Sunday, March 31, 2013

Life's Onomatopoeia

We come into life set on default. We know nothing, can barely do much. Yet we learn by trials and tribulations. We make mistakes so we can know the right from the wrong, find out if we've got out feet on the correct stand. We learn and grow from these mishaps because it's the only way, we haven't much choice and any other way would be to end your life or to never live it at all.

But what makes it so much more enjoyable is that we take what we've learned and share those experiences with others. We teach them and show them what we know the whole while promoting growth and prosperity. Unfortunately not all shows their gratitude to such kindness and seeks for fools gold regardless of all the gems and precious metalsl presented to them. Others are just too illiterate to know when something's right or when it wrong. A perfect example of that is falling in love with the wrong person.

But what makes this process so amazing is that it's passed through the future generations; whether they're our children or not. Like I mentioned before not too many take such a gift as this and show their gratefulness. They're heartless soul and owning a heart that's lacking compassion and understanding compromises their future as a person. We all need someone but sometimes circumstances forces us to learn to survive on our own.

Maybe one day we can stop and reflect on the way in which we are traveling with our futures. Then again we may continue down the path we've been traveling for centuries. Either way both directions are a surprise within itself. Something we can't wait for each and every day and something that others dread each waking period of the day.

All I hope for is that we don't keep this vicious new found tradition going to the point we lose ourselves as a people and extinct the human race in history.

But then, even then I still have to wonder and ask myself.When and if such a thing happens will it the end for humanity??Or will it be a new beginning for mankind to reinvent themselves??


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