Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Plastic Dreams

While I was on the internet finding ideas I could use to incorporate into my Bunny List of how to enjoy my summer as well as enjoy being single. I came across this post written in the Boston Magazine about a year ago. I honestly was happy I came across it. It's called Single By Choice.

This article took my breath away and made me unbelievably happy with how well it was written and all the topics covered. Though I did disagree with a lot of the things they talked about and felt it was inappropriate to categorize every single person under the same or very limited groups.

I personally took offense to the article and whoever saying that single people are single because their parent's had terrible relationships. I also disagree that ever single person either didn't want a life of marriage or never were interested from the beginning. In my case neither accusations are true. I came from a loving household and my parents were happily married for 42 years until my father died. I also grew up knowing and knew I wanted to be married and have my own family. Unfortunately, I grew up with the false sense of security hoping that people wanted these things just as much as I did. I didn't expect that the lousy guys from high school would be at college or that the world would be overrun with them. I guess I was hopping for some Utopia of something great and when I didn't receive it was confused, unhappy and quite hurt and pissed off. I also didn't expect that while being single I would be portrayed as being the bad guy. Just like the article says we single people are seen as incompetent, selfish and lonely people who aren't mentally or emotionally stable for relationships. That farthest from the truth! I've noticed that it's the truth, people in society have planted it in concrete and refuse to break the mold.

Just because I may be out of work, and at home with my mother doesn't mean I'm a failure at life or enjoy being single or even a failure as a woman. I have gone out and look for work, but they only want to hire women who are educated or those who have families. The government gives breaks to those who are coupled off or married or with dependents (children). Even brands and media are geared towards coupled people. I honestly would rather see a single woman trying to live her life out and figure it out oppose to watching another fucking minute of the Bachelor. I even get offended with coupons and deals that are aimed to coupled people. The the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that in 2008 single people accounted for 35 percent of all consumer spending, and made $2.2 trillion worth of purchases, a 30 percent increase from five years earlier.

Did you know that for a college student to get a break from their student loan debt (even if they default) they can get half written off by being married. They can get it all written off if they have children or are on welfare (to get welfare in the state of Pennsylvania you have to be pregnant or with at least one child). Today, there are more than 1,100 federal provisions that provide benefits and protections exclusively to couples.Yesterday on the news they made an announcement that now Homosexual Couples can now apply for the adoption tax credit if one adopts the other partner's child(ren), however this does not include Heterosexual Couples.

I'll definitely say now that it's not fair that society has grown from people getting married for family prosperity and reputation or even negotiable arrangements like back when two kingdoms would combine to become a bigger stronger kingdom. To say well people get married for love, even in today's society that's no longer the case. However society now is forcing people into getting married just to live this so called happy lifestyle. I know single men have their problems, but they don't get the bullshit like single women do. People actually believe we're single because we're the problem or we're inadequate when it comes to marriage, love and relationships. But that isn't the case, with the way people are so wishy-washy it's not like you've got a lifetime to find out which is which and go from there. If you were given a long time frame then so be it. Since we only get a good 20 or 30 so of years finding the right soul mate, marrying them and reproducing with them. We still have other things to do like going to school and building a life for ourselves whether it's a career or a just a job. Those things take time too! Even if you decide to go at either separately or together it's still the same as taking a huge chunk of your lifetime.

I say that we as single people need to stand up and let the world know that we exist and NO WE AREN'T GOING AWAY. We live here just like you do, and we do more than a coupled off person does. We buy the products, we go out more, and we are the ones traveling the world and enjoying time on our own. Yeah being single can and will get lonely and boring after awhile. However if you're determined to make it your livelihood you can make it a happy one. Stay away from coupled off people, they only know of their spouse or their kids or how much Disneyland Costs. Who wants to hear that but others in the same situation as them?? Just because you've decided to be single doesn't mean you can't enjoy sex, or going to the movies alone or eating alone--it's terrifying! Believe me I know! However do you want to sit at home and let the coupled off people, the government and society make you become everything they said you would become??? HELL NO!! Get out there and be a fucking proud ass singleton and tell them to shove that Life, Love & Family bullshit up their ass and if they insist on being defiant about it and want to tell you about yourself. Tell them I'll personally shove my stiletto so far up their ass they'll become a short live fashion trend.

We may not have the same hopes and dreams, but at least we don't believe in Plastic Hopes & Dreams to satisfy someone's desires. Those that have to fabricate a lifestyle and pretend, really wasn't sure of what they were getting themselves into in the first place. That's also my personal opinion too, lol.


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