Sunday, March 31, 2013

Life's Onomatopoeia

We come into life set on default. We know nothing, can barely do much. Yet we learn by trials and tribulations. We make mistakes so we can know the right from the wrong, find out if we've got out feet on the correct stand. We learn and grow from these mishaps because it's the only way, we haven't much choice and any other way would be to end your life or to never live it at all.

But what makes it so much more enjoyable is that we take what we've learned and share those experiences with others. We teach them and show them what we know the whole while promoting growth and prosperity. Unfortunately not all shows their gratitude to such kindness and seeks for fools gold regardless of all the gems and precious metalsl presented to them. Others are just too illiterate to know when something's right or when it wrong. A perfect example of that is falling in love with the wrong person.

But what makes this process so amazing is that it's passed through the future generations; whether they're our children or not. Like I mentioned before not too many take such a gift as this and show their gratefulness. They're heartless soul and owning a heart that's lacking compassion and understanding compromises their future as a person. We all need someone but sometimes circumstances forces us to learn to survive on our own.

Maybe one day we can stop and reflect on the way in which we are traveling with our futures. Then again we may continue down the path we've been traveling for centuries. Either way both directions are a surprise within itself. Something we can't wait for each and every day and something that others dread each waking period of the day.

All I hope for is that we don't keep this vicious new found tradition going to the point we lose ourselves as a people and extinct the human race in history.

But then, even then I still have to wonder and ask myself.When and if such a thing happens will it the end for humanity??Or will it be a new beginning for mankind to reinvent themselves??

In Case You Missed It!!

I wanted to remind all of you about the Olive Garden Coupon

If you're interested click the image below or click here

Click Your Heels...


X-Rated Easter

Don't even ask me how this popped up in my search for something else (bunnies basically lol). But not only was I confused by it and it took a double take, there's no description to go with it. I don't know, I really don't. Then I had to wonder how many people would try this and look so determined?? I went to the source which was much more disturbing than the pic and got no where....I was scared.

Wedding Invitation

This is the type of invitations, to weddings or even parties and stuff, I end up getting. It pisses me off because I'm like you wouldn't like me doing the shit to you. 

Oh but I forgot I was only invited because you want like 8 gifts and a brand Barbie House from me smh.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Little Pony Baby Pony Talk

So last night while I was browsing about Facebook I came across a post from Princess Cadence of a new pony baby.

Not only was the doll adorably cute as they all are. However this one hit home a bit much. SHE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE CADENCE!!! Pink, purply blonde hair and those adorable accents that makes her an alicorn! So I immediately thought she was Shining Armor and Cadence's little bundle of epic cuteness. Up until I googled it this morning and everybrony on the net is talking about how she is possibly related to the royal line but no one can figure out how. They went so far to say she's Celestia's baby from some unknown baby daddy colt lol. So we don't know much about this bundle of joy but I can bet that we'll be seeing a lot if her in season four.

SN: Whatever happened to the Baby Cakes??? I miss them :(

On to topic two.

Now I'm no Apple Family expert but in the midst of looking for all things Princess Skyla, this one popped up and showed a little cute pony just like her, named Apple Sprout. She look familiar and I dismissed it at first. Then OH MY GAWD why did I immediately think she was Big Mac and Fluttershy's baby!!!!! So I googled her and all I found was a few blank flanks that bronies may have honored with a name and then the one that came up was yellow with this carrot top like hair.

Hmm.......what will season four bring us?? Last time they showed plenty of Alicorn Twilight merchandise and low and behold we get a new princess. Maybe there will be a big old baby pony boom on the show and the mane six get married or hooked up (hence that little Apple Sprout pony that looks like Flutter but is strong like Big Mac ;D). Well either way lets hope this season is much more exciting than the last :p.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Work Out Week | Day 5

I decided to save this one for last, because not only does it help the lower belly problem, but that planking at the end was a bit much and no one should be planking when they haven't got it all there just know?? Imagine a beached whale trying to plank...that's exactly what I would look like a beached whale smh.

Anyway this is also a great help to those sexy legs and thighs! But be sure to check out Back on Pointe for many other exercise routines like thigh shaper, tv commercial routines and many many more!!!

Hope you guys and doll enjoyed work out week. Maybe we'll have another one next month, what do you say?? :D

Playboy Bunny Material


Just A Few More Things....

So while I'm sitting here wondering how to keep things interesting and make it interesting for everybody. I've decided that for the month of April that I'll give you guys a double treat. One for the girls, and the other for the boys. The more I pondered it, the more I loved it and it brought back memories to that DIY project a few years back that got sort of got started and could barely survive unfortunately. So I think now that we're in the right frame of mind I totally think we can do this. It won't be perfect as you all should know by now, but trust me it'll be well worth it!!

