Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sayonara Baby, Goodbye...

Well, I think that this year's condom week was a wonderful success and I also hope that the lot of you learned something that you can use in your life.

All in all the main purpose of condom week is to promote safe sex to young adults and teens and tweens in a non-conventional matter. Learning is fine, but it doesn't mean it has to be boring.

When it comes to something as important as well being, this should held with the up-most respect. Sex can and will be fun. It can express many emotions especially desire, want, temptation, satisfaction and even happiness. However now that more and more people are having sex before marriage or even an engagement, people tend to lose side on what's important. Yeah sex is fun and all but then you have to think about the consequences that comes along with it. Being Pregnant unexpectedly is big enough to deal with, especially if the woman has to do so on her own. Think about catching a disease, there are things available like antibiotics that can help ease the infections. However HIV and AIDs are an ever lasting disease. You cannot get rid of it so easily and it can result in possible death. There are many people who are HIV positive yet won't tell their partner and infects another person. It's not about what's private, think about the well being of our world.

But unfortunately, something as big as that won't happen until we start it within ourselves.

If you want to have sex, by all means that's fine with me. Hell you might come across a hottie some day and want to to do dirty, filthy things to them in the bedroom. That's understandable! That is human nature. However doing it the risky way isn't the best way. Using a condom prevents you from catching a STD, or even HIV, but most of all you don't have to be one of those cases you see on the Maury and Jeremy Kyle shows. You wouldn't want to be stuck with your worst enemy for 20+ years with no hope of escape, right?? Why do you want to be stuck with someone you never loved or was just a one night stand, for 18 years and above all else share a child who will later either find fault in what kind of parents they've got, or in fact turn out just like don't want that do you??

I know I didn't.

Use a condom. They're the most affordable birth control out there and is available on hand no matter the time or day. The Pill or Patch is fine but for some women it doesn't agree with our horomones or bodily structure it causes more bad than good. As for the IUDs, there's always that possibility that they'll fall out or even cause serious damage to the woman's reproductive organs.

In any case if you should enter a situation where someone tells you no they don't want to use a condom. Then you don't have to have sex with them. You can get up and leave. If they try to detain you in any way or form or even force you to do so against your wishes, call the police. Because your body is a sacred temple and that applies to both the boys and girls and women and men out there. You hold it with regards and let no one abuse it. A Condom doesn't take away that much feeling, and they were created for those of you who want sex before marriage. So use them, it's worth the investment and they last for at least 2 years maybe 3. If they expire ladies make you a dress, men have a water balloon fight.

Well, kids even though ItzMzBunny's Condom Week is coming to a close officially in 15 minutes. It doesn't mean I still don't have a few more posts up my sleeves. I one post definitely for the ladies out there, that I think you gals and dolls should definitely consider looking out for. As well as a recap of the whole week for those of you that missed it and those that want something to reference back to.

So remember wrap it up if you plan to....well you know. It can still be fun the safe way :).


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