Friday, February 15, 2013



I always wondered how people were able to come together and be friends or build a relationship. They're usually complete opposites of each other and have little in common and even occupy different lifestyles. Yet, they come together and create a beautiful bond that's harder than concrete and not easily broken. Even if the person is exactly like them in so many way whether through common interests or likes or anything. They can still make it work.

When I think I can do things like that. I find someone complete opposite of me. It turns into a disaster and I end up unhappy and my feelings hurt. Yet when I find someone who is similar to me or has the same things common with and likes and interests. They tell me I'm not good enough and I can never meet their outrageously high expectations.

Then I have to sit and wonder is it me?? Is it something I'm doing wrong?? I always been told to bring my best foot forward and be myself, but in this day and age it doesn't seem good enough.

Then there are days like this, where I sit and wonder. As I watch the people out and about with friends or talking about common interests. It makes me feel a little bit lonely, honestly. I want to have a friend like everybody else. Someone to talk to and spend time with and be silly and corny around. Unfortunately for me that's not the case. Making friends has always been hard for me. But now with people changing as fast as the breeze comes and goes, it's hard to have anything in common with anyone. In my case I always end up getting weeded out someway, somehow.

Maybe things will change but I doubt it. Then again maybe not, lol.


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