Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Lubrication of Masturbation

So I thought I would throw these two topics together because, they're both very useful and they also go hand-in-hand at some point.

First we talk about Masturbation.

For you guys and dolls just learning about your sexuality and learning everything about sex, it's a really big deal isn't it? However when you first engage in sex with someone it's hard to say what feels good to what you like or what position is your favorite.

Well I'll tell you regardless of what the elders and religious freaks may say...


Understand?? How else do you know what you like or how will you be able to convey to your partner what you like or what turns you on when you don't know yourself?

Masturbation is strictly a self pleasurable act. Yeah sometimes you want to touch yourself and other times you do it to find out what you like or what feels better. For a guy you may like stroking your penis while laying on your side, or a girl may find it quite exciting to get on her knees and rub her clitoris into a climax. Whatever tickles your fancy, I say do it and by all means do it often. Not every second of every day now, just often enough so you don't forget.

I know for one being a woman, trying to achieve a successful female ejaculation (or normally called a "squirt" or "squirting") you have to work really hard. I will say now it can be done, regardless of what women say, however it's not as easy as most women make it seem. Everybody has their own tolerances and vices when it comes to an orgasm. But also on the same token, practice makes perfect or in this case, practice helps her squirt it lol. Some people can even achieve an orgasm through nipple play, believe it or not.

However never be rough, with your genitalia, that can cause broken skin or some to the effect of a paper cut just more lethal  You can also cause infection if you touch yourself without clean hands or sex toys if you use them and we'll talk about those later. Always do it when you feel most comfortable in a private place. Not saying you can experiment in places like a public bathroom or over a friend's house, but please do so discretely  If you are masturbating on a regular basis, then it can be hard to do so when you go to college. Because you will have a roommate unless Donald Trump is your dad. Or those of you that are young adults living with roommates. You just have to find a time when the roomie won't be home and you can rub one out or do so quietly in the privacy of your own bed as long as you both don't share a room together.

Now on to Lubrication!

A lot of people misunderstand the use of Lubrication. Sometimes during sex, you will create somuch friction that the bodily fluids will become dry or if not abscent. Unfortunately for a woman that can cause some serious pain and make even the condom lose it's efficency and possibly tear or break at some point.

Thus you need to lube it up to keep the fun going! Imagine trying to shower without water and all you got is a bar of soap and a loofah. Same thing.

Now you can purchase condoms that already have a lubricant on them, only problem you have to hope they aren't seriously messy. I happen to like Durex Love, it's a thinner and lubricated—but that's me and like I've said before we all have our vices.

However if you don't have a lubricated condom and wish to use a lubricant or need one to engage in anal sex. You can buy a bottle of it. It's best to buy a water-base lubricant. It's almost like baby oil gel but has more of a smoother texture and lasts, boy does it last! You want to stay away from oil based lubricants, not only will they damage the condom, but they can cause infections like the yeast infection and make things uncomfortable, imagine being dunked into a big pool of Vaseline or Baby Oil and thrown in another pool full of dirt lint and rocks and trying to run through a small plastic bag tunnel filled with sugar.....Yeah it's like that. Also be careful of silicone based lubricants. Those of you that use sex toys, this silicone based lubricant can cause damage to the sex toy and even damage your genitalia. You wouldn't have sex with a cheese grater right??

The chart below will give you more insight on when and how to use lubricants when engaging in any sexual act. And as a tip, if you don't have any lube on hand, water can also work. You'll just have to dip into a cup of water often, which can be worst than a condom slipping off constantly.

Also, flavored condoms are lubricated with a sugary flavoring. Yeah it might taste delicious but for a woman, her vagina won't find it equally fascinating. The sugary coating can cause a yeast infection which can be quite burden some and terribly painful for her. Also guys, you can catch a yeast infection too! Then also you can come in contact with a Urinary Tract Infection, which is hard to get rid of and bottom line it hurts to pee and you pee often!! So avoid using a flavored condom for sex, that's meant for Oral Sex only (I'll give you the reason why here...)

I thought I'd mention that Lubricants can be purchased almost anywhere (or wherever condoms are sold as well). I'm sure you've seen KY jelly? Yup it's a water based lubricant. However if you're not so bold to grab the fancy colored black box, you can purchase it off the internet whether that's Amazon, Condom retailer or wherever sex toys are sold. You can always find a lubricant somewhere.


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