Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy White Day!!


I thought this year we would talk about a few interesting holidays here and there. This one I wanted to talk about especially.

Now the only time I had heard about White Day was in different Animes or Mangas. Prior to that, I was clueless.

Then I assumed it was just a holiday that wasn't celebrated in the USA and left it at that. Until one day I decided to look it up and honestly not only did I fall in love with it. I wondered why The States hadn't adopted such a wonderful approach to Valentine's Day. Here mostly couples celebrate it and that's it, it's a Hallmark Holiday and always will be. There aren't any Singles this or Friends that on that day. It's kind of segregated, rude, mean and just down right sickening.

This concept of the girls giving the boys chocolates and the boys having to reciprocate and do the same for the girls is a nice idea. At least you know if Hottie McHotPants is into your or not and you know how to move on (Not to mention Black Day is in April so you can celebrate that too!! But more of that later!!) and if by possible chance they feel the same way, you might be able to turn that crush into something more meaningful.

Anyway, about ten days or so before Valentine's this year I got an email from TokyoPop talking about White Day and all it has to offer. Here's an excerpt:

In Japan, Valentine’s Day is actually two days – the traditional Valentine’s Day on February 14th and White Day on March 14th. Instead of everyone exchanging gifts in February, only women give gifts to men that day. Traditionally, the gift is chocolate – simple chocolates for friends and acquaintances and large, intricate, often handmade pieces for those for whom the woman possesses romantic feelings. There’s enough chocolate exchanged on Valentine’s Day in Japan to keep Sailor Moon’s Usagi AND Death Note’s Mello happy for weeks! Well, Usagi would have to wait til March to get hers, but you get the picture. [Read: Culture Yourself: Valentine's Day In Japan]

Love the Sailor Moon reference didn't you?? lol

Even though this is a Japanese and Asian celebrated holiday it doesn't mean you guys and dolls can't celebrate it the way you see fit. Or even make plans for next year to follow suit and hold your Valentine's and White Day the way you want to. If by any chance you're unsure, the links above will give you a little help. Definitely check out these links on White Day Gifts and How To Celebrate White Day and if all else fails, watch some anime lol. The one regarding White Day gave a nice mention of Black Day but you'll have to wait until next time to hear about it :D. Finally a day for the Singletons out there!!

Anyway, I hope all you boys and girls out there enjoy White Day with the people who mean the most to you or those you love the most. Maybe next year we can get The States on this band wagon ;D.


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