For girls, I've decided to do it a DIY so to speak of Cute Nail Art Tutorials and other such said things when it comes to Nail Utopia. I may even take the time out to do the tutorials for the 31 Day Nail Challenge, as well as I plan on posting everything (as for the 31 Day Nail Challenge) on If you've never heard of it, it's a cute website that is all about Fashion and other fabulousness. However I think it'll be best because you'll have a full list of everything used and I'll post the tutorials on here. We'll do visuals and I'll try to keep it as simple as possible. I'll also let you know the materials I used and other such said things. That'll be my project for you girls. So you girls will get interesting Nail Art, etc. & Nail Art for the 31 Day Nail Challenge. And we'll call this cute project The ItzMzBunny Nailgasm Cram Course.

For the guys out there. I thought it would be sort of a bummer to leave you out and have you forced into looking at just pictures or old posts (which there's nothing wrong with and it is welcomed! lol). So I thought why not have something for the guys.....but what?? I was baffled honestly. Then it struck me, why don't I help you guys who aren't very articulate with girls or have a problem approaching the, or hell you don't know what to say to girls any more. I know guys have been having problems with finding nice girls and then those of you are upset when you end up with that Phantom of the Opera chick who's sweet and nice one day and then for 365 days she's like that bitch from the Exorcist movie......Trust me I understand. So I thought I'd give you guys some tidbits and few basic things that work for most females. Please by all good things holy don't tell the girl that I told you to tell her to suck your cock. I'd be very disappointed in you. There are other approaches that are better, for the sake of girls it'll make things easier. Some times you have to take the longest route to get the most out of the trip! So for you guys, you get to attend ItzMzBunny Crash Cram Course of How To Deal With Females (if you want to). For short we'll call it the HTDF Cram Course :).

I will say that either of you can check other the project, it doesn't have to be a "gender only" thing. Hey guys make want to make their girlfriends happy and do her nails one day. Girls you may want to know where you should be when Mr. Nice shows up to talk to you.

Either way I hope you guys and dolls enjoy yourselves as always, definitely be on the look out for this awesomenes next month!!

Arigato Gozaimasu


You Never Stop Trying Without Them


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Vagina Mail




Hi kids!

So I'll be taking a little vacation this weekend for Easter. Don't worry ok, I'll be back soon. Unfortunately I won't be vacationing for fun. However I'll be taking this time to get prepared for April as well as do a few other things. There will be posts so you've got something to entertain yourselves with.

I know you all have notice subtle changes around here. I'm working on making this blog more user friendly as well more exciting and unusual. I thought I would have it done by now but I needed a break. You know when you got the gist of something but just can't voice the idea like you want and it comes out all wrong?? Yeah, having one of those moments. I want a left sidebar, it's simple enough right? I try that and my test blog looks like a black hole from hell!! I'm still finding all the 10 million ways that don't work before happening upon the one way that does work lol.

So the cram school classes will start on time. There may be a late post here and there. But don't worry its because I'm busy multitasking my life into obliteration haha.

But I do hope you guys and dolls love the new changes. And if not don't be afraid to tell me so! Once it all comes together I'll be sure to give you all a proper update.

And if I don't get around to it, Happy Easter everyone!!

Mucho Besos!!


Not A Slut?


Work Out Week | Day 4

Now for those of us with that belly pooch, or lingering pregnant tummy or like the rest of us with so many awesome tires that Goodyear is jealous. Yeah it's a lot carring all that extra junk around and on top of your car (if left the trunk LONG TIME AGO!).

Well I found this awesome set of timed routines that has 3 stages. I would personally go about it using each stage per week. And after the third week, go backwards and forwards or you do whatever it is you want to lol.

But it also gets your body use to being timed and pushing it's limits. Which is good and great! There's nothing wrong with pacing yourself but you also condition your body to expect the next move. While in this routine you're body is confused and has to adapt quickly to the ever changing routine. Plus it's the 30 minutes that you need to have a happy healthy lifestyle too!

Gangnam Shake anyone?? :D

How Mad I Really Am


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Work Out Week | Day 3

We all would love to have beautiful legs for summer. Shaving them and throwing on lotion just doesn't work sometimes in fact that extra hair covers up all that unattractiveness--eehhh. Yeah.

So I found a nice work out that doesn't require you going to get some Inspector Gadget enhancements done on your legs. We're humans for Pete's sake! Plus we don't have Winry here to fix our automail now do we???

