Sunday, March 3, 2013

Liar's Game

It's my belief that people who have to lie about their life in general, are setting themselves up for failures. Not like lying about when you lost your virginity or if you passed a subject or failed two in school. But lying about accomplishments like graduating college. If you did why can't you tell people what you majored in or what your discipline was? They lie about getting this lavish posh home but you have no job or money. Or even go so far to lie about their relationships and children and all this mess.

I think it's ridiculous at the lengths people will go with this crazy ass story of theirs all in hopes of making themselves look good. But it's like don't you think people find it suspicious that you want to brag about all these things that you say you own and things you say you have and yet you can say how you got them, or what obstacles you went through or what approach you went about planning this unlimited success.

Some immediately say that the Lord above bestowed upon them all these miracles and personally I seriously doubt that because if that's the case then everybody would have the same?? Or you challenge them on it, they want to say how you're not right with whatever religion and how you'll never understand the wonderful miracles that the Lord can give. Well no one's doubting that but I seriously doubt Jesus, Buddha or Allah co-signed that new car you got crazy butt!

I rather have someone who's comfortable with their mistakes, embraced their flaw and can be proud enough to say that they're a major screw up but they keep trying, even trying new things. They show you their true self and that makes me very happy. That lets me know that you are human enough to accept my issues and not judge me. I rather take someone who was drop out working at some fast food joint, driving a jalopy or walking it out; they enjoy a good laugh and know a few good movies. That person I can accept them, but one who wants to boast and brag and then tell me about what I don't have and give all this bullshit advice. You. I don't need you in my life at all, because you'll do nothing but piss me off and make me want to punch you in the crotch and pepper spray your face.

Then again maybe people who lie excessively like that do so to make them feel better not only about themselves but about life too.

Hmmph, I guess otherwise we will never know and they'll just force feed us another untasty lie :p lol.


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