Tuesday, March 5, 2013

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So my computer decided that every time I open or launch Google Chrome I got the fancy brand spanking new Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) and not only did I not know what it was that whole System Service Exception error message was a complete waste of perfectly good google energy.

Anyway I uninstalled some things thinking they could be the problem and it worked out well. Then about two days ago I ran a scan to see if there was a virus or something. I'm not about to pay for Norton or McAfee for those outrageous prices. Like what the hell $300+ for one year?? Yawl bitches are crazy! So turns out there's nothing wrong. I'm like ok fine. Then it was working fine and everything was ok. I get this error message talking about how my drive is corrupted and a restart will fix it. Ok fabulous! I decided to uninstall Google Chrome since I still had problems with it. I just restarted the computer and its been 30 minutes and finally got off the first percentage pinwheel. On the second one now.

Hopefully everything works out ok. Maybe after this everything will work out smoothly, and possibly the Sims will work out too =).

Soooo if I seem MIA don't worry I'm here just doing Sexy Nerdy Stuff lol.


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