Friday, March 29, 2013

Just A Few More Things....

So while I'm sitting here wondering how to keep things interesting and make it interesting for everybody. I've decided that for the month of April that I'll give you guys a double treat. One for the girls, and the other for the boys. The more I pondered it, the more I loved it and it brought back memories to that DIY project a few years back that got sort of got started and could barely survive unfortunately. So I think now that we're in the right frame of mind I totally think we can do this. It won't be perfect as you all should know by now, but trust me it'll be well worth it!!

For girls, I've decided to do it a DIY so to speak of Cute Nail Art Tutorials and other such said things when it comes to Nail Utopia. I may even take the time out to do the tutorials for the 31 Day Nail Challenge, as well as I plan on posting everything (as for the 31 Day Nail Challenge) on If you've never heard of it, it's a cute website that is all about Fashion and other fabulousness. However I think it'll be best because you'll have a full list of everything used and I'll post the tutorials on here. We'll do visuals and I'll try to keep it as simple as possible. I'll also let you know the materials I used and other such said things. That'll be my project for you girls. So you girls will get interesting Nail Art, etc. & Nail Art for the 31 Day Nail Challenge. And we'll call this cute project The ItzMzBunny Nailgasm Cram Course.

For the guys out there. I thought it would be sort of a bummer to leave you out and have you forced into looking at just pictures or old posts (which there's nothing wrong with and it is welcomed! lol). So I thought why not have something for the guys.....but what?? I was baffled honestly. Then it struck me, why don't I help you guys who aren't very articulate with girls or have a problem approaching the, or hell you don't know what to say to girls any more. I know guys have been having problems with finding nice girls and then those of you are upset when you end up with that Phantom of the Opera chick who's sweet and nice one day and then for 365 days she's like that bitch from the Exorcist movie......Trust me I understand. So I thought I'd give you guys some tidbits and few basic things that work for most females. Please by all good things holy don't tell the girl that I told you to tell her to suck your cock. I'd be very disappointed in you. There are other approaches that are better, for the sake of girls it'll make things easier. Some times you have to take the longest route to get the most out of the trip! So for you guys, you get to attend ItzMzBunny Crash Cram Course of How To Deal With Females (if you want to). For short we'll call it the HTDF Cram Course :).

I will say that either of you can check other the project, it doesn't have to be a "gender only" thing. Hey guys make want to make their girlfriends happy and do her nails one day. Girls you may want to know where you should be when Mr. Nice shows up to talk to you.

Either way I hope you guys and dolls enjoy yourselves as always, definitely be on the look out for this awesomenes next month!!


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