come across such a thing before. It was Mochi Ice Cream balls. In my recollection, I remembered seeing the word Mochi before but couldn't really recall where though. In the midst of being uber excited I snatched up the box and decided to take it home.

When I got home, I happy opened the box and there was this ice cube like tray, with six mochi balls lightly covered in flour. With my crazy self thinking it's like a ice cream cake or similar pastry, I poked the one mochi with my spoon and nothing happened. Dumbfounded I sat there a good 5 minutes poking the poor thing wondering how this is suppose to be ate. When I finally got a pike in it, not only did the outside turn into this rubbery goo, it didn't taste too good to me either lol. In the midst of eating the inside my mama screams she wants one. So, you know sharing is caring! I gave her one in a little bowl. What happened next was by far the funniest thing ever!

My mom spazed out and says:


No, No. The other 4 are yours.....I don't want any more.

I died a little bit on the inside, even now it tickles the shit out of me. I think what was wrong is that by time I got home they had lost their solid texture. Which resulted them in becoming rubbery and losing deliciousness face lol. Believe it or not I did like the ice cream and I would honestly love to try again! I would also like to try the other flavors, it would take a lot for me to try the red bean ice cream I do believe. Also we can put that on the Bunny List  too lol.

I think until I either make my own ice cream or finally find it in some godforsaken place, I'll have to be contented with the Mochi. Plus I like feeling culturally closer to my people. Maybe one day in the summer I'll have my Bento lunch that'll include Udon or Miso Soup with Mochi Ice Cream while sitting in a make-shift yukata listening to Kamisama Onegai by Hanae. Plus I may see what other Nippon Ice Creams I can find to try out too!


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