Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cute Crocheted Owl Purse & Other Cute Knitted Crafts

So I came across something cute the other night while I was on the internet. I totally had to share it with you fellow knitters.

The site I found this on is called The Sepia Puppy, the author Bethany put this together for her little girl. Hers is slightly different from the original. She spiced it up with the fake money to make it more "grown up" like which I thought was absolutely adorable.

I think this would even be cute as a pot holder or even as a nice wall art of a bunch of cute (little) owl in a nice picture frame. This is a nice pattern to consider trying and even making for the littlest girl in your life, especially those who want a purse but not the responsibility of it, right?? lol

Also Disney Baby had this post on their Facebook of cute little crafts you concoct for your little one for the upcoming Easter holiday. I must say I fell hard for the adorable bunny ears and poofie tails galore!

To see all those fabulous patterns, click here. But be forewarned, most likely these aren't free necessarily but if you don't mind. Then by all means please enjoy yourselves :D.


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