Thursday, March 21, 2013

Frustrating Insufferability


So I had originally considered publishing this post on my WordPress, but I changed my mind half way through and said fuck it. I'm tired of being considerate of people's feelings when they're fucking my feelings over. I've known from past experiences that when you don't talk to people about whatever problems you're having with them, it can and will turn ugly. However that's fine and dandy if they're willing to listen and accept they're just as wrong as you are, you know?? If they read it fine, if they confront me fine. If not then their loss.

This person I met via facebook like I meet a lot of people. Well it's become the norm of how people meet nowadays. Well we hit off great which is usually rare. However its even rarer to have that person stick around long enough to build any type of relationship with. I liked him, but he was also bossy and I later found out he was one if the zodiacs I'm not too fond of. Well like always I began to enjoy his company and eventhough I knew it wouldn't last long. It rarely does. He would make flirtatious jokes here and there and it was all good fun right. Then he started acting like talking to me was causing him problems with whoever he was seeing off and on. Even was bold enough to tell me she didn't approve of my flirting with him and I'm sitting there thinking I wasn't flirting with you, your bossyness is a turn off. I was actually offended he said some crazy shit like that to me.

Well we stopped talking and he would pop up every now and then. It's frustrating actually. So then all of sudden he starts talking to me often and like a doofus I get attached because it's nice to have someone to talk to and even be hopeful for a friendship. But I don't like the half ass way people go about it. Don't be my friend when it's only convenient for you. Even out of curiosity I asked him what he wanted in a woman. I only asked because he wanted to always say how cute or pretty I was and say that same paragraph of how many a men would love to have me. But he tripped me out basically saying I'm not a good fit but someone will be crazy enough to want me. Of course I got mad. More frustration.

It wasn't until a few weeks ago and we were talking and I was getting tired of this half ass presence or friendship as he refered to it. He called me insufferable. All over because of how I feel when it comes to oral sex with a man and other few beliefs. I told him that was ok. He said it wasn't if I ever planned on finding someone to be with and make a life with like how much he loves his ex. Yeah? Yeah.

I was pissed. I get tired of hearing how great I am and being told how many people would be elated to have me in their lives. Yet they tell me I'm still not good enough. Or how I'm not like other women or how insufferable or insubordinate I am. I'm sorry I hadn't received the memo that said I should be everything everyone wanted while saying fuck what I want. I'm tired of being compared to every other woman but told I have to do her job and every other female's job because I don't have a choice. Fuck that I rather br single and considered gay if that's the case.

Well I talked to him the other day and I've decided he'll be another person I won't be talking to. He even tried tried to blame a computer STD he got from somewhere on me. It's crazy!!

So I guess that's another reason why I'm single. I'm too insufferable for anybody to love. But you know what that's alright. That let's me know that not only am I strong enough to stand on my own. But the kitchen was apparently too hot for them.

Irregardless, I have more important things to do than to make friendships and follow transitional suit as a woman. Everyone else is so Frustratingly Insufferable....


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