Thus I thought these would be easy and doesn't have to be time or put into over drive. Remember the more you pace yourself and take your time the happier you will be. You won't be tired or pissed that this is becoming a chore.

Another way to get those nice looking legs are running steps, we did that when I was a cheerleader. Running 6 flights of 50 steps each non stop for 3 rounds, maybe 4 rounds. YEAH!! Cheerleading didn't last too long for me haha.

With Or Without?


Eat A Snickers


Baby's Daddies


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Bad Comparison...

As far as I'm concerned all men are like this smh. 



You know what I think she had panties on but someone photoshopped it lol.

Olive Garden Coupon

Looking to go spend an evening at Olive Garden with friends or your special someone (or just for yourself)? Or maybe you're not interested in Easter Cooking this year, either way I've got the perfect deal for you all!!

This coupon is for $5 off your meal and the best part is it doesn't expire until April 4th!!

How awesome is that??

So click the image to print out the coupon and if that doesn't work click here to reward yourself!

GMBS Double Deal

I've got two deals for you gals and dolls out there. Golden Mart Beauty Supply is having a small Easter deal. You get a $5 off any order as well as 10% off of all items on the site. Both of these offers expire March 31, 2013!!

Coupon 1

Coupon 2

Work Out Week | Day 2

I thought this one was fabulous!! Usually they always say well hey do a push up. Yeah I'll push a snickers up to my mouth!!

Anyway, NO SNICKERS! But if you're like me with arms who give more problems and refuse to let a push up or lifting weights change them, then this will be a good thing to give a shot right??

And don't make it boring, sing a song or throw on some Gangnam Shake music and get to groovin! By the way I've found out what a burpee was lol, in my day we called it a LUNGE XD!

How Baby & Junior Burgers Are Born



I'll be the Princess the rest can be the Peasants lol.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Work Out Week | Day 1

So I thought we would start it off slow with something easy and formidable. Like I said I know I'm not the only one who just cannot snap into body builder mode and carry it on. I get lazy and uninterested immediately.

Now Back On Pointe is a wonderful little Tumblr I came across while I was getting my pinning on while browsing Pinterest the other day. I absolutely love everything about her blog and she gives good information as well ass interacts with everyone, which I approve of.

Today you'll be getting Morning Work Out. They're simple and easy. The best part about it you don't need a gym membership and you really don't even need to leave the house! Unless you want to, a little fresh (non-pollen) air never hurt anyone. Not only do you have 6 work outs to choose from but you can change and switch them up and have a pretty good work out plan for the morning. If you don't have time in the morning or don't get up at the ass crack of dawn, make it a Afternoon workout or a Evening Workout or a Weekend workout :D.



I'm Multipolar


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Madea's Temptation Apprentice

I don't know why but it's beyond hilarious to watch my mama watch TV. It kills me every time and is epic each episode.

Anyway this week, my mom's watching The Apprentice and shortly after it Tyler Perry's Temptation trailer comes on and here's how it went:

Madea: OH MY GAWD!! I am so sick of Donald Trump he's a total asshole. And Simi's ass, he just thinks he's so cute. He just don't now that Donald defintely going to make him his bitch. DAMN RODMAN IS SO UGLY!! Piercings and ALL!! GOODNESS!! Who's this chick?? She apparently thinks she's cute. Who's this old cowboy?? He needs to be at his nursing home. Lisa Rena needs a newsflash....Big Lips ain't in sweetie. She did all that boat-tox and trying to be like Brad Pitt's old lady. Bitch Please! RODMAN IS SOOO UGLY like goddamn WHY!? Simi is such a kiss ass brown noser, he can't wear that tie like your father could. Look at Rodman with his sissy scarf, he's all up in Omeramma's ass!! Lil John is UGLY, like what hole did he crawl out of??? Is Rodman gay?? I've never seen him with a woman and he likes finger nail polish. This is some real bullshit here.... 
*commercial time* 

Madea: LOOK AT PUNK ASS CALVIN IN THIS PUNK ASS MOVIE!! He look like a total tramp, talkin bout oh baby I love you. NO SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GO FUCK YOURSELF CALVIN!!!!!!!!!! Damn with that punk ass cryin ggeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzz!!! 
*TV comes back on*

Madea: Osenio looks like a black ass halloween cat...a ugly one!! What's up with this bitch and her green shoes?!?!! Lil Jon got some UGLY teeth!! They look like someone's fingernails they so ugly. OH MY GAWD RODMAN is so UGLY!! How does he eat his food with that ugly lip thing!? WHY?! GOD DID NOT SEND YOU PEOPLE HERE WITH THAT BULLSHIT!! I bet Rodman got the Rodman in his pants all done up with piercings and it lights up and flashes and shit nasty bastard.


