Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Joy Of Sex Toys

The definition of Sex Toy is an object or device used primarily for human sexual pleasure. Most of them resemble human genitalia and may or may not vibrate. 

Now regardless of what people say or how some countries feel it a need to ban such a "filthy object," I say for the beginners out there learning about sex this is by far the best learning tool. Not only can they experiment with it, but you won't be plague with the consequence of a possible broken condom, the contact of an infection or sexually transmitted disease or even unplanned pregnancy. It's my belief that this should be considered especially since Sex Education has become obsolete in schools, and Teen Pregnancy is on the rise. I recall my senior year of High School that between the Senior and Junior High School (they were in the same building because we're a small town) 80 girls that year, 2005, were pregnant and only 10-15 of them were in Senior High. Which means the rest were in the Junior High. I'd go so far to say that 5 or so of them were in my graduating class, and at least another 25% of the girls already had children. [Read: Why We Use Sex Toys]

Now sex toys may come off lewd or crude to some, but they can be quite fun and very pleasurable. They're not as elaborate for the males as they are for the females, but it doesn't mean they can't be equally pleasurable. If you're looking to buy a new sex toy, decided to make that leap into the world of darkness lol or if you're brand new to the whole thing. I would suggest to research. If you have an allergy to latex, plastics or even silicone you might want to look into sex toys made of glass or polyurethane.

For the Boys, there are tube like toys known as flesh lights or pocket pussy for the grown ups lol. There are vibrating and non-vibrating flesh lights and come in a variety of sizes, textures and even looks. There are also vibrating and non-vibrating cock rings. Cock rings help the man to hold on to an erection longer and some even prevent him from ejaculating and climaxing. For the pros out there they even have sexual themed machines like a Milking Machines, but please only deal with those with the knowledge, skills and experience.

For the Girls, there are dildos. Some look like a tube and other resemble a man's penis and some are even life-like. Some vibrate while others do not. They come in a variety of shapes, colors and purposes. For girls looking to "squirt" a G-Spot stimulating sex toy would be ideal, those of you looking for something compact or clitoral stimulation a bullet would be great. Those that engage in sex with other females may even consider a double ended dildo. They even have vibrators that look like rings, lipstick and even cute shapes like a Bunnymmph.

Now strap-ons (sometimes spelled strap on or strapon) can be used by both sexes. For males mostly use them when they have an Erectile dysfunction or to pleasure his female partner anally and vaginally. Females can use it on other females to basically emulate what a man and woman does. Other toys used by both sexes include hand cuffs, whips, chains, butt plug or anal beads and many other things.....even candied underwear and cloning your boyfriend's penis is available!

But Bunny where do I get these things from???

Well I got mine, believe it or not, from Amazon. I like the free shipping and the convenient way of getting them. Who wants Mr. UPS knocking at the door holding your sex toy?? Plus, they're a lot cheaper oppose to the more expensive one. I mean not to be rude but a fake cock is a that fake and it shouldn't be costing $50+ either. You find a dildo for under $25 or less and maybe even a vibrator (that'll last a year or two) for $10.

I say for girls if it's your first one, find a 6 inch or less sized one (you can always go bigger and more exotic as you get comfortable), silicone or made of polyurethane. If you're uncomfortable with the resemblance to a male penis, then find a plain tube like one. I would even suggest and recommend a bullet which is like a baby vibrator that can be hooked to a wire or wireless (requires watch type flat batteries) until your comfortable with a vibrator. Guys, if it's your first time, but a plain old flesh light, one that resembles a vagina. If that's too extreme you might want to continue using your hand for a little while longer.

The top places to buy Sex Toys:

Amazon — you've got to do some serious searching but they're out there.
Adam & Eve — this is the biggest data base I know! They have plenty of stuff and even more of the risque items
Nasstoys — Most of the these can be purchased off the internet somewhere unless they changed their program.
Eden Fantasys — this place also has a nice variety of sex toys.
Spencer's — Most of the physical stores won't sell these items in store but you can ask for a catalog or even look online.

Local lingerie store, believe it or not majority of these places have a back room beyond the kinky lingerie and ridiculous 38XXX bras, that houses sex toys and even sells condoms, lubes and other sexual need items. Here are 8 affordable sex toys for those of you with a minimal budget.

Now if you don't have the luxury of buying a sex toy you can always make your own. Yes that's right make your own sex toys. I came across this site a few years back and found it more fascinating and entertaining out of anything. However it is quite useful and can give you some ideas, or even fun just for the hell of it! Be it with vegetables and fruit, an old pringles can or household items—this site offers a lot of insight. Click Here to visit the Homemade Sex Toys website.

I also know that being in college or living with a roommate can be a buzz kill to having a sex toy. Hell even having one at home with the parents always lurking about is a pure pain. However Adam & Eve has a bag you can stuff your toys in and put in the closet to blend in with the rest of your wardrobe. It's called the Sneaky Sack Toy Storage Bag, it goes for $40 which I think is worth the price, playing extreme hide and seek with a sex toy and a creeper house mate is a serious game that can add more stress than it takes away!! You could always use a large lunch or tote bag, a storage locker or trunk, or even a lockable something or drawer (if you don't have to share) can work. Just be careful during your pleasurable act, the roommate can walk in on you at any time!

Well for now that's all I've got and maybe we'll talk more about this subject in the future. Ladies I might even offer some tips too ;D.


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