Sunday, March 24, 2013

Madea's Temptation Apprentice

I don't know why but it's beyond hilarious to watch my mama watch TV. It kills me every time and is epic each episode.

Anyway this week, my mom's watching The Apprentice and shortly after it Tyler Perry's Temptation trailer comes on and here's how it went:

Madea: OH MY GAWD!! I am so sick of Donald Trump he's a total asshole. And Simi's ass, he just thinks he's so cute. He just don't now that Donald defintely going to make him his bitch. DAMN RODMAN IS SO UGLY!! Piercings and ALL!! GOODNESS!! Who's this chick?? She apparently thinks she's cute. Who's this old cowboy?? He needs to be at his nursing home. Lisa Rena needs a newsflash....Big Lips ain't in sweetie. She did all that boat-tox and trying to be like Brad Pitt's old lady. Bitch Please! RODMAN IS SOOO UGLY like goddamn WHY!? Simi is such a kiss ass brown noser, he can't wear that tie like your father could. Look at Rodman with his sissy scarf, he's all up in Omeramma's ass!! Lil John is UGLY, like what hole did he crawl out of??? Is Rodman gay?? I've never seen him with a woman and he likes finger nail polish. This is some real bullshit here.... 
*commercial time* 

Madea: LOOK AT PUNK ASS CALVIN IN THIS PUNK ASS MOVIE!! He look like a total tramp, talkin bout oh baby I love you. NO SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GO FUCK YOURSELF CALVIN!!!!!!!!!! Damn with that punk ass cryin ggeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzz!!! 
*TV comes back on*

Madea: Osenio looks like a black ass halloween cat...a ugly one!! What's up with this bitch and her green shoes?!?!! Lil Jon got some UGLY teeth!! They look like someone's fingernails they so ugly. OH MY GAWD RODMAN is so UGLY!! How does he eat his food with that ugly lip thing!? WHY?! GOD DID NOT SEND YOU PEOPLE HERE WITH THAT BULLSHIT!! I bet Rodman got the Rodman in his pants all done up with piercings and it lights up and flashes and shit nasty bastard.



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