Lamp Cat




Technicolor Faux Coat Dilemma

Ok so unfortunately since I couldn't do what I had originally planned on doing for Easter with the bunny spangles made into cute Easter Eggs. I considered doing a Bunny made out of Rhinestones but after my gems started popping off left to right for the St. Patty's Diva nail art, I changed my mind.

There I was confused and thinking what could I do. I saw this one nail art that made me get excited and think about doing some animal print. I had no colors or nothing else in mind and back at square one I went. Then I saw this wonderful Essie Spring 2013 Resort Collection display. Then I said hey I can do something with these right?! I had to snatch up Milani Yellow Whiz to complete it all and make it a total Easter treat.

Thus my original idea was along these lines:

For those of you like my mom, the green blob is there because my brush picked up some yellow and I didn't want to contaminate my polish.

I also did use white as a base when I did this and just dabbed it on with the make up sponge. Now the other is smeared because one of the many top coats had too much acetone in there (trying to thin out the little bit that was left), so it's more of an enemy now lol.

Anyway, I went on and did my white base so I could do my ombre rainbow of awesomeness.

I'm not going to lie but I am happy with the results and I enjoyed doing it this time around because it turned out better since I used a better makeup sponge (Walgreens Studio 35 Cosmetic Sponge). So I went into a ombre sponging frenzy and was absolutely happy!

Here are the results:

They look good right!?

Unfortunately, a few days before I was in the middle of putting this heavy box into the car and when I went to grab it and shift it a little bit, my index finger bent and when I looked it wasn't broken nor did it come off. So no worries right?? Wrong. Right before I painted on my rainbow ombre up there, I noticed I had this crack that went across my nail bed. I was concerned because this was the second crack I had in my acrylic and I wasn't very happy. I glued it a bit and went on with life. Well unfortunately while I was out at the store with my mama on the 17th actually, went to grab something not only did my make shift band aid break but the crack got worst and it hurt like hell to grab anything or even let something accidentally bump it. I knew that it wasn't going to get any better so I had to come to a decision.

I reluctantly, took off all my beautiful ombre and soaked my nails until the acrylic came off. The left had took longer than the right hand but I said well I'll take it all off and put on a new set. However since Madea doesn't care for the acrylic smell too much, and doesn't want the house smelling like it, I have to do my nail shopping out doors lol. I would go to the nail shop but I can't stand the way they do nails and they're also the reason I had the first crack as well as the cheap acrylic that dissolves faster than toilet paper can in water!! No thanks I'll do my own. For now, my hands are flaunting bare naked nails lol. It's been awhile and I hate looking at my funny shaped fingers but also I can be contented with it.

I'm fin to show you dolls what my nails look like bare naked lol. I really want to show you the bad split I got from my acrylic cracking and splitting, so you all know that when it splits or breaks, take it off immediately otherwise you'll have a serious problem and may even open yourself up to a future infection.

It actually felt better once I took the acrylic off. Prior to that it was annoying pain. Where the red arrow is that's where the acrylic broke and split straight across in a nice neat line. Like I was amazed at how nicely it broke, yet it held on and made the right side (closest to the thumb) sore.

Now you know that I have fat pink nails lol.

Well while they get a vacation, whenever I get them done, I'm considering on doing another ombre, and definitely a newspaper type print as well as something fancy for when May comes :D.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Meet & Greet Gone Wrong


I can honestly say for every guy I talked to or had an extensive mutual relationship with that had a child or kids. 
I swear to you guys this how it always went. I'm the girl and their kid is the cat.

Then I'm like well shit fuck you too kid and your dad too!

Batman's Dick


Unemployed Still??


Friday, March 22, 2013

An Ounce Of Painful Pleasure


A Fluttershy Funny

This tickled the hell out of me, because if you're a Brony and know Fluttershy. Not only does this not fit her demeanor but I can honestly say I would love to see this in season 4 hahaha

As The Carrot Turns: Spring Where Are You??

So we're two days into the Spring season and not only is it cold but we have snow appear here and there. Honestly, I don't think we need to prosecute poor Punxsutawney Phil, but I must say this winter weather still going on strong in March is quite unusual like SERIOUSLY unusual! Haven't seen snow during this time since Casper The Friendly Ghost movie came out that starred a young Christina Ricci (yeah I totally went there lol).

