Monday, February 25, 2013

The Condom USB Flash Drive

So while browsing the interweb the other night, in the midst for looking for pictures, I came across this awesome picture here.

Yes is it a condom but it is a USB flash/zip drive. It's not to be used for sex, it's just the shape of a condom not a real one lol.

I thought how awesome is this! Unfortunately the website I found this on, didn't have much information on it. I ended up having to have to Google and I found another site that gave a direct link to the supposed artist. Except, there was a similar design there, but not the same so I wondered if he was the true creator or not.

So where oh where would one get something as awesome as this?? Imagine all the envious college blokes when they break out their cute or unusual or memorabilia theme USBs. Here you are with an awesome one that looks like a condom!! I honestly would be impressed!

I found that Amazon has one that looks more like a durex knock off. Unfortunately kids, it's currently out of stock. I really couldn't find much on it, but I did find out that Alibaba sells it in large quantities. It's a cute novelty item but honestly I doubt I need 100 useless condoms--literally!! However I do think that this would be a cute Condom Week pass out for those that have big events or college boosts or awareness meetings, you know??

I did come across a few others that were absolute amusing, but not as much as the unrolled condom USB drive. Not only does it come colorful but it has a built in stand like feature where you can prop it up and have people questions what it was. It's also available on Alibaba as well, yes in large quantities lol.

None took the cake, or could even top the cake I should say such as the condom USB above as did the CONDOM MADE FOR USBs. Yes you read that correctly! Someone inventing a condom that you slip on your USB flash/zip drive and plug it in the computer. What's its use you ask? Well it's to protect your little portable hard drive from catching a wild Computer STD from public places like coffee shops and restaurants who have WiFi availability. So it's been said that sometimes a lot of computer hackers go to these public places with free WiFi and throw out a few viruses and STDs to either attach onto your computer and cause a melt down or even go as far as to snatch up important information. However I can't say if it's true or not, and if the bloody thing does end up with a virus of some sort usually you can just format it again. I can't honestly say I would buy the thing, because it was so small and can be lost quite easily.

Either way I would feel sorry for the gentle who has that one above and happens to be in a hot compromising situation and no REAL condoms to use—BUMMER!


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