Friday, March 22, 2013

A Bunny Tidbit

So I thought I'd give everyone a little tidbit of myself lol.

It's nothing exciting for fancy but it's pretty entertaining when I think about it .

For those of you that are aware I do have a tattoo, it's on my left wrist and it's a swan (for those of you that didn't know).

SEE?! Isn't it cute!?

Anyway a few, if not a lot of you, may wonder where'd I get such a thing where there aren't very many swan tattoos out there and then why the heck a swan??? Well I picked the swan because it's an abbreviated acronym of the definition of my name. My name is Canadian French and LéSans LéRue means Street Without A Name so abbreviated it's S-W-A-N. Thus I put a swan on my wrist.

I originally wanted it on my hand, the right hand. But I've changed my mind after I had to give blood from my hand (which still aches to this day). But to put it on the right wrist, but then it would never be seen and I always wore a watch. Which I don't do much of any more but then yeah I did. So I picked the left and flipped the swan around to face the right. I was very pleased with the out come, even though it doesn't look exactly like the original, it's an original all within itself and that makes it perfect.

Now where did I did get this lovely swan??? 
I'll tell you.

From a font I found on DaFont. No, really! It's called Vehicle Decals. I actually found the font about 3 or 4 years before I got my tattoo and I used it a lot with my art classes in college when needing ideas for designs or different things the professors would ask for. I still fancy the font even to this day. Honestly, I will never regret the day I decided to get my tattoo and same goes for any others I plan on getting. It makes me who I am and I'm very proud of that.

So now you know something interesting about me lol .


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