A Bunny Tidbit

So I thought I'd give everyone a little tidbit of myself lol.

It's nothing exciting for fancy but it's pretty entertaining when I think about it .

For those of you that are aware I do have a tattoo, it's on my left wrist and it's a swan (for those of you that didn't know).

SEE?! Isn't it cute!?

Anyway a few, if not a lot of you, may wonder where'd I get such a thing where there aren't very many swan tattoos out there and then why the heck a swan??? Well I picked the swan because it's an abbreviated acronym of the definition of my name. My name is Canadian French and LéSans LéRue means Street Without A Name so abbreviated it's S-W-A-N. Thus I put a swan on my wrist.

I originally wanted it on my hand, the right hand. But I've changed my mind after I had to give blood from my hand (which still aches to this day). But to put it on the right wrist, but then it would never be seen and I always wore a watch. Which I don't do much of any more but then yeah I did. So I picked the left and flipped the swan around to face the right. I was very pleased with the out come, even though it doesn't look exactly like the original, it's an original all within itself and that makes it perfect.

Now where did I did get this lovely swan??? 
I'll tell you.

From a font I found on DaFont. No, really! It's called Vehicle Decals. I actually found the font about 3 or 4 years before I got my tattoo and I used it a lot with my art classes in college when needing ideas for designs or different things the professors would ask for. I still fancy the font even to this day. Honestly, I will never regret the day I decided to get my tattoo and same goes for any others I plan on getting. It makes me who I am and I'm very proud of that.

So now you know something interesting about me lol .

Meet Me Halfway?


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Frustrating Insufferability


So I had originally considered publishing this post on my WordPress, but I changed my mind half way through and said fuck it. I'm tired of being considerate of people's feelings when they're fucking my feelings over. I've known from past experiences that when you don't talk to people about whatever problems you're having with them, it can and will turn ugly. However that's fine and dandy if they're willing to listen and accept they're just as wrong as you are, you know?? If they read it fine, if they confront me fine. If not then their loss.

This person I met via facebook like I meet a lot of people. Well it's become the norm of how people meet nowadays. Well we hit off great which is usually rare. However its even rarer to have that person stick around long enough to build any type of relationship with. I liked him, but he was also bossy and I later found out he was one if the zodiacs I'm not too fond of. Well like always I began to enjoy his company and eventhough I knew it wouldn't last long. It rarely does. He would make flirtatious jokes here and there and it was all good fun right. Then he started acting like talking to me was causing him problems with whoever he was seeing off and on. Even was bold enough to tell me she didn't approve of my flirting with him and I'm sitting there thinking I wasn't flirting with you, your bossyness is a turn off. I was actually offended he said some crazy shit like that to me.

Well we stopped talking and he would pop up every now and then. It's frustrating actually. So then all of sudden he starts talking to me often and like a doofus I get attached because it's nice to have someone to talk to and even be hopeful for a friendship. But I don't like the half ass way people go about it. Don't be my friend when it's only convenient for you. Even out of curiosity I asked him what he wanted in a woman. I only asked because he wanted to always say how cute or pretty I was and say that same paragraph of how many a men would love to have me. But he tripped me out basically saying I'm not a good fit but someone will be crazy enough to want me. Of course I got mad. More frustration.

It wasn't until a few weeks ago and we were talking and I was getting tired of this half ass presence or friendship as he refered to it. He called me insufferable. All over because of how I feel when it comes to oral sex with a man and other few beliefs. I told him that was ok. He said it wasn't if I ever planned on finding someone to be with and make a life with like how much he loves his ex. Yeah? Yeah.

I was pissed. I get tired of hearing how great I am and being told how many people would be elated to have me in their lives. Yet they tell me I'm still not good enough. Or how I'm not like other women or how insufferable or insubordinate I am. I'm sorry I hadn't received the memo that said I should be everything everyone wanted while saying fuck what I want. I'm tired of being compared to every other woman but told I have to do her job and every other female's job because I don't have a choice. Fuck that I rather br single and considered gay if that's the case.

Well I talked to him the other day and I've decided he'll be another person I won't be talking to. He even tried tried to blame a computer STD he got from somewhere on me. It's crazy!!

So I guess that's another reason why I'm single. I'm too insufferable for anybody to love. But you know what that's alright. That let's me know that not only am I strong enough to stand on my own. But the kitchen was apparently too hot for them.

Irregardless, I have more important things to do than to make friendships and follow transitional suit as a woman. Everyone else is so Frustratingly Insufferable....

An Understanding Hand


Your Story Sucks, Bro


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