Friday, February 8, 2013

The Man & The Porcelain Doll

Men if you want to find the right girl in life and be happy and even consider marrying that girl. You've got to go about it the right way.

First stop going after the unattainable girl. She doesn't want you and never will. She'll use you to get what she wants of course but in brutal honesty, she will never have feelings for you. Don't sit there and even ponder the thought that Halle Berry, Beyoncé or even Megan Fox would give you the time of their yesterday. You have nothing to offer high maintenance evil bitch like that.

Instead look at girl you friend zone. That one girl you immediately push to the side because her flaws are so disturbing to you that you can't be a man enough to accept. No she may not be attractive as the make-up the celebs slap on their faces. But she'd be cute in her own way. No she won't be super model thin either. That bitch you were fawning over is usually the same one who picked on the poor girl and told her how fat and ugly she was and threw that poor girl into binge diets and binge eating. Hell she may even keep that girl in her circle of friends just so that more people look her way! But that girl is nice, she cooks a little bit but there's always room for improvement. She may not have a fancy job or be interested in chick flicks. She may even know how to fix a car and know what a five yard penalty is. She may not look fancy but that doesn't mean it can't be changed. Maybe she needs a reason to dress or someone to say how pretty she looks. Why get dressed up if no one will notice the hard work you put into looking nice??

Plus don't play her or stab her heart like its uncooked meat. She has feelings you know!? Never use her for sex or even mention that some other woman is prettier or better than her. The fuck is wrong with you?? You wouldn't want a woman telling you that another man's dick is way bigger and more satisfying than yours???

Accept her flaws. She has no control over them and there's no way to perfect them. The only way to get past them is to accept and embrace them. More than likely....she'll do the same for you. She'll love you unconditionally. Be there for you; make you breakfast, lunch and dinner. Cook your favorite meals and bake your favorite sweets. She'll even be by your side when you get sick and even will do everything in her might to nurse you back to health. She'll encourage you and appreciate everything you do for her.

Take her home to meet your family, not your sorry ass creaky bed for a sorry ass sex romp. Show her respect, matter of fact worship her the way you do your mother. Never tell her what she can and can't have or do. She won't do it to you unless it prevents you from harming yourself. She may not look like much or have that confident arrogant glow like Ms. Thing got. She may even be in the background all the time.
She's an ugly caterpillar, who needs that extra push to become a beautiful butterfly. Not a faked out Moth who got into some acrylic paints.

Truly she will be amazing. Trust me I know!!

How, you ask??

I've been that girl all along. I've been hurt, used and abused. Told I wasn't good enough and how every other woman in the world will always be better, prettier and possess more worth than I ever would. I even got my outlook on love tainted and misused and I can never regain that.

I did this, so the other nice girls out there won't fall victim to the self help books or sorry ass advice from friends and family. Or be abused and used by men who only care enough to get a taste of her honey.
I also wouldn't want another girl turning into an evil, bitter woman like I did. One who hates men and doesn't trust them. And it's not fun to be judged over something I have no control over. Have you ever been told you're wrong for being single and how you need to get a move on, get married and have babies; then within 2 seconds flat be told you're not good enough to be any man's wife and how you'll never be accepted as a woman because you lack a husband and kids??? Truly its a hurtful thing.

Next time, gentlemen instead of rushing over to the next available walking, talking Barbie. How about you try that Raggedy Ann doll, she has the potential of becoming a Porcelain Doll someday. That holds more value than any Barbie ever could. But remember, porcelain dolls are fragile and one thing can break and ruin them forever...


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