Friday, February 22, 2013

The Oral Sex .... Fact Sheet!?

So I came across this awesomeness while I was searching for the proper way of putting on a condom (which you can find out how here). I thought it was a good fact sheet to keep in mind and keep handy. By all means share it with as many people and friends (even partners too) as possible!! Click the Jack Union Condom below to see the fact sheet!!

Now on to the oral sex talk. I noticed while I did my research on the internet that a lot of people are opposed to performing oral sex on their partner without a condom. Well I'll give you the gist of it, it may not be right or a professional opinion but it is worth the read!

Even though oral sex isn't about penetration it doesn't mean that you can not catch a sexually transmitted disease. Many people can catch something just by oral sex. Trust me it's not a beautiful thing.

Anyway they make flavored condoms for a reason, basically it's pretty much like gum. The flavor is there for a little while and then eventually you start tasting latex. I'm sorry but we can't have all things wonderful now can we?? I also think that flavored condom can help with those who are first engaging into oral sex or those who want to get comfortable with performing oral sex on a man. But ladies and gentlemen if your partner insists on you giving them oral sex or in slang term if they expect you to give them a blow job or to suck the cock. YOU CAN SAY NO! You are not a vacuum cleaner and you don't have to take that bullshit. If you want to wait until you're married, fine. If you want to wait until you're 100, fine. If you don't want to do it at all, FINE. You do what you want and what you feel most comfortable with.

Now the main reason why they say use a new condom for oral sex is to protect yourself. Since Mister Man hasn't had his sperm clean you don't know what STD he could possibly have. Secondly, some people don't wash themselves properly. Not only is that nasty, filthy and gross gesture; it also promotes yeast infections and men can get it as well.

It's not just the men. 

Those of you considering oral sex on your female partner, you should use Dental Dam. It's hard to find it at different places, so you can either use a flavored condom or a regular condom. If you do use a regular condom you can get flavored water-based lubrication. I'll give you instructions on how to use the condom below. Many people use Saran Wrap or Plastic Wrap as a replacement.

I won't lie a lot of women don't clean themselves properly or even douche (by the way there's nothing wrong with douching). Some don't even consider cutting, trimming or even shaving their pubic hair and all that bush can be a turn off. Especially if you get a stray strand in your mouth. It's even worth the consideration, even if she doesn't want to shave it and want to be au naturel. Which is baffling to most.

I would even advise it that much more because if they just had sex prior to being with you, you don't know what that previous partner had or may have had and same goes for that partner's sexual involvement.

If you think all is well and you don't have to do that and it's not necessary and if feels better without a condom. By all means take that risk if you think you must.

But also realize you'll end up with this:

Believe it or not this is a MILD CASE of Herpes. Please do not mistake this to be a cold sore or some blemish.

But it could also look like this:

This is a complex case of Herpes. 

And you don't want to look like that now do you?? 

Anyway, to use a condom as dental damn if you haven't purchased it or were unsuccessful in finding it in a store. Also if you're all out of Plastic Wrap too, this is your best bet.

You're basically going to cut the condom tip off, and then cut it on the side like you do paper. You can either keep it rolled. But it's probably best to unroll since the scissors may not be able to cut it properly especially if it's lubricated.

For detailed step by step instructions for my visually minded people click here or here for a more detailed directions. Both are the same process just different outlook to suit your fancy lol. But to be on the safe side, Bunny says look at both ^_^.


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